Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i will influence your id with my voodoo

under the couch: duplo block and baby baseball cap. pink stain: origins unknown

not actually a "pose". I didn't even know I had "flipped" my hair like this until I had uploaded the pictures. The camera was just set up to click click click. Which actually sort of worries me. Do I do this all the time??? I wonder if people think I'm some sort of hussy.

First off, I didn't forget, about my Aldo Bag Giveaway, that is. A couple of weeks ago I headed over to a random number generator, popped in the numbers and waited. The number that came up?-10. So I meandered over to my blog, riffled through my posts, and found out who was number 10. And now you are curious. So I will tell you: the ever lovely Snappy Q. Delightful, yes? Only Miss Q happens to be my sister-in-law. So I thought, oh dear, people will think it is rigged!

So I wandered back over to the number generator, popped in the numbers again and waited. Well, to my surprise POP number 10, again. So I figure it's fate. Either that or God likes me and knows that I am lazy and wants to encourage my laziness because this means that I don't have to mail the bag. I just have to wait a few days until Miss Snappy comes to visit (she does indeed live a province away, but as fate would have it, she will be here in a few days). Of course it could also mean that God loves Miss Q. But I prefer to think he is encouraging my laziness.

Nonetheless Miss Q will still have to abide by the rules and post on her blog the loot she receives in her bag!

I hope none of you think I rigged the contest. But if you do, that's okay. You may go ahead and believe that I'm a sneak if it makes you feel better about not winning.

As for the pictures: it's raining. So I thought I would do some indoor pics. This is the skirt I contemplated hemming here. Due to your advice I did not. And I am so glad now that I did not!!

I took the pics in front of my couch because crazily enough I haven't one blank wall in my house despite all my paintings currently living on the floor (desperately waiting to be hung mind you, calling to me everyday: "KIMBERELLIE HANG US ON THE WALLS!!! We don't like the floors! It's cold and lonely down here! We want to be hung and admired. ADMIRE US!". But I still haven't decided where to put them. So they can complain all they want. I'm not going to make unnecessary holes in the walls. They'll just have to wait.

I thought I would end with another pic of me laying down. This is my attempt at making everyone who visits here feel relaxed. It's sort of a subconscious psychoanalytical voodoo that should, if done right, influence your id and classically condition you to visit Kimberellie whenever you are tired and stressed out. Of course if you are never tired and stressed out and are actually too happy and relaxed my plan will backfire. So here's hoping you're having an awful day.

outfit details:

skirt, thrifted: $3
bow, from a shirt
t-shirt, roxy, thrifted: $3
socks, from winners: $3
shoes, aldo, thrifted: $5
couch, sears: $1000

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. Such fun poses...and I'm loving this mixture of clothes...such a cute skirt!
    I'm thinking it definatly sounds like the giveaway was rigged...haha...

  2. Great outfit i love your skirt so much <3

  3. I won? OOOHHH, I am so excited!! Now I really can't wait to get out there.
    And obviously it was meant to be if the random number generator picked me twice.
    I can't wait to see the loot, and I promise I will post it to my blog. Yay, yay.

  4. Absolutely love this whole thing. I wish I could wear heels, I desperately love the sandle heel and sock look.
    Who would have thought it? I can just hear my 15 year old self groaning and rolling her eyes!

  5. I love the pleated skirt with the buttons down the side!

    I wanted to win :( aha

  6. As a third party observer (it's my first time wandering over to your blog) I quite believe you :) if that helps whatsoever.. lol anyway, I love your skirt, the pleats make me very very happy.

  7. yes, i love the length of the skirt... lately i've been liking longer hemlines :)

    i love the last picture of you laying down... great smile :)


  8. ps

    i just realized i am in your sidebar!!! wooooohooooo!!

    and... there is a stack of paintings leaning on the wall behind me complaining about not being hung... and i don't have the excuse of just having moved, haha :)

  9. OoooH! You look like a sexy schoolgirl in that pleated skirt and knee-high socks, you little minx!
    Love the sandals, sooo much, just fabulous.
    Well done to sis-in-law.

  10. LOVING this outfit! So dang cute!

    And, for the record, your blog always makes me smile, regardless of my mood! :)

  11. just stumble on your blog and i really love your pleated skirt here . kinda reminds me of the one Karla's wearing from karla's closet. very nice! :)

  12. HAHAHAHA!!! I tell ya, I LOVE reading your posts!!yOu don't even have to post outfits, I come here to see what's inside Kimberellies head, awesome head that it is=)

    i'm adoring your outfit. The skirt is amazing, the heels- ohhhhhh i want!! And your nonchalant poses are relaxing me ;) Thanks for the psychology <3

  13. ohhhhhhhhhhhh, sigh........I think I'm starting to......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    oh, WaIt! I can't sleep now..noooooo
    I really like this look--what a wonderful skirt!
    and you definitely remind me of Audrey in that last..oh so ;)

    k, 'night! ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

  14. I love these pictures! Your skirt is so adorable and I lovelovelove the bow :]

  15. Hahaha!I love the last lines... I visit you even when I'm not tired or stressed out. You are one amazing and fun lady.

    I love this outfit... perfect use of the socks and heels combo. You never fail to surprise me with your outfits... never boring.

    Have a great day K! xoxo

  16. I love how you belted this skirt with the bow belt- so cute!!

    You are absolutley WAY too cute... and I love reading every single word you write. You always bring a smile to my face. Thank you! :)


  17. I love the soft gray palette. And those shoes! I want them!

  18. You actually DO put me at ease with your horizontal shots, now that I think about it!! I totally want those shoes, so bad.. And that skirt.. Hand them over!! Thank you for all of your super sweet comments on my posts. You are so awesome!! Not just for the comments, but just you, in general. You know what I mean :)

  19. That skirt is fantastic! I LOVE the buttons on the side. I would wear that with anything and everything.


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