Monday, May 3, 2010

mixmashprintsmash do the Kimberellie dance!

"I don't want lentils."

"I'm making soup."

"I thought I was getting macaroni and cheese."

"There's no milk. And I don't feel like going out."

"Darn it."

My husband is making me dinner. Can you tell I'm grateful? I should be excited. His soup is awesome. Only he made the most amazing homemade macaroni and cheese the other night. AND I MUST HAVE IT AGAIN. It was seriously utterly and completely awesome.

Also, here's the utterly and completely awesome man himself taking my photos:

What a good sport, hey? We had to do some indoor shots due to the earth rotating (am I the only one getting tired of that?). And so sitting on a pink chair in our purple bathroom with my husband squished into the corner of the tub to get the shot seemed like the best idea.

There were also some photos where I wasn't sitting cross legged. But they didn't make the cut, due to the fact that I looked rather like I was "using" the bathroom. I have learned that crossing one's legs is a must when doing photo-ops in the bathroom. Otherwise you just can't shake that strong association of, um...bathrooming? (there's me being subtle and ladylike.)

And hey, look, I'm mixing prints again. Yippee!! Do the Kimberellie dance! (it is sort of sway-ey and you bob your shoulders up and down a little).*

I think what makes this crazy mishmash of prints work is the fact that the skirt and the top are the same dark medium shade. As well, the top is the only colour in the outfit. But uh, mostly I think I'm playing it safe. What I really want is more colour. Unfortunately I am rather lacking in the floral skirt department. As soon as my shopping freeze is up I plan to remedy that. Also I need knee high socks. And a newboys cap. And a straw boater cap. And some flip flops. And a floral print cardigan. And maybe some kitten heels.

outfit details:

cardi, from my best friend, was her mother in law's
shirt, thrifted joe fresh style: $3
skirt, smart set: $10
tights, from a friend
shoes, naturalizer: $30
glasses, kate spade, via clearlycontacts. ca: $68

Heart: Kimberellie

* you also sing: "Kimberellie, Miss Furnellie. Kimberellie Miss Furnellie". Maybe some time I will post a video of me doing the dance. Although that sort of thing can make one infamous on youtube. Meh, I still might. I have no shame.

This photo just demanded crazy photo editing. Photo: "Kimberellie, photo edit me!" Me: "Okay."


  1. Ahhhh! This is so adorable and very endearing! What a good man you have there! And Cute! Loving his sweater, and hey, wasn't that "your" sweater just a couple days ago? Maybe its a different one but I would probably steal that one if I were you! Great bathroom shot too! I would have never known! Now, finally, I love your mix of patterns here! YES it is all just right and perfect!

  2. Great outfit! I love this entire post. I always enjoy seeing the photographers behind the shots. I'll have to get one of The Man before too long. I'll also be sure and point this post out to him so he doesn't object when I ask him to cram into a bathtub.
    The things we do for love.

  3. yeah, i can see that this shopping ban is going to be very good for you :) your husband is such a good sport! and very stylish. you should tell him this. that and the fact that he must make you mac and cheese. my husband is a much better cook than me. i actually hate to cook, it makes me mad. but whatever, this is about you. you look great and i love the pattern mix!

  4. Awww Kimberlie!!! I'm SO excited to see a picture of your hubby :) HE'S ADORABLE!!!!You two are cute together and make gorgeous children. Hahaha. I hope I have such a darling little fam bam myself someday!

    I love your pattern mixing!! I'm like you when it comes to shopping...I have a never ending list of what I want/need. Hehehe :) It would be so delightful to shop together with all our favorite bloggers, don't you think?

  5. The pattern mixing here is divine, and I love the shot. Your husband is also super cute; your son is sure to be a genetically superior conglomeration of good looks. But put him down subtly through his teen age years so he won't have the confidence to bring around girls that are no good for him. That's my expert advice.

  6. Adorable post ! You're both perfect !

  7. There is an ADORABLE little boater hat at Claire's...its a little expensive since its from Claire's and made really poorly, but I want to buy it for Sasquatch to keep my head protected from the sun.

    (last year it was nearly 40 degrees (C!) at about nine in the morning!! THAT IS TOO HOT KIMBERELLIE)

    PS- I have mastered the art of posting my comment on the proper, corresponding blog post. Ooh la la, am I right? I am right.

  8. i love that cardi. thanks for sharing the photo of your hubby. it's always nice to see who is behind the lenses. now i just have to wait for you dancing video!

  9. Aww you guys are adorable!!!! What a good sport for squishin himself in the tub lol. I adora the photo on the bottom, it's too cool! And your outfit, I admire your fearlessness girlie! It looks so awesome! You're so awesome! :D

    ps. I'm an official 'best mac n' cheese' taste if it's that awesome, I should have some ... just sayin'... :D

  10. haha, aren't men adorable when they cook for us? my boyfriend is such a gourmet... he definitely makes me look like a slouch in the kitchen. you, however, do not look like a slouch! what a pretty, perky little outfit! i also need to seriously stock up on some floral skirts for spring (before it's summer!)

  11. You are so great at mixing prints! and you say you're not natural at putting outfits together?? I would say you're quite talented at it :D I'm still a little unsure in the print mixing dept., but maybe one of these days I'll give it a shot. These pix are great and you have a handsome hubby! You guys are both so adorable!

  12. You two make a gorgeous looking couple!

  13. You are both fabulously awesome and make a gorgeous wonder that little monkey is so darned cute. Love the clashing colours and patterns, it takes someone as fabulous as you to carry them off to perfection.

  14. Love the look of mix and match prints. Your husband's pose was hilarious. Your shopping list seems to be growing. :)

  15. Great pattern mixing, I especially LOVE the cardigan. You guys are so cute!!! Any man that will scrunch into a bathtub fully clothed to appease his wife's blog obsession is okay in my book :)


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