Friday, May 27, 2011

too tired to even make a real title is this one?

I'm 8 months pregnant.  I have:
2 months to go
6.7 weeks
47 days
a heckuvalotta hours.

So, um...I'm around.  Sort of.  Or more like: I'm round.  Yes I am.  Getting up off the couch these days is trouble.  So is it any wonder I am not blogging? wonder here.  And I am consoled by the fact that I do not know any pregnant bloggers who are on their SECOND child and keeping up with blogging (but if there is one, if you are one, if you know one, do tell...I'm interested.  I'd have to ask: "how do you do it?").  

So yes.  I'm just popping in to say I probably won't be popping in very often.  BUT, despair not.  I will probably upload some photo only posts this week because hey, I actually have some photos stocked up on my camera.  Though I don't think I will be taking many more in the days to come because, gasp, yes, I'm about to say it: I just don't care.  I am too pregnant to care.

ALSO, I will most certainly be posting pics of baby girl Furnellie when she arrives.  YES INDEED.  And then maybe a few postpartum pics (they are never pretty...but maybe it will be fun for you ladies to see the progression from "ahhhh I just had a baby and I still look six months pregnant!" to postpartum fabulous (several months later, I may add).

Oh, and if anyone is curious: I've gained a beautiful 35 pounds.  Mostly in my squishy (fabulous) tushy (at least it seems that way to me!).  

Okay.  Must go lay down.  This was way too much work.  ;-)

Heart: Kimberellie

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dismal, really, Kimberellie

Wow, I update a dismal amount.  I think I will try putting up the photos (which are still being taken...and edited...just not uploaded) and that's it.  I haven't anything to say.

Well, here I will tell you what I did today:


That's all I've got.  I'm too pregnant for blogging I think.  Also, I am at the nasty stage where you have trouble breathing (due to hormones and squished lungs...very normal, don't worry, still very annoying).  So I like to lay on the couch a lot, when my son lets me, that is.

Also, no outfit details.  I refuse.  I am too pregnant to list things.  Also, I have been wearing a lot of the same lately; because I am running out of clothes that fit.  ACTUALLY, this here shirt has become a "belly shirt": as in a "bare your belly" shirt.  So I will no longer be wearing it.  This has happened to a lot of my stretchy, bought specifically for pregnancy shirts.  It worked with my son (buyng regular shirts in stretchy).  Not this time.  I think they aren't making shirts as long as they were in 2008.  Bad them.  Pretty soon I am going to have to go around naked if this keeps up.  But don't worry.  I'll still post pictures.

heart: K