Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fall remembers

Fall always makes me feel like a dryad. Well, it makes me feel like what I imagine dryads feel like. Fall is, without a doubt, my very favourite season. So I must say I am excited that it is fast approaching. I find something about Fall eternally reminiscent; something in the air casts my memory back to all the Falls that have come before. Spring is new every year; Summer is always the same; Fall remembers; and Winter forgets. I like to remember. So I like Fall.

Here's to remembering.

outfit details:

cardigan, romeo and juliet couture: $5
jeans, romeo and juliet couture: $8
shirt, eyeshadow: $3
shoes, thrifted: $10

total: $26

Heart: Kimberellie

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. ~Stanley Horowitz

Monday, August 30, 2010

the boy is mine

Behind me. In the first photo. You can barely see him. But he's mine; I assure you.

Some other things that are mine:

a handmade pottery mug full of milky sugary teay goodness
three wooden letter blocks, M K S
a blue mini vinal retro arm chair (yes, as cool as it sounds)
several plants (alice, charles kingsley, george, alexander, benjamin...to name a few)

Also mine: this totally awesome blazer. Yes, it is totally awesome.

And these belts? These necklaces? Also awesome.

I bought this dress years ago. This blazer I bought on the weekend. I like doing this: introducing my old clothes to my new clothes. I like it best when they become friends.

Mine as well:

friendly clothes
assorted beach rocks
a tortoise shell from Texas
a stack of K shaped sticky notes
racerocks beer in the fridge (the husband just thinks it's his)
outfit details:

blazer, smart set: $10
dress, ?: 15 or so
shoes, naturalizer: $30
tights, joe fresh style: $3
gold necklace, thrifted: $1
multi strand necklace, smart set: $2
brown belt, camera strap: from my mother in law
green belt, thrifted holt renfrew: $1
baby boy: gift from God

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. this is not my usual park attire (though not far from it); we just stopped by after church. Heels are no good for wooden park structures, btw, I kept getting my heel caught!

ps. ps. blogger seems intent on putting extra spaces in. I would argue with it; but it's cleverer than me and know html better. So I'm just going to let it have its way with my blog.

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." Steve Martin

Saturday, August 28, 2010

standing in my Saturday location

Fall is coming. I can tell because the air is crisp and cool and lovely. I adore Fall. I can’t really think of anything bad about Fall, except perhaps that Winter comes after. But that isn’t really Fall’s fault, is it?

What I am wanting to do is to transition my summer wardrobe into Fall. For example, I don’t want to stop wearing all my lovely floral tops. So I thought: hey, why don’t I just pair my summer basics with my Fall basics and see what happens? Plaid + Floral = love at first leaf.

Also, I really adore this location. It's our "Saturday Location"; because the light is just so lovely in the mornings here. Also, the smell here- BEAUTIFUL! Pine needles baking in the sunlight. Which is my favorite scent of all time. I would wear the sent of baked pine needles as a perfume, if they made it. It is just so evocative of Fall and new beginnings and home.

Also I am excited for Fall because for me it means:

weekday play groups commencing for my son and me
swimming lessons for my son
early morning yoga for me
running in the evening and not being too hot!
art classes for my son
oh, and last but not least, Fall clothes! How I ADORE Fall clothes!

I'm not the only one excited for Fall, am I?

outfit details:

shirt, gap: $12
skirt, cleo: $10
shoes, naturalizer: $30
socks, winners: seventy cents
necklaces, thrifted: $1 gold long necklace, $4 silver necklace

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. I should have mentioned last time, the photo credit for my new header goes to the lovely Miss Q. of Snappy Q (who also happens to be my lovely sister-in-law!).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i stare at you no longer

This brick wall is near where we live. We pass by it on the way to Starbucks (also near where we live. Nice, hey?). Now that my son walks we have been getting him to walk everywhere. We figure he could use the exercise. I mean, he's a baby; so he's crazy and zooms about all day. So there's that exercise. But also he spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in his chair looking at his picture books (very cute, next blog I'll post a picture).

But where was I going with this? Right: the brick wall. Well, on our way to Starbucks he has started doing something really cute. When we walk by the brick wall he wanders over to it and stands in front of it. Yes. He poses. Like mommy. It's fricken' adorable.

Note: we are both wearing rompers. I think he is definitely pulling it off better than I am ;-). But he's just cuter. So it's to be expected. I also got another romper this summer I have yet to wear (shocking!). But I soon shall. It was made for me by Natasha of Required2BeInspired and I do believe it is in the closet calling my name.

I wore this outfit last night too...a tad bit differently. Different jewelry, different shoes, more eye make up than is acceptable during the day unless you are a teenager. Oh, and right: Winner's Final Clearance is on now. And speaking of teenagers: they're wrecking it for me. At least that's my theory. Because the Winter clearance is SO MUCH BETTER. And I figure that's because in the Winter there aren't swarms of teenagers populating the malls getting all the good deals.

Still, it was a pretty good haul. Here is what I got so far:

Two floral skirts for five dollars each.
This romper, also five dollars.
A pair of skinny jeans I will be taking back because I can't bend over in them (and with a little one I am always bending over). They were also five bucks.
A floral tank for five.
A floral top for five.
A beige top for three.
A pair of knee socks for seventy cents.
A cream (very nice faux) leather vest for fifteen.

I think I may go back tomorrow evening, just because...I'm a compulsive sale shopper. Yes. I wonder what would ever happen if I went to a shopaholics anonymous meeting? I shudder at the thought! What if they cured me? !

Oh, and how about my new header? Or do you miss me staring at you?

outfit details:

romper, from winners: $5
both pairs, shoes, thrifted: $10
first necklace, thrifted: $1
second necklace, namasté: $18
socks, ardene: $2
hat: I bought it maybe ten years ago, maybe more like 12 years ago
bracelet: $3
belt: gift
watch: my husband's

Heart: Kimberellie

Monday, August 23, 2010

my husband's watch

Something about wearing my husband's watch. I love it. This hat: same thing. Some articles of clothing seem to be imbued with a certain transforming magic. Do you know what I mean? Those items in your closet that make you feel powerful and confident.

I know that all I need to do is put on my husband's watch (of all things, I know!) and I feel: vibrant, daring, dramatic, alive. I also feel this way about some of my perfumes, jewelery, heels...my sunnies. For me, a lot of it has to do with the memories certain clothing, accessories, and perfumes, evoke. Though, sometimes, a dress just fits that well. What about you? Do you have any clothing or accessories that bring out the YOU in you?

"The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy." ~Yves Saint Laurent

outfit details:

shoes, vintage thrifted naturalizer: $10
socks, juicy couture: $2
skirt, smart set: 14
crochet cardi: gift
watch: my husband's
hat: I bought it years and years ago
necklace pendant: Namaste Jewelery

Heart: Kimberellie

Namasté pendant.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

leather purse and shorts for ten dollars!

Yesterday these shorts were pants. Now they're not pants. They're shorts. I wonder if anyone from Great Brittan is reading this and snickering. Because aren't "pants" underpants over there? Well, how about I say trousers. TROUSERS. Yes. Trousers is immanently fun to say. Try it: trousers. TROUSERS! !! Fun, huh?

So I cut them off, rolled them up: viola. No hemming necessary for leather. And that's nice. Nonetheless, I shall have to get out my sewing machine tomorrow afternoon to make the purse. Yes. There were legs. They shall be a purse. Because these shorts were TROUSERS. Now they're shorts (and soon a purse). And all for ten dollars. TEN DOLLARS.

You see, I had been hemming (hahahaha) and hawing about whether or not to turn my lovely thriftstoretendollarsthat'sit! find, of leather pants, into shorts for awhile. In the end I decided to because: leather shorts are just more versatile. I can wear them now in the summer and later in the fall and then again come spring. Whereas leather pants would have only been okay for fall and winter.

And also now I get a purse too (you will see it shortly, keep your trousers on).

Alright, I think it's time to bite my lower lip, spin around in my computer chair, jump up out of the chair, and do a brisk run around the downstairs of my house.

outfit details:

leather shorts, thrifted danier original TROUSERS!: $10
crochet top, thrifted: $8
black leather oxfords, thrifted: $10
top under crochet top: $5
diving watch: my husband's. I like to wear it.
necklace, tiffany & co.: gift from a friend

Heart: Moi

Monday, August 16, 2010

tall hot stranger: buy me a mocha/latté

It's a lot more fun to be stuck in traffic than to be hit by a bus. Because maybe if you had been five minutes earlier and beat the traffic you would have been hit by that bus (that didn't stop at the red light -mercifully no one was hit...because you were all stuck in traffic).

When I look back on my life I see a lot of this sort of thing.

You forgot your wallet at home, on the table, because you were cleaning out your purse. You are now standing in line at Starbucks. Your latté is currently being made when you discover your missing wallet. Instead of swearing like a trucker (not that you would do such a thing), you shrug your shoulders and say: "Oh, no. I've left my wallet at home. I'm so sorry! How sad is that! No latté."

Que, tall handsome stranger standing behind you in line: "I can get that for you miss."

Three years later: wedded bliss.

Pretend story. But you get the picture.

Whenever my life is annoying me, I try to remember this: I'm not stuck in traffic. I'm waiting for a tall hot stranger to buy me a mocha.

outfit details:

dress, bryan's: gift
cardigan, joe fresh style: $14
shoes, naturalizer: $30
sunnies, chanel: gift

Heart: Kimberellie

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Søren Kierkegaard

tell me about yourself. I'm interested.

I don't know if I'm:

a. shallow
b. a hedonist
c. simply grateful for all the good things God has given me.

Because I seriously get such a kick out of bright nail polish and good books and awesome thrift store finds. I like stuff. A lot. I like to shop. I like to own things. I like to collect and amass and organize. It's fun. I also like to dance and read and play. So yeah, I think I might come across as shallow, maybe?

I don't know. But I try to remember when I find myself really delighted by "stuff" that God made stuff. He made the first stuff. The star stuff, the ocean stuff, the universe stuff (and God said "bang" and there was stuff: ie. matter...shoes came later). And so if I believe this (and I do) how can I think myself shallow for liking stuff? After all, God likes stuff.

Some other things I think God likes:

Ice cream.
Those really shiny beetles (you know the kind I mean, the green sparkle kind).

And just for fun, here's some stuff I like:

Picture books.
Crisp white drawing paper.

I remarked the other day that I have just started watching Sex and the City for the first time. And as I am watching, I've been thinking: "Why oh why have I never watched this before? It is so VERY me!" At least, it's me in the shallow clothes obsessed gossip addicted frivolous way, I am.

And I am not ashamed to admit it. I don't think there are any bonus points for pretending to be more holy/deep/serious/profound than you really are. Yet, it's easy to get caught up trying to be who other people think we are/think we should be/want us to be. But none of us really fall into any one category, do we?

I mean, I like: shopping, theology, linguistics, children's books, tabloid magazines.

& I:

am obsessed with the Royal family,
love ice cream,
only eat organic,
go to church,
talk more than is necessary,
and love God more than I can convey.

And that still doesn't sum me up.

Here's something else about me:

I am fascinated by other people, people like YOU. I just adore how complicated and contradictory people are.

So I think it would be fun if you told me about yourself. Maybe three words to describe yourself? I'll go first:

vivid, delighted, interested

Now you tell me. Because hey, I'm interested.

After all, the only thing more interesting than knowing what is going on with Brad and Angelina is knowing what is going on in the hearts and minds of the people you care about/know/don't like very much (and thus want to know about even more).

But don't worry, you I like.

you I,

Heart: Kimberellie

outfit details:

shirt, gap: $12
shorts, thrifted: $1
shoes, thrifted: $4
sunnies, chanel: gift
scarf, thrifted: $4

"It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly." Thoreau

"An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit." Pliny the Younger

Saturday, August 14, 2010

If this were the 60s I would burn mine.

Okay, so I'm going to complain here. I am going to complain about bras. Seriously, who invented these things? I mean, it's 30 degrees here (86 farhenheit); and the last thing I want is to wear one more layer of clothing. Because that's what it amounts to in the end: an extra layer. I envy men, walking around wearing only a t shirt. Nothing underneath just cool cotton and skin. Not only that, but if they are so inclined they can even take that off. The more I think about it, the more irritated I get.

It is so incredibly sexist. I mean, not that I would go about sans top; but sans bra? Yes please! I know theoretically, I could. I know there is no "law" against it. But uh, I just don't think I would feel right. You know, people would notice. And that's not the sort of noticing I'm interested in.

But, you know, what if we all did it? Right? Had an international braless day? But you know what? Then EVERYONE would pay attention. And that's not my point either. My point is: this is stupid. Bras are a stupid outdated invention and should be done away with like the corset. Right? Ah! I wish! I wish! Because I somewhat disagree with, well, ME.

You see, (how's that for a rhyming sequence?), I've been watching Sex and the City lately. And I have noticed that Carrie goes about sans undergarments quite often (I've never watched it before-shocking-and I am currently in the first season). And I think: yeah, how comfortable would that be? That said, what did I say? I said: "I noticed". And uh, yeah...again, not really the fashion statement or whatever I want to, uh, do?

I mean, modesty aside, wait a minute: modesty up front. Because why would it be immodest not to wear a bra? Who made that rule?

I'm not talking sheer blouse over top, but t shirt, regular blouse, dress, you know-clothed. Just think: there was once a time when going out sans girdle was considered risqué, as in: "Bob, I don't think she's wearing anything under her dress. I mean, that's her natural hip line." Que: audible gasp.

I guess don't have anything else to say. It's not like I'm going to go about sans undergarments any time soon. Because truthfully, I'm too modest for that. Or maybe modest isn't the word. Shy? Because what bugs me is this: I really don't think it would be immodest. I mean, would it? Is it any different than when it was imprudent to show your ankles/collar bone/hipbone?

Not that I am recommending we all go braless all the time. I mean, yes, there are some t shirts, dresses, body types, that do well with bras. I just think bras should be an option, that's all, like socks. Not a MUST. Or maybe all you ladies are going sans your knickers and other under accouterments all the time; and it's just me who is lingering in in the stone ages of lingerie?

What do you think? Is it: immodest? impractical? you do it? you wish you could? or maybe you think,we should all go back to wearing corsets?

I think it's just not fair is all. Yup. If this were the 60s I would burn mine.
outfit details:

dress, thrifted h&m: $8
shoes, thrifted vintage: $4
bracelet, thrifted: $1
sunnies, chanel: gift
bra, la senza: $30

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. another thing I hate about bras? They're all "formed" or pre-shaped (you know, the t shirt bra?) thus we all look like we have the exact same pair of breasts. I mean, what's the point of that? Some sort of secret conformity we must adhere to? And who says that THAT is the best shape anyway?

Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths. ~Lois Wyse

Thursday, August 12, 2010

must go kiss baby

I am too tired to blog. So here I am wearing clothes. I wear clothes every day. Today was no exception. Also, flickr is currently my enemy. Can't resize pictures in here anymore. And I think I just heard a gunshot outside. Hopefully fireworks. The husband says it is not a gunshot. Through the baby monitor I hear: "ba ba" (his blankie). Now he may be awake. My firework setting off neighbours are currently my enemy.

Must go kiss baby.

outfit details:

shirt, winners: $8
skirt, gap: $12
shoes, thrifted: $10
bracelet, thrifted: stolen
anklet, really a necklace, thrifted: $1
sunnies, chanel: gift

Heart: Kimberellie

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

skip hop walk

Apparently long sleeves are in for Fall. I thought I would try it now. Something about long sleeves is so ladylike and demure. And the weather is just perfect for this look: a nice breeze, not too hot, just lovely summeryness. Also, I have a real tendancy to always push my sleeves up. So this was sort of a challenge for me.

In my Miss Furnellie head: "Don't push your sleeves up Kimberellie. Don't!"

This reminds me when I was in high school and I made myself stop pushing my hair behind my ears (it was long then). Oh, months of pure torture and self-restraint! How DESPERATELY I wanted to tuck my hair behind my ears! But my fifteen year old self had come to the conclusion that her hair looked much better hanging in front of her face. I've come to a compromise with myself since then, the hair stays in front of the ears, but BESIDE the face. When I have long hair that is.

How about another confession? A sort of bizarre habit I had and broke: I used to bounce when I walked. Literally. It was bounce bounce bounce. And I mean ME the whole of me, not just, well, you weren't thinking that anyway, were you? But yes, I had a bouncy walk. It was actually sort of a skip/hop/walk. Don't worry. I don't bounce when I walk anymore; I walk like a lady now.

outfit details:

shorts, thrifted: $1
shoes, thrifted: $4
shirt, kenzie: $5
socks, joe fresh style: $1.50
sunnies, chanel: gift
belt: from a friend of a friend

total: $11.50

Heart: Kimberellie

"The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground." G.K. Chesterton

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

lazy lazy lazy lazy. am i?

I just read the article 15 Soothing Tips to Combat New-Mommy Stress. And not one of the tips was "clean". Yet sometimes I feel bad that I don't clean more. Because sometimes I seriously wonder if I am lazy. Okay, scratch that, sometimes I wonder if I am the laziest mommy out there. I would say "person"; but uh, I know a lot of teenage boys. So laziest mommy it is.

When my son is up I do nothing. I do not clean. I do not cook. I do not tidy (okay, sometimes I tidy, a little). What I do do, is play. We read books (well, I read, he sits on my lap), we play with trucks, we play outside, we go on walks, we go to the park, Starbucks, playdates (yes I am aware that sentence is the mother of all run ons, don't care.) So you would think with all this doing nothing while my son is awake I would spend his naps cleaning.

Ha!! hahahahaha. No. I talk on the telephone. I update my blog. I look at your blog. Again, I play. I play. I play. I play. Sometimes when my husband gets home I make him dinner. Mostly he makes me dinner. And then when my son is in bed? Again, no cleaning.

Seriously, I don't know how my house isn't completely chaotic. In fact it is shocking that it is actually currently pretty clean (it must be the house elves).

So now I'm going to go clean, right? Actually, no. I'm going to go watch Sex and the City and have a glass of wine. I have priorities.

outfit details:

vintage BCBG shorts: $1
gap shirt: $12
vintage thrifted shoes: $4 (my mother says she had a pair just like these and I swear she would steal them given half a chance)
scarf: gift
chanel sunnies: gift
tiffany & co. heart pendant: gift
bracelet, thrifted: $1

outfit total: $18

Heart: Kimberellie

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin

note: I wrote this last night...I was not drinking wine and watching Sex and the City at 7 am. At 7 am I was feeding my son breakfast! Though that DOES sound like fun.

Monday, August 9, 2010

how it feels to be a parent

Is it wrong to wear the same shirt two days in a row? Well, maybe. Maybe the fashion police are currently on my doorstep. Well, someone just delivered the September issue of Elle Canada. So actually it's pretty likely. Either that or it was the postwoman. I can't really say for certain. I wasn't spying out the window at the time. I was putting my son down to sleep.

By the way, my son is now a toddler. YES, he toddles! His first steps were on June 2nd. And he started walking August 2nd. But he hasn't had any tumbles yet. Nope, he didn't rush into walking. He eased himself in and is now a champion walker. I'm a proud mommy. I really have to say, there is nothing like having a son. It's the very best thing. I suppose having a daughter would be just as wonderful. But I don't know personally.

Here, for all you non-parents out there, let me describe a bit:

After you have a child everything is better: coffee tastes better, high heels are more fun, reading is more enjoyable, swimming is more magical, food is more satisfying, life is more vivid. Because that's it really. Before I had my son I was living in a black and white world; only I didn't know it. Now my life is in technicolour.

Paradoxically, it is as though things no longer matter as much once you have children. Money, success, clothes, cookies, whatever; everything pales in comparison. Because in your heart you know that you would give up everything in an instant for your child.

Sometimes when I am walking with my husband and my son I am deeply thrilled with the realization that everything most important to me in the world I can reach out and touch. And then suddenly the very air around me is filled with magic, the sky is bluer, the wind brisker. For it is this paling that ignites all else. Knowing deeply that the people in our lives are most important puts everything else into perspective.

When love comes first everything material is put into its proper place. And shoes, and shows, and the ocean, and reading, and eating, and fun, are all so much more lovely and vivid and brilliant when they come second to what is best and first: that is, love for each other.

I feel very much in love with my little boy today. And before I was a mother I always wanted someone to describe to me what it was like. So I thought I would tell you all. And in my experience, falling in love, both with your spouse and your child, not only lives up to the Hollywood movie hype, but completely and utterly eclipses it.

outfit details:

shirt, gap: $10
skirt, thrifted: $3
shoes, naturalizer: $30
socks, joe fresh style: $1.50
men's cardigan, gap: $22

Heart: Kimberellie

Saturday, August 7, 2010

One skirt 8 ways

Sorry about the lighting in these. My backyard/patio has the most bizarre lighting for taking photographs, especially in the late afternoon. I think it's the high fence. Anyway, I wanted to show all the ways I have worn this skirt since I bought it in February, including this, my most recent wearing!

I think I must really really like this skirt. Why yes, I really really like this skirt. I also really really like this baby (that's why he gets to be in the collage...also because I didn't have a ninth picture). Oh, and some of you have asked how I make my collages. I make them in Picasa. Which is a free photo editing and management program; and you can make cool collages with it.

Oh, and here's a fun thing. Let's have a vote of sorts. Tell me which outfit(s) you like best. I can't really say myself. I think maybe number 4. Maybe...

Also, I just got some new organic shampoo and conditioner and my head smells like mint. I really like my head smelling like mint.

outfit details:

bag: traded with a friend
skirt, thrifted rw & co.: $3
shirt, gap: $10
shoes, thrifted: $4
gold bracelet: high school graduation gift from parents

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. this skirt never looks as wrinkly in real life as it does in photos. I think it must be possessed or something.

ps. ps. yes, I have really got to work on some new poses!

Friday, August 6, 2010

sh*t ! sh*t !

"Mama! Mama! Sh*t, sh*t!" At least that's what I thought he was saying. And then this morning he handed my his shirt. Oh.

outfit details:

dress, guess, thrifted: $6
shorts, cut offs: $50
shoes, thrifted: $4
bathing suit, winners: $20
sunnies, chanel: gift

Heart: Kimberellie

"There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him asleep." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

beach collages

We've been spending a lot of time at the beach lately. It's my son's favorite place. He loves to swim, climb over driftwood, dig in the sand, and generally explore the beach. The beach is also my favorite place, and my husband's favorite place. When we're there, I'm either swimming or sitting still. Not so for my husband and my son, they spend their time digging, exploring, swimming, looking under rocks, playing with sticks. They do not know how to chill at the beach.

It's funny, because I remember going to the beach the first time with my husband when we were dating. I brought food, books, magazines, a blanket, and homemade iced tea, fully expecting to just chill when we were there. Didn't happen. Has never happened. While I lounge on the blanket reading my husband scales rocks along the shore. My son catches bugs and tries to eat them. This is how the beach works: I chill. The boys explore.

I'm curious (but not about what is under rocks*) what is your favorite thing to do at the beach?

outfit details:

shirt, thrifted gap: $4
skirt, gap: $10
necklace, thrifted: $1
bracelet, thrifted: $1
sunnies, chanel: gift
shoes (not pictured) thrifted: $4

outfit total: $20

Heart: Kimberellie

*actually, I am curious about what is under rocks. I just like sitting and reading at the beach more. Oh, and also I steal pretty rocks.