Tuesday, August 10, 2010

lazy lazy lazy lazy. am i?

I just read the article 15 Soothing Tips to Combat New-Mommy Stress. And not one of the tips was "clean". Yet sometimes I feel bad that I don't clean more. Because sometimes I seriously wonder if I am lazy. Okay, scratch that, sometimes I wonder if I am the laziest mommy out there. I would say "person"; but uh, I know a lot of teenage boys. So laziest mommy it is.

When my son is up I do nothing. I do not clean. I do not cook. I do not tidy (okay, sometimes I tidy, a little). What I do do, is play. We read books (well, I read, he sits on my lap), we play with trucks, we play outside, we go on walks, we go to the park, Starbucks, playdates (yes I am aware that sentence is the mother of all run ons, don't care.) So you would think with all this doing nothing while my son is awake I would spend his naps cleaning.

Ha!! hahahahaha. No. I talk on the telephone. I update my blog. I look at your blog. Again, I play. I play. I play. I play. Sometimes when my husband gets home I make him dinner. Mostly he makes me dinner. And then when my son is in bed? Again, no cleaning.

Seriously, I don't know how my house isn't completely chaotic. In fact it is shocking that it is actually currently pretty clean (it must be the house elves).

So now I'm going to go clean, right? Actually, no. I'm going to go watch Sex and the City and have a glass of wine. I have priorities.

outfit details:

vintage BCBG shorts: $1
gap shirt: $12
vintage thrifted shoes: $4 (my mother says she had a pair just like these and I swear she would steal them given half a chance)
scarf: gift
chanel sunnies: gift
tiffany & co. heart pendant: gift
bracelet, thrifted: $1

outfit total: $18

Heart: Kimberellie

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin

note: I wrote this last night...I was not drinking wine and watching Sex and the City at 7 am. At 7 am I was feeding my son breakfast! Though that DOES sound like fun.


  1. I think the answer just may be that you are organized as you go. See, I have this problem (that I'm convinced in a genetic disease, my parents don't agree) where I tend to... collect things as I move about the house, and dump them wherever I stop. Move to the next location, collect more stuff, dump at new location. And it goes on and on until there is literally a trail of my belongings that could lead you right to me. It's bad.

    Anyways, I think your mommy talk so sweet. Your son is one loved and lucky boy:)

  2. You're a mum, that's your priority. Nothing wrong in devoting your time and efforts to making that beautiful little man into a special and treasured human being.
    My Mum never cleaned, that's why I'm such a well-rounded adult with no dust allergies! xxx

  3. 4 Things I Love About This Post:

    1. Your Audreyesque head scarf and sunglasses combo - very nice!
    2. Your 'confession' of sorts regarding your cleaning aversion (though I myself am not a mommy yet, it helps me validate my own similar choices!)
    3. The fact that after posting, you were off to watch Sex & The City...
    4. ...and drink wine, at 8:21 this morning! Priorities, indeed! :)

  4. No, you are not lazy! It's great that you take the time to play with your son. He won't look back and think, "my mom was always busy cleaning" instead he'll think "my mom is awesome she always played with me!" And that, my friend, is what matters! Oh, and PS I love this whole retro-glam look!

  5. thanks for the clarification - i figured it was something like that. it just made me smile when i noticed that, is all. :)

  6. I love your scarf! It looks so glamorous of course, but I especially like how it complements your purpley chunk.

  7. (and if it makes you feel any better, I am pretty terrible about cleaning and I don't even HAVE an adorable excuse!)

  8. I love everything about this look!

    I don't clean either and unfortunately, I do not possess the house elves that you are lucky to have. The chaos really gets to me, but when my daughter's asleep, I just need to veg. That girl has way more energy than I have so I have to conserve all that I have for when she's awake. My husband and I joke sometimes about lighting it all on fire and starting over. Haha.

    Okay, I just glanced around the room and while we keeps things functionally tidy, as tidy as you can with a little tornado, the carpet is yuck, yuck, yuck. I guess this calls for more outside play. :)

  9. My first visit to your blog. Love the outfit posts and your writing.

  10. love the headscarf!

    and you are supposed to play play play!


  11. Meh, I hear ya!!!
    I don't do much cleaning. When I do it is when I know ppl are coming to visit. (even if I know they aren't going to be looking at my stove top or inside the shower). SHOCKING HUH!
    Cleaning vs hanging out with the kids/blogging... I know my choice! ;)


  12. I love this outfit. Is just amazing. One of my favourites.

  13. Oh honey, there are certainly more important things in life than cleaning house. And you've done a bang up job of listing a lot of them here ;)

  14. love that headscarf and those glasses together :)


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