Wednesday, August 11, 2010

skip hop walk

Apparently long sleeves are in for Fall. I thought I would try it now. Something about long sleeves is so ladylike and demure. And the weather is just perfect for this look: a nice breeze, not too hot, just lovely summeryness. Also, I have a real tendancy to always push my sleeves up. So this was sort of a challenge for me.

In my Miss Furnellie head: "Don't push your sleeves up Kimberellie. Don't!"

This reminds me when I was in high school and I made myself stop pushing my hair behind my ears (it was long then). Oh, months of pure torture and self-restraint! How DESPERATELY I wanted to tuck my hair behind my ears! But my fifteen year old self had come to the conclusion that her hair looked much better hanging in front of her face. I've come to a compromise with myself since then, the hair stays in front of the ears, but BESIDE the face. When I have long hair that is.

How about another confession? A sort of bizarre habit I had and broke: I used to bounce when I walked. Literally. It was bounce bounce bounce. And I mean ME the whole of me, not just, well, you weren't thinking that anyway, were you? But yes, I had a bouncy walk. It was actually sort of a skip/hop/walk. Don't worry. I don't bounce when I walk anymore; I walk like a lady now.

outfit details:

shorts, thrifted: $1
shoes, thrifted: $4
shirt, kenzie: $5
socks, joe fresh style: $1.50
sunnies, chanel: gift
belt: from a friend of a friend

total: $11.50

Heart: Kimberellie

"The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground." G.K. Chesterton


  1. ohhh boy can I relate on the pushing sleeves up habit! It's SUCH a hard thing to resist doing!

    You look so pretty, shapely, and ladylike in this outfit :) and the socks give it that little extra bit of Kimberellie oomph ;)

    Love how you're putting your pics into a collage..looks super nice!

  2. A bouncy walk hey, could be fun! Great top with the bow detail!

  3. Great outfit! Love those shorts.:)SarahD

  4. cute outfit! Love your shoes and socks!

  5. I really like your shirt! I think long sleeves are ladylike and demure as well! I love it so much.

    You look amazing. I would totally wear this outfit in an instant.


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  6. Okay, I totally need to start making photo collages--yours are gorgeous! I love the summery, nautical touches in this look (the stripes, the crisp white with navy). Lovely!

  7. i love this outfit so very much. we are like lovin' the highwaisted shorts, eh? i can't get enough of them right now. i think they are very lady like and demure. i love long sleeves. even in summer, of course i push mine up, but i just like it like that!

  8. The socks are the best touch to this look! I love how refined and chic it is and then the socks give it that fantastic touch of whimsy!

  9. I love to see long sleeves with a mini skirt or shorts, it looks so chic, cheeky yet ladylike. Aren't long sleeves always in for Autumn or do the style magazines avocate freezing to death instead? Stupid people.

  10. haha! i still kind of bounce when i walk. when i forget to calm myself :)

    i love the transition from season to season... you are able to mix things up that you normally wouldn't... like long sleeves and shorts.

    the layout of your pictures looks great!

    my favorite part... the socks ;)

    hope you are well and smiling!

  11. Lol I used to be bouncy too. I lovee love love long sleeves with shorts! It's so cute!!

  12. I'm happy to report I still bounce down stairs, despite the mockery of many!


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