Monday, November 22, 2010

stuff you don't know about me: now you know

I like my bottom to be orange and my legs to be pink and my smile to be all yours, baby.  You feel the same way about me, don't you?

Hey, it's Friday night and I am sitting at home writing a blog for next week!  Lame?  I think not.  There is nowhere in the world I would rather be. I once read that having children exasperates your temperament. ie. if you are extroverted, becoming a parent will make you more extroverted. And if you are introverted, becoming a parent will make you more introverted.

This is why I am happy to be at home tonight.  I just don't like people anymore.  Really.  Well, sort of.  Less so?  Is that mean?  Who cares! Okay, if you knew me (do you know me?) you might think that I am extroverted.  This is a commonly held misconception by almost everyone that I know (except Jenae, Jenae is smart).  The thing is, I don't lack for confidence.  There is no social situation that I feel awkward in (or have ever felt awkward in).  I don't mind talking to strangers.  In fact, I strike up conversations with strangers all the time.  

So people think I'm extroverted.  But I'm not.  I'm confident.  It's not the same thing.  Because you see:

Noise bothers me (ie. a lot of people talking at once, I swear it drives me out of my mind).  
Large gatherings tire me out quickly.
I spend an "unextroverted" amount of time in my own head.
I much prefer to spend time with people one on one then in groups.  

Etcetera.  And so forth.  You see, I want you all to go away (no not you, you don't bother me because you're not really here).

But you know what I mean?  Maybe.  I guess I function well in crowds and loud places because that is exactly how I grew up: in a loud crowded place.  And by place, I mean family.  And by crowded, I mean a lot of siblings.  And by loud, I mean they're loud.

It's funny, the more I get to know myself the more I am finding that I am not. Loud that is, extroverted that is.  I like quiet.  I like alone.  I like calm.

After my son goes to bed at night the very last thing I want is people.  Sometimes I want to go out (maybe once a week).  But I never want anyone over.  What I want is to be in my pajamas with a book (or a blog) a mug of tea, a magazine, home, just us Furnellies.  In the morning it's a different story.  My son is awake and zooming off the walls; and what I want then is to be out and about and with people.  But by noon (NAP TIME!) I have had enough.  

So this is a little sneak peak into my life and self, I guess.  Perhaps not as funny as usual.  But hey, here's another secret: I'm not funny in real life.*   

outfit total: $452 (I gotta stop wearing this jacket...really messes with my totals)

wool skirt, vintage, thrifted: $3
hooded shirt, bootlegger: $15
jacket, danier: $350
tights, joe fresh style: $3
shoes, vintage thrifted: $7
vintage dooney and bourke bag, pearlvintage: $72
headband, smart set: $2

Heart: Kimberellie

*I'm just kidding.  In real life I'm fricken' hilarious.

ps. if you look at my pages you will see I now have a formspring account.  Please ask me questions.  Please.  Please.  Please!  I'm dying to answer some questions!


  1. i love your posts. they always put a smile on my face. i love this outfit!

  2. i think i asked your first formspring question....


    you look cute... as always.

    don't stop wearing the jacket... i like it!

  3. actually... i asked two questions :)

  4. I heart you. the blog you and the real life you. :D

  5. Love the colors. The orange pink and the casual get up just works so well. Well, now you got me confused. Cause I think I am a total extrovert, I like crowds, loud people and good friends. But being a SAHM does make me want to the same things you do. Nap times and after bed all I want is to be comfy in my own world. When I go out friends i much prefer it is way before bedtime so I can still be home in time to be alone. So, what does that make me? I am not sure.

  6. I seriously think you are the funniest soul alive... in a good way. You always make me laugh and smile... you never fail.

    About the people, I think we are in the same boat. Does it come with age? Hahaha! No, I guess it's more related to being a mom. Our world can be like a roller coaster ride so we deserve to be alone too.

    I love the colors of your outfit. And you're looking so bright and cheerful and glowing like always. xoxo

  7. Ahhhhh! The colours are just marvellous, so happy and vibrant, I love! Your hair's looking gorgeous, love the fascinator. xxx
    PS I can't find a Canadian size converter. I think a UK 8 is a US 6.

  8. Thank you for your comment on my blog!
    I love your outfit. The skirt and tights are so cute :) xx

  9. Um I love this outfit. Argh! Argh! Argh! It's so street!

  10. Ha, me too. I resent my friends for expecting me to spend time with them. How dare they use up my precious home time!

  11. This outfit is fantastic. If there were an award for best use of tights, you would win!
    I am the same way when my son goes to bed. The last thing I want to do is talk to anyone! I just want to cuddle on the couch and relax.

  12. I adore the colours in this outfit! You have a very painterly eye...
    Hmmm, I'd never heard the personality exacerbation thing, how interesting. I think I live inside my head way more than is healthy, too and sometimes worry it's a personality disorder. So I can blame my kids? Sweeeet!
    Maybe I need to get out more...

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I'm always a huge fan of orange and pink...people should wear it together more often.
    I love alone and quiet as well...the only thing is that when I get a chance to go out and be around a lot of people I will definitely take it because usually I'm just stuck at home with out much contact with the adult population (aside from the grocery store and post office)...and I don't know a single person my age in this town yet....but then when I think of hanging out with people my age in this town...I'm not sure if I even want that (small town syndrome)

  14. You are downright hilarious!!! I love the comfy chic-ness of this outfit. And how brave you are on mixing colors!

  15. Kimberellie, I am also introverted, but I am sure you know that. So I totally empathise with this post (well except the mom part) ;)
    And you look awesome. And I like you just as much in real life and think you are funny IRL too.

  16. Yep. I know what you mean. I can be outgoing sometimes but only when the required ratio of alone time has been met. :)
    It 's cosy in the back of my head (most the time, sometims it gets righteously creepy in here)

    I absolutely LOVE the colour combo. Most excellent! And hurray for blogging drafts (note to self: remember to hit save not publish)

  17. I am with you on the people thing. After work, I want to turn myself off and not have to answer any more questions! :-) I love how you mix colors and styles. You look great!

  18. Well you certainly exude confidence in your photos, but it's true, not to be confused with extroversion. I tire of loud places quickly, too. Love the pop of orange and pink in this look. Wonderful.

  19. That's interesting about the having kids = more introverted etc.
    I mostly grew up as an only child (even though I have a younger bro) and so I'm used to my own company ... being a SAHM hasn't been such a big deal for me, but then I do get to a certain point where I MUST GET OUT AND SEE MY FRIENDS. I love my online friends too, they get me through the day when you can't see your RL friends.
    I think with any mum, you NEED that quiet down time and the last thing you want to do is go out to a loud public area and deal with more noise.
    I'm going to think of some annoying formspring questions... muahahaha.

  20. Cheers to introverts! I'm with you sister--I'd rather be home reading a good book with a glass of wine (or whatever) than out at a slammin' party anytime. And yes, you are fricken' hilarious. And this might be my favorite Kimberellie outfit yet. I love it!

  21. people think i am extroverted all the time. I AM NOT. people need to look up what extroverted really means. :) good to be in company with you about this. <3 sher

  22. Lovely outfit darling! The tights and the skirt look so good together!
    And I really love your shoes!

  23. Oh great you are funny AND gorgeous. Fine. I am going to follow your blog anyway. And I completely love the tights and the skirt together. Do not stop wearing the jacket, it does mess with the total $, but it is so chic beyond belief.

  24. I just discovered your blog through Clothed Much.
    One, I love the pink and orange combination and now I want to try it.
    Two, I agree with you on how children influence one's personality. I also think having my son made me more confident in myself. Being his mother forces me to overcome my shy tendencies and do things I would have avoided in the past.
    Great post.

  25. Lovely post!! Love the bright color blocks in ur outfit....U really pull it off well..GOrgeous!1

  26. u look cute!!!
    i love this combination of pink and orange!!!

  27. I completely relate to what you're saying! I'm the same way. I just want people to leave me alone, for the most part. Also I love the bright colors in your outfit. I just found your blog through Clothed Much and I think I'm going to start following...

  28. OOh! I love this outfit. Love it. Thanks for the comment about me on MODELmumma!

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