Sunday, October 31, 2010

cutie pie sundays 4!

Because a log is just a horsey toy without the neighing.  

heart: Soren

ps. mommy has a matching sweater.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

dear diary: entry #4

February 22nd 2009

I did forgive the other Moleskine for this page being unwritable; but I do not know if I would have forgiven this one.
I love it when Soren naps.  This is his second nap today!  Yeah!  Napping baby = happy mommy.  I am happy.  I feel good about my blog.  It is great, because it, Chictopia, other blogs, get me to try new things.  And it is fun.  It is thrilling thinking: "What will I wear tomorrow?" with such enthusiasm.  It is playing dress up.  It is creative.  It is a joy. 

No, I did not get my hair re-pinked.  I wish.  I will.  Maybe.  This is an older pic that I found lying around.  I thought I would share it with you all.  I like the tie.  I should wear ties more often.  This is sort of how I might be dressing for Halloween.  Only minus the skirt, add pants.  And a fake mustache.  Fun, hey?  I'm being Dr. Watson.  My husband is being Sherlock.  I guess I gotta get me a pipe.

outfit total: $47.00

shoes, naturalizer: $30
coat, vintage thrifted: $5
sweater, joe fresh style: $5
tie, my husband's
tights, ardene: $3
bracelets, thrifted: $1 each
skirt, vintage thrifted: $1
belt, thrifted: $1

Heart: Kimberellie

-this is the end of the dear diary series -for this week.  I will do it again, I promise.  And then you will see the long promised angry entries...if I feel daring enough.  I'll work myself up to it.

Next week's series (I decided I like doing series): is going to be all about clothes and fashion and shopping.  Seriously, a series about clothes.  I know, a novel idea for a style blog. ;-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dear diary: entry #3

I call you my snake baby because you feel like a snake coiling and uncoiling in my belly.  One day when you have a wife and are expecting your first child you will know the delight I have in you in these moments.  These days.  This wonderful waiting.
I pray that you know how much God loves you, how much your daddy loves you, how much I love you. And I pray we love you excellently.
Hey baby, you are kicking me now.  It is a strange thing loving you knowing that you will not know or understand my passion for you.  Or will you? I pray my love for you will be selfless.
I don't know what it is to be a mother.  And I suppose you don't know what it is to be a son. Well, we will find out together.  And I am certain it will be unlike any other mother and son relationship, just as we two are each unique and unlike anyone else.  That was an awkward sentence. But you are my son; maybe you know exactly what I mean.
December 19th 2008

I wrote a few letters to my son while I was pregnant.  This is an excerpt from one of them.  Maybe I won't burn all my journals after all.

outfit total: $73.00

jeans, romeo and juliette couture via winners: $5
boots, massimo baldi, via winners: $25 (I waited and waited until they went on super clearance)
shirt, gap: $12
sweater, second skin vintage: $30
wooden bracelet, thrifted: $1
silver bracelet, tiffany & co.: gift from my husband

Heart: Kimberellie

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dear diary: entry #2

April 20th 2002

"I am interested in elation.  I am interested in the sublime."
"The wreath on my door has been there since Christmas.  I have no intenion and no desire to take it down."
Those were my topic sentences.  But I did not write.  And now that I'm writing, I don't have one.

Okay, so there's no angry swearing here.  But I promise, by the end of the week there will be some.  There's certainly enough material to choose from.  I just have to ask myself: how bad of a light do I want to cast myself in?  Or are you all so sympathetic to me now that you will just assume that whoever I am ranting about is indubitably the offending party?  Because I can't say that's always been the case (well, maybe mostly ;-).  As a good friend of mine and I like to assert: we're b%^#hes.  

If  my inherent bit$#hiness hasn't come across in my blog to you yet, than you simply haven't been reading between the lines enough.

outfit total: $213 (stupid shoes, keep messing with my totals ;-)

tights, from winners: $9
skirt, thrifted: $1
sweater, from my step mom
belt, joe fresh style: $3
shoes, $200

Heart: Kimberellie

also, this outfit sort of reminded me of the full skirted Prada and Louis Vuitton numbers.  

also, I've been reading Never Let Me Go.  And I gotta tell you, I  hate the magazine reviews of the movie for giving away the plot.  A-holes. (see, I told you I could be a _____)

Monday, October 25, 2010

dear diary: entry # 1

Okay, I have officially gone off the deep end.  I have got to see him!  I am just crazy for him! Oh-it has been only a day!  Ha!  Oh -I am silly silly silly.I do not want to wait.  Just 18 hours or so.  Oh!  I am just crazy for him!  God, I WANT WANT WANT him!    How can one wait?  I am addicted to this man.
May 31st Thursday 12:12 am

Okay.  So this was supposed to be easy.  I was supposed to just pluck out excerpts from my past journals and click click type them onto my blog.  Problem is: I'm totally inappropriate.  I, mean, even though I'm the one who wrote my journals, I blush deep red just reading them!  Not only that, but hullo, obsess much?

Seriously, there are multiple journals where THE ENTIRE journal is about the SAME thing.  It's ridiculous.

That said, this entry is from when my husband and I were first dating.  Funny thing is, I just realized now that the date is our wedding anniversary.  This entry was written exactly one year before we were married.

But don't be expecting an explanation like this every time.  When I publish the really big messy writing swearing entries, I'm not going to give one.  ;-)

outfit total: $238

tights, joe fresh style: $3
skirt, thrifted: $6
shirt, from winners: $5
scarf, local shop: $12
headband: $2
cardi, gap men's:$20

Heart: Kimberellie

[This is a series where I publish excerpts from my journals.  Note: after this I think I'll burn them.]

ps. if anyone mentions how they now have my shoes restocked and in my size again for seventy dollars less than I paid for them, I will be writing an angry journal entry about you.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

cutie pie sundays (three)

I have been conspicuously absent from the blogging world it seems.  But tomorrow is the beginning of a new week.  And I think you will find me about.  As it is, sorry about the absence.  And now I must go to bed.   But I knew I would get in trouble from some real life people if I didn't post a cutie pie sunday pic.  So here one is.

See you tomorrow.

--this photo is half a year old.  This was from my son's (and his cousin's) first birthday.
---the tattoo isn't real.  

Friday, October 22, 2010

dear diary: next week will be better

Because all next week, along with outfit photos, there will be excerpts from my diaries.  Yes.  You heard me right.   See, the thing is: I don't much feel like writing lately.  But I have written a lot in my life.  And a lot of that lot is stored in my journals.  So I am going to share it with you: the amusing, the profound, the stupid.  

So be sure to tune in next week.  Because it's going to be interesting.*

Heart: Kimberellie (who seriously intends on visiting everyone soon...but not right now...right now is for sleeping)

*how's this for a teaser?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

computer mice are tasty

I am so hungry I could eat the computer mouse.  I am writing this on Monday evening.  In case you are wondering. I have decided that every so often I'd give you all a sneak peak.  That is, a sneak peak into my life.   You see, I am always ever so curious what other people do with their lives, the everydayness, the eveningness,  morningness, mealness, and clothingwearingness.  I figure maybe other people are curious like I am.

So here I am to sate your curiosity!

~A Monday Evening Sneak Peak~

I am: 

  • waiting for my husband to return with Chico's Chicken (like Kentucky Fried but MUCH better).
  • downloading photographs onto my husband's computer.
  • wearing pink plaid pajama pants, a grey t shirt, and my new men's large Gap cardigan (which my husband has already determined he will wear too).

I have:

  • done two loads of laundry today.
  • done the dishes.
  • been on the computer a total of thirty minutes.
  • talked to a good friend who lives far away.
  • thought about food at least five times since I began this blog entry.

I want:

  • food.
  • to skip around the living room in my new shoes and admire my feet.
  • to know why living room is two words when obviously it should be one.
  • the motorcycle boots I have been eyeing on to hurry up and go on sale.
  • a housekeeper.
  • at least five different new perfumes I have read about recently (I'm obsessed with scent).

I am going to:

  • wear a moustache for Halloween.
  • put some warm socks on.
  • make a cup of tea.
  • watch Scrubs (fourth season episode 4 or so).

I feel:

  • Happy.
  • Hungry.
  • Cold footed.

Heart: Kimberelllie

ps. If you feel inclined to steal this idea and use it on your blog as a weekly feature...that would SO THRILL ME.  Yes, I am interested.  I want to know.  Hidden cameras just don't tell the whole story...

Nothing is worth more than this day.  ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mommy Monday? -NOSE!

Today is Mommy Monday.  The day I am supposed to talk about being a mommy or interview  a mommy.  But it shall not be.  No.  No. No.  Or, "nose", as my son has taken to saying.  He used to say no (all the a normal baby ;-).  So it's especially cute now that he says nose.  What is not especially cute: someone little not napping today.  
Ladies without babies, you will one day understand the allimportantlifeshatteringabsolutenecessity of the nap.  And mommies -you get it.  Suffice to say: I'm a little babied out today.  
As for my outfit: I really LOVE this cardigan.  It's so lovely and "old man-ish", n'est-ce pas?  I got it for a dollar at the church sale I went to the other week.  The belt was also a dollar at that same sale (it was a really great sale). I also got a beautiful Denby water jug for a dollar (!); such a jug would retail for over 100 dollars new.  I just LOVE it when people sell great stuff for cheap (happy dance).
Oh, also the lack of nap explains why this post is so incredibly late.  And hey everyone, thanks for thinking my little button is so cute!  I really enjoyed reading all your comments about his uber cuteness yesterday!   You are all delightful.  You delight me.  I'm delighted.  Also I just ate mango yogurt which was delightful.  Up next? -tea.    

outfit total: $38
dress, from a friend
shoes, naturalizer: $30
tights, joe fresh style: $3
cardigan, thrifted: $1
belt, thrifted: $1
assorted bracelets, thrifted: $1 each

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. I don't know what it is about it, but the first pic I think is my favorite picture of myself I have ever seen.  Maybe because I look sneaky?  Sneakiness is very me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cutie Pie Sundays 2

Brightening up your Sunday with my favourite little person.  Have a great day!

jacket, thrifted: $5
hat, joe fresh style: $4
baby, custom order, very expensive, made by: God (no returns and or exchanges*)

Heart: Kimberellie

*but that's okay.  We figured on keeping him anyway.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

about Kimberellie

I have an about me section now.  And because I am disinclined to write anything at the moment I am going to post it right here.  Also, if you are really lazy, and don't like to click about  with your mouse, this will be nice for you.  And this way, if you want to comment to me about my me-ness, you now have the opportunity to do so.

About Kimberellie Miss Furnellie:

I am a girl.

I have two hands.

I have a blog.  I don't have a dog.  I have never been to a bog.

I like cheese.  I can't drink milk.  I probably shouldn't eat cheese.

I am feeling very silly right now.

I feel silly quite often.  I had a nap.  It went well.

I have a baby.  He is a year and a half TODAY.  Yes, exactly 18 months old.  His name is Soren.  You can't have that name.  It's mine.  And I'll know if you stole it (kidding...maybe...don't chance it).

When I was a teenager I pretended I was an assassin.  That was strange of me.

I am married.  He is tall and handsome and I like him a lot.  His name is Michael.  Michael is a very common name.  But he is a very uncommon person.  He is the best man God ever made as far as I'm concerned.

I believe in Christ.  But what's better is he thinks I'm fantastic.  He thinks you're fantastic too.  He's that sort of fellow.

I also believe in being mostly myself.

And what I mean by mostly is: this blog is me; but it isn't.  I mean, it's sort of  the "I'm at a party and feeling silly" me.  So take me with a grain of salt (and a lime and a shot of tequila if you happen to be at a party in real life).

Also, I like spiders.  A lot.

outfit total: $ 100.25 (there's a bigger total for you!)

skirt, thrifted vintage: $5
shirt, gap: $12
belt, jacob: $20
tights, ardene: $3
shoes, naturalizer: $30
jacket, from a store in Ucluelet: $30
scarf, thrifted: 25 cents

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. if you want to know EVEN MORE about me (of course you do!) I have been interviewed by the lovely ladies of La Ville Inconnue this week!  Go HERE to see moi.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

you are a soul

outfit total: $16.50

lace dress, thrifted: $5
shoes, eaton, thrifted: $8
tights, ardene: $3
dress (worn under lace dress): from a friend
black bracelet: rubber bracelet from TMP
brown bracelet, thrifted: 25 cents
belt, thrifted: 25 cents
You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.
C. S. Lewis 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

don't look at my feet you little monkey socked kitten head

There is not enough time during nap time.  During nap time I want to:

Watch Sex and the City.
Eat donuts.
Read blogs.
Edit photos.
Organize my closet.
Talk on the phone.
Make crafts.
Drink tea.
Drink lots of tea.

Yes.  All these things.  One nap is not long enough.  Perhaps I should make a nap time schedule and plan ahead what I will do during each nap.   Like this:
  • Tuesday Nap: Mommy eats chocolate.
  • Wednesday Nap: Mommy mops the floor.
  • Thursday Nap: Mommy goes back in time and stops Wednesday Mommy from moping the floor.
  • Friday Nap: Mommy does yoga and eats chocolate at the same time.
What about Monday Nap?  Well, I don't like Mondays.  So I am just not going to talk about them, write about them, or think about them; and hopefully they will go away.

outfit total:$19.50

pixalated joe fresh dress,thrifted: $6
scarf, thrifted: 25 cents
shoes, thrifted Eatons: $8
belt, thrifted: 25 cents
tights, joe fresh style: $3
headband, smart set: $2

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. today is my Monday...because yesterday was a if I seem a little terse and crabby, it's because I don't even have the option of pretending today doesn't exist (everyone knows you can only imagine Mondays out of existence...other days are stubborn and resist being imagined out of existence...stupid Monuesday).

Monday, October 11, 2010

misrepresenting myself

So today was supposed to be "Mommy Monday".  And it will week.  But not today.  There is this great quote:

"A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault."  ~John Henry Newman

My new job is to remember this.  So often in life I find myself waiting for perfection, waiting to produce something that is faultless.  Suffice to say: I don't get a lot done.  ha ha ha.  But I'm serious.  I don't get as much done as I could.  Perhaps it would be best to say:

"My life contains a myriad of half done masterpieces hidden in closets and under beds."*

And I'm pretty sure that I'm the person who said that.  Though I could probably say it better.  So don't quote me on it until I perfect it.  I'll get back to you.  About that.  I mean.  You know what I mean.  I hope.

What was I saying?  Right.  Perfectionism.  It's nasty.  I don't mean to be a perfectionist.  It just likes me.  I mean, perfectionism would like me if one was to personify perfectionism thus making it able to have desires and preferences.  Which would be weird.  And now I am making even less sense than before.

Here's a quote I made up as a teenager (I like quotes...have you noticed yet?):

"Doing anything less than your best is misrepresenting yourself." 

Yikes, hey?  Double yikes considering I was only seventeen at the time I came up with that pretty little idiom.  Because you know what?  It isn't always true.  If I did my best ALL THE TIME, that, I think, would be misrepresenting myself.  I mean, people would start to think I have got it all together.  They would think I'm brilliant and flawless and do my dishes without fail before I go to bed every night.  They would think that *gasp* I make the bed every day!

Well.  I would like people to think this.  But it just isn't true.  Because the truth is: I'm not always doing my best.  I don't have the time, energy, or motivation.  But guess what?  No one does.  And maybe that's okay.  Maybe it's okay to do your best "considering".  Considering:

you're a mom
you work
you really really wanted (as in just had to) to stay up until two am watching Sex and the City
you have a headache
you couldn't find your car keys

you're human.

So how about this:

I'm going to do my best sometimes.  But most times I'm just going to share the me I am with the you you are.    

This post doesn't feel especially finished; but I'm going to stop now.  Because I don't feel like writing anymore.

outfit details:

grey jeans, rw&co.: $1.95
vintage crochet cardi: gift from Lee
scarf: gift from Lee
shoes, naturalizer: $30

heart: Kimberellie

*I think it's about time I took them out, dusted them off, and hung them on the walls.

The price tag from my pants.  It was just too good of a deal.  I had to take a picture.

Friday, October 8, 2010

the post where Kimberellie wears too many patterns at once

It's a little hard to be overkill when it comes to the whole mixing prints trend.  But bear with me: I'm trying.  This here is my attempt.  Grrr (that's the leopard print starts to sink in when you wear enough).

What I really would LOVE to wear with this outfit is a pair of leopard print shoes.  Now THAT would be so overkill I would have to come up with a new colloquilism (vampirekill?).  But seriously, I hear that "minamalism" is "in" right now.  Yes, "less is best" is in.  How horrid.  Kind of.  I mean, sometimes I find that I am a real fan of minamalism, like when I have to get ready to go in fifteen minutes because my husband is 
leaving for work and if I don't get dressed soon and drive him I will be without the car for the rest of the 

Thus: minimalism, ei: jeans and a hooded sweater.  Yes, Kimberellie wears hoddies (very.very.rarely).  That said, the more I talk about it, the more I think about it, the more I read Vogue magazine articles about it (Oct. issue, where they make the long flared pants look really really good) the more I want to try it.  I can't help myself.  It's fashion mind control.  Because, really, I'm a fembot with no brain of my own.

Or else I just like to say fembot.  Or else I just like to try new things.  Or else I'm really a minimalist at heart.  Scroll up to the photographs again for the real answer to that last question.

outfit details:

scraf: gift from Lee
skirt, thrifted: $3
hose, ardene: $3
shoes, thrifted lady footwalker: $10
shirt, winners: $5
belt, jacob: $20 yes, my belt is the most expensive thing I'm wearing.  

grrrrheartgrrrr: Kimberellie

so many things to tell you (mostly nonsense I assure you)

There are so many things I want to tell you about....  

  • I started Christmas shopping.  And I intend on being finished by the end of October.  Yes, I have become "one of those" people.  I swear I never used to be.  It's the baby's fault (he loves to shop).  Either that or it's too stressful to try to get it all done in December.  You decide. 

  • Oh, and I like ALL of these (seriously check them out, awesome prices and so dreamy bauble-icious). 
  • I bought curtains for our bedroom.  They don't match.  Each other.  Seriously.  $7 dollars a panel instead of $70?  How could I say no?  And yes, I will one day post pictures.
  • Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend.  Some things I am thankful for: my husband, my son, my family, my friends, shoes, my church, perfume, this book, YOU, Gauguin, that Elle Canada AND Flare BOTH came in the mail today.. 
  • I also want to tell you how I HAD SO INTENDED on sticking to my new blogging schedule this week but was waylaid by "surprise! you have no internet!" (we went away, they had no internet, for shame!). 
  • I promise next week will be better.  There will be more Kimberellie in it.  And I'm good for what ails you (so they tell me).
  • Heart: Kimberellie

Thursday, October 7, 2010

beach outing

outfit details:

cape, thrifted: $10
skirt: from my mother in law
hose, black lace tights over black opaque tights: $10
silver charm bracelet, tiffany & co.: gift from husband
resin bracelets, smart set: $2 for both
metal bracelet, le chateau (bought several years ago): $4
shoes, thrifted vintage, eaton select: $8

Which is your favourite photograph?  I like the one of my son looking out to sea best.  And notice in the last photo: sort of like "Where's Waldo?" but with someone cuter.

Friday, October 1, 2010

i'm in love

With these shoes.  Look: LOVE.  Come on, admit it, you're in love too.  It's love at first sight, isn't it?  Sigh.  But WAIT.  Wait a minute.  Just a second.

OH NO!!!  What do you mean "sold out" in my size?  What do you mean sold out  in my size on the Canadian AND the American websites???  What do you mean sold out in my size EVERYWHERE?  Because I was waiting for you to go on sale!  I've loved you since I first laid eyes on you a month ago!! But  I loved you..!

When I first saw you, I spoke of you on my blog with sneakiness*.  But I did not want to post a picture.  I was greedy for you.  I didn't want the other style bloggers to see you and buy you and love you before I could.  I didn't want you to be sold out!  I was paranoid-I was right!  Because now, now my story is a sad one.

HA!  But wait a minute!  It is not a sad story!  It is a TRIUMPHANT story!  Because in the ninth inning suddenly I FOUND you!  Yes.  In MY size (ten by the way, for anyone who is interested).  Stop it Kimberellie!  You are ruining the rising action.  And also, don't use baseball metaphors when you know nothing about the sport!  What was I saying?

Right: rising action.  I found you.  Rather, WE found one another.  And lo and behold there was only ONE pair left in my size.  

"Quick, husband, (first love, now replaced by shoe love) hand me your credit card!" Click click click...and ten minutes later: MINE ALL MINE!  Rejoicing!  Dancing!  Laughing.  Hugging.  Happiness.  Ours.  At long last we are united (or at least we will be in 8 to 10 business days).

This is a true love story ladies.  I hope it has brought you the joy it has brought me.  Quick now if you want a pair of your own to dance with ( mean in).  So haste, go here.  Because true love may be yours yet (that is if you have different size feet than me...if they are the same size...I am truly sorry, seriously I am....suckers).

heart: Kimberellie

shoes, naya by naturalizer: $140 (way way way  way more than I would usually pay, but come on.  LOOK at them...unfortunately now I can't shop for two months).

* Seriously I didn't post a picture when I saw these a month ago due to paranoia.  I was so paranoid that everyone who saw them would want them.  HA!  I was so right.  And now things (ie. shoes) are safe at precious.