Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the best thing since Sophie

V here again.  I don't have much to say other than: LOOK AT MY LEGGINGS THEY FREAKIN' MATCH MY DRESS!  Cool, cool, cool.  I think so. 



outfit details:

dress: gap 
shoes: padraigs
hair clip: emma-bug bowtique
onsie (worn under dress): gap

ps. if something isn't listed as "available in stores currently" it's either because:

a. my mommy thrifted it.
b. my mommy bought it last year on clearance.
c. it was a gift.

So uh, sorry you can't just have your mommy order everything I'm wearing online, like SOME baby bloggers.  That just isn't how I roll.  My style is 100% unique fantastical.  That said, I'll let you know if you CAN buy it.  Because who doesn't want birdie leggings?  Because shucks, they're pretty much the best thing since Sophie the Giraffe (available in stores currently).

pps. no one has paid me for any product mentions in this post.  But they should; then I could go buy some of those mini-marshmallows I stole from the cupboard the other day that are no longer where they were and so we are probably out and mommy would love it if I bought some more.


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  2. i always love your blogs they are so witty and well written. :) and love the pictures you are delightful


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