Friday, October 12, 2012

Miss V in Sweater Leggings

Hi I'm BV. That's short for Baby Violet.  You can just call me Violet, or V, or Miss V.  Whatevs.  I'm easy. Actually, I'm not.  If you cross me I will fling myself to the floor and scream.  Earlier I was being Mr. Hyde.  I don't know who THAT is.  But that's what my mommy said.  And she thinks she's always right.  So I just go with it.  Unless of course I want to do something else.  Then I just fling myself to the floor and scream.

In other news, my mommy made me these leg warmers.  They are made from a sweater.  My mommy likes to do stuff like this.  I don't mind.  Unless of course she made me a pair in a colour I didn't like;  then I'd definitely fling myself to the floor and scream.  Sometimes I also like to walk around screaming really high pitched like.  But don't worry.  My mommy loves me.  She thinks I'm the greatest thing ever.  See?  The crying thing works.


miss V

Oh right, here are some instagrams my mommy asked me to add.  This is when I escaped from the photo shot.  It was awesome.  

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