Friday, September 10, 2010

"be neither a conformist or a rebel"

I was going to wear a scarf tied in a bow with this.  But I wasn't really "feeling it".  Instead I was feeling this long gold pendant necklace I bought for a dollar (!) the other day. I just thought to myself: "Hmm...not feeling the bow...just not what I want lately. How about the long gold pendant necklace?"  So I put it on feeling like it was a decision I had  made.

A short time later whilst reading the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar I discovered one way to make your look really "now" was to wear a long gold pendant necklace.  Huh.  It appears I have been brainwashed.  But I knew that already, didn't I?

So often my sartorial choices (and even my choice of that word) are heavily influenced by magazines, blogs, advertisements, television, movies.  You name it.  I know it.  But I don't know it.  Because so often I find myself following without even knowing I'm following.  But I guess I'm okay with that.

Because the thing is, it isn't just fashion.  It's books, shows, music, hobbies, even ways of thinking.  We humans like to be connected, together, involved, "in".  Well, I guess some people don't like to go with the flow. You've met them.  You might be one of them.  Someone who doesn't "follow trends", doesn't do what other people do.  In fact, in some ways I'm one of them myself.  Only I'm not.  Not really.*

The other day I was at a park in the "nice" part of town.  And suddenly I noticed: I didn't match.  But they did.  Yes.  All the other mothers were wearing: sporty flats, yoga pants, lulu lemon hoodies, straightened highlighted hair, children in crocs.  Okay, they weren't technically wearing their children...but their children were wearing crocs.  It was kind of creepy know, sort of stepfordwivesesque.

But who am I to judge?  Just because I didn't match them doesn't mean I don't match anyone (actually my husband and I match quite's cute, really).  Because you know what?  If it hadn't been the park, but instead had been a blogger meet up, I would have fit right in.  That's the great thing about the internet, no matter how eccentric or esoteric, or any other e word, our tastes or opinions are, there's bound to other people who share them.  We needn't be alone amidst the Stepford wives.  We can have our own creepy little group.

Really what I'm saying here is: it's nice to be in such good company.

outfit details:
shoes, naturalizer: $30
shorts, vintage thrifted: $1
necklace, thrifted: $1
shirt, joe fresh style: $12
belt: gift
cardigan: gift
socks: who keeps track of where they bought their socks? 

Heart: Kimberelllie
*Truth be told: I just do what I want and what I think best.  And if it happens to be what other people are doing, that's okay.  And if it happens to be what no one is doing, that's okay too.  

You have enemies?  Good.  That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.  ~Winston Churchill

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.  ~Mark Twain

Be neither a conformist or a rebel, for they are really the same thing.  Find your own path, and stay on it.  ~Paul Vixie

Trying to be original, isn't very orignal. ~moi

You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note. ~Doug Floyd


  1. I think you're such a strong person to see all those other mums in the "nice" part of town and not feel inadequate because you didn't match them. Boy, I would've shrunk away quickly!!! haha. But you're so right. We all have our own "creepy little group" and we all seem to fit in *somewhere*... and that's cool. But I am glad you took your son to the park and not a blogger meet up. ;)

  2. Right? I mean, I'm not one to talk, I'm pretty average fashion wise, I just wear as I feel and try not to embarrass my daughter. But I have this same view on politics, on people, life.. on that freakin trendy environmental movement. It's conforming of the brain- way to be a zombie! Fashion is fashion-always changes. What we believe in tho, that's not something to take so lightly.
    I just love that winston churchill quote. Been a fave of mine for years. Also gets me in trouble sometimes lol

  3. You look so nice!!! I think it is definitely best not to match! I love those shorts, and they look so great with the belt. I think the necklace was a very good choice too.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. ahhh...i love this. so how i'm feeling lately! especially at work. my coworkers just don't get it. i even said to one woman, "you know i have a fashion/style blog and we do things differently on the interwebs. what i'm normal for what i do outside of work." isn't that crazy? i said WE. as and all my buddies on the internet. i kinda liked it, but i felt weird, i must admit. she just looked at me and nodded, as if to say...yeah, uh huh. suuuuuure. (i wanted to shout...I SWEAR, THEY'RE NOT VOICES IN MY HEAD! THEY'RE REAL PEOPLE! LIKE ME!) haha... anyway, i know i don't comment often on your blog, but i freaking read what you have to say and i dig you. your style. who you are. conformist or not, i get you.
    have a great weekend. :)

  5. You look SOOOO classy Kimberellie! I mean, really! This is so elegant and perfect. I love it. I'm sure the Stepfordwives were looking at you and thinking, "Dang, maybe I should look fabulous when I take my kid to the park, that hottie over there is showing me up!" Hehe.

    I love your originality! As do your other 100 some followers, I'm positive. It's what makes your blog (and you!) so fabulous to read about:)

  6. I'm kinda glad I'm not one of the stepford wives in lululemon and highlighted's soooo boring..and nothing stands out...there's nothing "original" I think that they're taking the easy way out (seriously...lululemon? how's not like they're doing yoga at the park anyways)...and crocs on your kids? Don't even get me started!!! haha. I'm just glad that there are people who put effort into how they look, because I think out of respect for others and out of self respect a person should always try to dress nice (lulylemons may cost $80 a pop, but they're still work out gear...if you're not working out DON'T wear them!!!) I may have ranted longer than you.
    I'm just glad that there are other women out there that aren't afraid to stand out at the park, grocery store, post office etc.!!

    PS. Your legs look a gazillion miles long!

  7. Just goes to show how much more original and interesting than everyone else you are, doesn't it? I don't get these people who want to look like clones. But it does still take guts to stand out - I'm quite often wibbling inside when I've chosen to wear something a little more different. So kudos to you for having such a fantastic attitude :)

    ps - Crocs? Dear god, they should just be banned from existing. I loathe them.

  8. Kimberellie, no one will ever call you a conformist; and I mean that in the nicest way possible! You are original, and you are loved just the way you are.

  9. love your look always my dear and was glad to be at the park with you and not fit in :D and although I do own a few lulu lemon items... I generally dress by mood... so if I'm feeling like I need show off the junk in my trunk.. then I put on my lulu's haha. I like it when people dress differently... I'm a bit of a people watcher and like to find beauty in everything especially our differences!

  10. "*nor"--I thought so too, but the quote said: "or". So I went with the quote...

    and everyone else: I heart you.

  11. i love harper's bazaar magazine! and that pendant looks great, such a steal for one dollar. i wouldn't care what i wear to the park coz here mommies wear different kinds of clothes but I usually go in the afternoon. you got nice style anyway and your hair is gorgeous with those highlights. I agree with your "truth to be told".

  12. I love your creative, fun look but I think I love even more what you have to say! You're so right--whether consciously or subconsciously we all follow someone or something. But I think the important thing is to take it (the trend/look/whatever) and make it yours. And you, Miss Kimberellie always do just that!

  13. "We can have our own creepy little group."


  14. Amazing look. Really digging that pendant necklace. I have two pendants I wonder if I can put them on a longer necklace? I too never ever match the other moms on playdates, park dates, music classes etc... It is OK. Like you I love being out of norm.

  15. love this outfit, totally cute!

  16. My feelings about all of the thoughts you shared in this entry, as well as this outfit, can be summed up like this:

    I love you. <3

  17. Ain't nuthin wrong with a little mag inspiration. I think every girl does it. I know I certainly do. I loved this look before I even read the description, though. The photos are stunning and I am in love with that blouse.

  18. love all the quotes...

    and your outfit is very cute. i love the school grrl thing even though it's not school grrl really, but it is reminiscent...

    love the blue, gray and brown combo.

    you are original. we all are. even when you just like your husband... or... he dresses like you, haha!


  19. Love your fun attitude and sense of style, but wow! The judgement here is overwhelming. Natasha above says:

    " I think that they're taking the easy way out (seriously...lululemon? how's not like they're doing yoga at the park anyways)"

    I really wonder what is wrong with wearing yoga pants and hoodies to the park. While maybe it's true that I'm not doing yoga at the park, I personally, I find that is the most comfortable thing to have on while I'm playing outside with the kiddos.

    Just funny when people comment on feeling judged by their fashion choices then do the same...

  20. Anonymous, (whoever you may be ;-), I completely understand. I mean, I often wear jeans and a t-shirt to the park (it IS easier, if not photo worthy). I think my point was more that everyone reallyreally matched and I didn't.

    I do think people should wear what they want and feel good in. I just feel that sometimes we, as women, don't always give ourselves permission to be different. And we should!

  21. I love the way you dress - It's way more exciting to stand out than to blend with the crowd!
    ps - just became a follower of your fabulousness :)



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