Thursday, September 23, 2010

i love YOU more than ME

I admit it, I sometimes go to my own blog, look at it, caress the screen with my eyes, and grin. My son points and says: "Mama!" I point and say: "I'm cuter than cute." It's not that I'm vain (okay, maybe a little vain). But really, it's more that I'm pleased. It's fun to have something all your own on the interweb that other people seem to like. Though I'm fairly certain I would still be enamored with my blog had I no followers (as I was in the beginning). Though it is nice to know I'm not the only one enamored with myself (you think I'm cuter than cute, I know you do).

That said: I like you more than me. Visiting you, caressing your blog with my eyes, reading your words, admiring your style (and taking notes). Because hey, as much as we all like to look in the mirror and say: "Good job on that make up application, boy you look great self!" isn't it more fun to sit accross from a girlfriend and admire her taupe nail polish whilst catching up on the gossip?

Because that's what all this style blogging is about, isn't it? Virtual coffee dates? I usually blog during nap time, a time when I cannot go out for coffee. So I stay in for it. And I come and visit YOU. And let me tell you: I heart you. I do.

Now let's get to the good part. I just recieved the sunshine award from the ever stylish and uber cool Annebeth of the Styling Dutchman. And now I am going to pass it on. And because I hate putting links in my blog (yes, I am that lazy), I am going to make it more fun and tell each person why she is getting this award (and also something about'll see).

Vintage Vixen because she gets better deals than me!
The Laundry Narrative because I think we would be rocking our leather shorts at the play park together if we didn't live thousands of miles apart!
Skinny Buddha because she has such a unique and amazing style.
circle meets square for being so ethereal, beautfiul, and fascinating!
required2beinspired for always inspiring me with her creativity.
Fashion Confessions of a Mommy because she does so many fun things with her family and looks fantastic doing it!  I am always impressed by her optimism, enthusiasm, and seemingly boundless energy!
MODELmumma for never failing to make me think.
Sophiasa for being sweet and lovely and fun.
Starship Narcissus for looking so great in art museums...and taking her wee BEAUTIFUL girl along!
Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique for cooking good and looking good (oh, not funny, but seriously, this girl can cook!)
La Ville Inconnue for always looking so sweet and stylish and lovely in their vintage clothes.
bravegrrl for being beautiful and poetic and sharing the beauty and poetry that is YOU with the world. 

Now you ladies know the drill: pass it on if you want, say it's from me if you want, ignore it because you are too lazy to put links in your blog if you want (so guilty of this myself).  

Though if you do get around to accepting it, how about we make it a little fun and you answer this question for me: "What's your favourite pair of underwear, and why?"

I'll start (just to be fair): my black ruffle bum ones.  Because they are comfortable and ruffle bum.   And it is just so much fun to say ruffle bum.  Try it: ruffle bum.  

ps. if I didn't give you an award and you wanted one, it's not because I don't love you, it's because I'm lazy.  And the only thing I really dislike about blogging is putting links in.  Ugh.  I'm always surprised that other people don't seem to mind this.  I just find it so irritating! 

 But you I don't find irritating; you I,

Heart: Kimberellie

outfit details:

jacket, vintage thrifted: $5
skirt, thrifted: $3
shirt, gap: $12
shoes, naturalizer: $30
socks, the dollar store: a dollar
bracelet: gift from Lee
tiffany necklace: also a gift from Lee (Miss Lee do you realize I wear something from you at least every second day?;-)
belt: my husband's tie
beret, nine west: $1 (there is a matching scarf you will be seeing soon if the weather doesn't start being more polite).


  1. Thank you so much!! I definitely do just sit and stare at my blog with pride quite often too! I love this outfit, your coat is so, so lovely, and those socks and shoes together look so sweet!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. You rock the oxfords better than anyone! Also - love the jacket. You thrift the most amazing things!!!

    You're totally cuter than cute. :)

  3. What a lady. You look gorgeous! As does your little man.

  4. Awww. You are too cute. Can you tell me your secret on how you look too cute? :P
    I love that beret. It's a delicious colour. Mmmm.
    I love this outfit too. I could so copy it for summer... maybe different shoes though...and err.. no coat.
    And thank you for the award! I couldn't think of a better reason to receive it.
    I'm a bit lazy so I might just do a post about underwear.....
    Have a great weekend with the family.

  5. Thank you so much! I think you're kind of cute,too. Don't we get to see your ruffle bum knickers? Go on, be a sport, you know you want to. xxx

  6. seriously your coats are alaways amazing!!!!!!

  7. awww! You're such a doll! You look adorable too. thank you Miss Kimberellie=)

  8. Wow! those shoes are adorable.

  9. awwww, thanks for the award. you're such a darling! and because this is my second time receiving this award, and being kinda lazy cause it's friday, i'm just gonna share with you right now my favorite pair of underware. just like you i love my rainbow colored ruffled panties. they have ruffles all around and the colors are beautiful. every time i put them on i feel like shakin my bum :)

  10. Absolutely LOVE this blogpost!! You write so well!! Love reading it :)


  11. Yes you are cuter than cute...and so is that son of yours!!
    Thank you for passing on the award....with all the inconvenience it caused you links and all!! haha...and I love that you gave everyone a reason why they got the definatly made me feel a little bit special!! (And I'm glad you are inspired, because it is required..hehe)

  12. love the first photo the besty bestest! Love your beret (?) I think I would call it a beret... toque beret? anyways love it. So cute!

  13. You are so sweet. Thank you so much for the award. I will post, mention tomorrow as I already posted tonight before reading this. Love the outfit and the last photo with your son is priceless.

  14. I love the synchronized award-giving. What can I say, great minds think alike :) And you know what, I like you too. Thanks for the "comfort blog" comment, that really made my day! And ruffle bum really is fun to say. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  15. That is so adorable that your son exclaims Mama! when he looks at the screen!! He has every reason to be proud. You look incredible in these shades of beige! And you also do such a wonderful job of adding interest with patterns!

  16. i'm guilty of staring at my own blog, i can spend too much time looking at blogs too only if im not working.

    you are both too cute.

  17. Loooove it :))))

  18. This outfit is so so perfect! I love every single detail and am incredibly jealous of your shoes!

  19. you're so cool and relax with your cute baby and the nature around, beautiful harmony !
    check out my blog and leave cooments if you like it :

  20. I LOVE the tie-belt! So creative. And congrats on the blog award!!! MUCH deserved!!!

    The last pic is so precious <3

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  21. I'm just in love with your coat ! And your baby is lovely !

  22. Thanks you! I'm not ignoring it, just a little overwhelmed with life right now.

    You are a bright spot on the internet when I get the chance to get online. :)

  23. Head-to-toe so adorable! I love the hat and coat pairing especially, the socks definitely kick it up a notch. :)


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