Friday, March 26, 2010

this blog post is a rerun. really.

These photos are of the outfit from this post. I took these myself and felt they didn't turn out. Later I looked through them and thought they looked kind of cool in an artsy sort of way. They don't really show the clothes off well. But I like them because they're creepy.

In moving news, I am wondering if I should take a break from packing tonight. I am exhausted. I have only two rooms left to pack. But the kitchen is one of them... I have a good friend and my mother coming over tomorrow to help. Yep, I'm thinking I might just lay in the towel for tonight (er, throw in, uh...;-).

Today I just wore jeans, boots, and a button up. I actually did get a pic taken (and may show it to you some other night, like tonight, when I am too exhausted to do a real post). Because completely seriously, I am too tired to even upload those pics onto the computer. And anyway it really wasn't a spectacular outfit. More of a "pack"-tacular outfit (oooo, that wasn't funny at all). So uh, yeah...I'm pun-making tired. Actually, I don't even think that qualifies as a pun. I've got to go now; or I'll just be making you all dumber as I write.

Heart: Kimberellie

you ever get that feeling where it feels like your head is just going to disconnect from your shoulders and sort of float away? Float float float float. Okay. No more typing Kimberellie.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

no clothes

So I'm afraid there's no outfit post for today. It was raining. And now I am packing in earnest. But I thought I would let you all see a couple of pics that don't include any clothes at all:

Oh, is that not what you thought I meant about no clothes? Well, how about this:

Yep. There's no clothes there!

Alright. Big sigh. Packing must recommence.

Actually, I kind of like packing. It think it's because I've always lived in such small spaces. So I've always had trouble finding places for everything. With packing that isn't a problem! If you run out of space, all you need to do is pick up more boxes!

It's really very freeing. I also like throwing stuff out.

outfit details:

birthday suit: God (my favorite designer)

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. I think you're all amazing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kimberellie Will Be Bespectacled

Explanation of poses: 1. look up. 2. look down. 3. be a big torso. 4. look down again and sniff your shoulder. 5. walk forward.

I don't know how I have amassed so many books in my life. Books compromise about 9 tenths of my packing. I swear it. Okay, this has got to be quick. I should be packing. I am only allowed to write for as long as it takes my photos to upload.

Ugh, all this pressure. I'm drawing a blank here. Ha, not really. I always have something to say (even if it isn't something particularly interesting). Here let's start with: which set of photos do you like better? We tried two locations.

Also, I'm getting spectacles. Yes, in the near future you will be seeing me bespectacled (which is an honest to goodness word! "Bespectacled", I like it). I must tell you, I am NOT getting them from the store where they checked my eyes. Three hundred dollars for eyeglasses? Another 250 for lenses? Ha. I don't think so! As I was letting my husband pay for my appointment, they gave me my receipt and NOT my prescription. Really, I HAD to ask for it. I mean, come on, not giving me my prescription? That's the oldest trick in the we'lltrickyoubecausewe'reoptometrists book (they have one, I swear it). So yeah, I'm not going back there.

Anyway, what I am doing is getting my glasses online. Yes. I know, risky. But the truth is, I think I look stupid in every single pair of glasses I try on AT the store. So how much worse can it get?

As for the outfit: I've been wanting to wear this dress since I got it on clearance last August. Something about a maxi dress just screams comfort. So I wore it, with a tank top because it is so low, and a pair of leggings because it isn't quite warm enough yet, and a skirt underneath because it is sort of sheer when the sunlight hits it just so. So uh, yeah, the comfort scream?-pretty much smothered to a whisper under all those layers. But it should start screaming again in the summer when I can wear it over nothing but a bikini.

outfit details:

dress, winners: $3
tank top, joe fresh style: $5
shoes, promise: $10
cardigan, industry: $5
purse, roberto gandolfi: $60

(unless otherwise noted, most everything I buy that is not thrifted is on clearance--full price is for suckers)

Heart: Kimberellie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

accepting imperfection when it's perfection you're expecting

Today this is what went wrong:
  • Baby didn't nap.
  • Car refused to start (the lights were left on, even though that should be virtually impossible with the beepy noise thingy).
  • Baby would not go to bed.
  • Phone went dead (battery, again).
  • Baby fell down and got a fat lip!!!!
  • Baby interfered with packing incredibly so.
  • Something else, I don't remember. But I'm sure it sucked.
Today this is what went right:
  • Baby is beautiful and fun.
  • The Sterkenburgs lent us their car so we could get tomatoes (tomatoes are VERY important, you know).
  • My oldest and best friend volunteered to watch the little monster, I mean baby, tomorrow, while I get some serious packing done.
  • The cheesburgers were delicious.
  • Another friend is volunteering her time and efforts AGAIN to help us paint our new home.
And so I conclude: "Nothing is ever altogether pleasant." But life is still delicious. And friends are what make it sweet.

I got the line "Nothing is ever altogether pleasant" from a quote book recently. I've been thinking about it. It was from the section on "emotional maturity". Thus I have learned this: I'm not especially: emotionally mature, that is. Because I didn't know THAT. I mean, obviously I have noticed that life has a way of being "not perfect"; but I was sort of expecting that it would be, sometime, soonish. But it won't.

I suppose being emotionally mature would mean accepting this. It would mean I should stop expecting perfection to be just around the corner. It would probably also mean that I should stop blogging and start packing. ;-)

outfit details:
pants, jack: $3
shirt, poof: $3
shoes, naturalizer: $30
jacket, from winners: $25
necklace, namaste: $15


Another thing that didn't turn out perfect? These pictures. I'm sorry. They're a little dark.

Monday, March 22, 2010

fringealicious, Kimalicious, and just plain delicious

So I've made no secret of my fringe bag desire. Only what I wanted was a brown suede fringe bag, not an orange one! But I think I am completely happy with this bag. See the pics? See how happy I am? YES, clothing and accessories do have that happifying affect on me.

Now, I've always loved the colour orange. So I was very pleased to see it all over the runways this Spring! And crazily enough (hey, crazily is a word! I know this because my spell check didn't angry red line it. Happyifying, btw, is not.). Right, where was I? Ah yes- crazily enough, apparently fringe bags are "in" as well. Now, if you look at my posts you will see that my fringe bag desire predated fashion week. So how was I to know? Well, probably there was a fringe bag somewhere in some magazine, on some blog, some ad, that worked its pretty little fringey way into my subconscious and whispered: "need me". Either that or I'm psychic.

Fashion psychic.

Um, yeah. So here I am. Here's me with my purse. We're very happy together.

Also, this scarf shirt thingy--fun hey? I have had this scarf since the summer and haven't really worn it. But I LOVE the pattern. So I thought I would wear it more like a shirt. I have it pinned at the sides so it stays put. And on my feet, did you notice? sandals!!! Oh, the weather was PERFECT for sandals, in between bursts of driving rain, that is. Though I swear there was purely sun when I ventured out (apparently I am not weather psychic).

Oh, and there was this totally AWESOME rainbow today. It did this: red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet, blue, indigo, violet--yes! There were extra colours! Rather, colour repeats. Whatever, it was pre-tt-y!

Okay. I'm done. My husband brought me home groceries for dinner making and flowers for nose sniffing (and eye looking). Then he left. Yes. I'm a renovation widow. It has been like this all week. I miss him in the evenings. But also I get to watch chic flicks. The Devil Wears Prada, here I come!

outfit details:

scarf, worn like a shirt, smart set: $16
white shirt, worn underneath, winners: $2
sandals, promise: $10
cardigan, winners: $5
purse, roberta gandolfi: $60 (on clearance, of course; isn't everything I buy?)
jeans, dish: $100 (one of the few items of clothing I have purchased full price)

Heart: Kimberellie

Sunday, March 21, 2010

watch the skies

The other day I read about "t-shirt surgery"; and I thought: "I've got to try that." So here's me trying it. The tee in question is a band tee: Watch the Skies. They're pretty awesome. You can check them out here. It was originally a toobighugesleeved-can'twearthisout-butIwouldliketobecauseit'scool-tee. I made it fit. I also made it even cooler (in my not so humble opinion).

The blazer I am wearing was my GREAT grandmother's. So it is honest to goodness certifiable vintage. I love it because the fit is awesome; and it is just so darn ladylike! This, btw, was the blazer I was wearing when I met Jeff Martin from Tea Party. Which is actually a good story and involves me cutting in line in front of about 300 people. But I don't feel like telling it right now.

Right now I'm making chili. I've never made chili before (wonder of wonders); but I think it's going to turn out pretty stupendous (again, my not so humble opinion). Also I wanted to point out that this outfit is pretty much "how" I like to dress: ladylike with some edge. I really like to combine styles. I don't want to be all vintage. I don't want to be all "rock and roll". I don't want to be all dressy, or all casual, or all feminine, or all anything, really. I feel most comfortable when I mix styles/dressiness levels/colours/patterns/whatever. I don't know why.

Maybe it's like painting. When I paint I always do what is called "mixed media". Which basically means I use every kind of paint/pencil/oil pastel/etcetera in my art box.

outfit details:

blazer: was my great grandmother's
t-shirt: band t (I may actually never have gotten around to paying for this, um...)
leggings: (actually they are long underwear--really!)
shoes, thrifted: $3
necklace: a gift
skirt: from a clothes swap

I just realized this is a REALLY almost freeish outfit. NICE.

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. the waving pic isn't posed. That is actually what I look like waving. My husband just likes to click click click take pictures. I'm waving to some friends here. Some friends who STILL owe us cheese. Where's our cheese Sterkenburgs? Where's our cheese? oh, and forgive me for the ridiculous amount of pictures. Usually not this many turn out (well)! So I just couldn't choose! Also, my husband took these and I thought he'd like to see them all. Whenever I ask him what he likes about my blog post he always says: "The pictures." And when I ask why, he says: "Because they're of Kimberellie." I know, awwww. ;-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'll sleep in when I'm old

So my throat is a little sore. I'm tired. I need to stop going to bed at midnight. It just doesn't work when you can't sleep in until ten. Yeah, I like to have ten hours of sleep. Well, nine is okay too. Eight has never been enough for me. I go with the theory that everyone needs a different amount of sleep; and this is just me. Or it could be that I'm lazy. I'm not certain. Though I have read that the more sleep you get per night on average the longer you live.

Oh, do you want to hear something horrible? This was the thought that just popped unbidden into my head: "How wonderful it will be to be elderly and to get to sleep in again! And the longer I live, the more time I'll have to sleep in!" Wow, apparently I'm looking forward to being elderly. That's what children do to you, apparently. And apparently I really really like sleeping in (more than I thought!)

Hopefully some time before then I'll get to sleep in (I'd better!!). Though, as I recall, teenagers like to sleep in. Why, when I was a teenager I would go to bed at midnight on Friday and not roll out of bed until 2pm on Saturday. Somehow my parents tolerated this sort of behavior.

Trust me, I won't tolerate any such nonsense from my children. They're going to be up at nine on weekends, at the latest, to do chores (so that mommy can sleep in).

outfit details:

cardigan, smart set: $5
shirt, joe fresh style: $3
shoes, naturalizer: $30
tights, joe fresh style: $3
leather skirt, was my mothers and too big so I took a sewing machine to it and: viola
necklace: I made it
belt:a tie from a shirt

Heart: Kimberellie

The last pic I'm laughing about not stepping in dog doo.

My sister-in-law: "Watch out for dog doo. Kate watch out for dog doo. Don't let the babies step in dog doo. Oh, there's some dog doo."

I feel a compulsion to explain the bemused expression on my face. Apparently it's my "don't step in dog doo" expression.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

my sister is here

So I can't blog long. But here is what I wore today. I made the pictures all high contrast in photoshop because I felt like a rock star in this outfit. I mean, cowboy boots AND a leather jacket? Can't get anymore rock star than that!

Let me ask my sister (who is 15 and has fantastic style) if there is anything she wants me to write. She wants me to tell you how awesome she is (I can attest to the verity of this statement) and how my baby was eating her finger (apparently she is also delicious). She has a blog too. But it is just a new baby blog. And by baby I mean little. So when she has more posts up I will put up a link so that you can check her out. Also, I think I am going to score her a camera so she can take some better pics as she is just using a web cam now.

Alright! That's it! We must now watch a movie (which we will have to borrow from our neighbours). But it's okay. They owe us. The borrowed cheese the other day promising to high heaven that they would pay us back (in cheese). But they didn't. Tch. Tch. Tch. Yes, Jenae, I know you read this. Where's our cheese?

outfit details:

leather jacket, danier: $300
jeans, roxy, on clearance: $3
shirt, on clearance: $2
cowboy boots: $300
bow, from a dress
belt, from winners: I don't know. It was years ago. But I generally don't pay over ten dollars for most things. So let's say, uh, 8 bucks.


ps. I almost forgot to include the belt in my list of details! My sister pointed it out to me: "How can you forget? It's the outfit maker!" And she's right. It is. It's too huge not to be.

ps. ps. I just realized my shirt is really linty. I should have got my son to lint brush it. He likes to lint brush (who doesn't?). Uh, mostly this post script is for you to "not mind the lint". But I suppose now I've pointed it out to you. So uh, well, don't mind it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Heaven

I don't mean to be obsessed with clothes and fashion. I just am. I love the art in it. I always say that fashion is the truest art form. You may not know this, but I'm an artist: abstract, semi-abstract, mixed media, artist-artist. That sort. Do you know the sort? The purist artist sort?

Well, that said, I still believe fashion is truer art than art. I think this because, hey, we have to wear clothes (unless of course you live in Tahiti-lucky lucky you); but we don't have to hang paintings on our walls. Though one could argue necessity does not equal truth. Well, I would argue it can. There is just something so living and breathing and real and essential about fashion. Anyone who gets dressed in the morning has created a piece of walking art, whether they know it or not.

And what's so exciting is that we can choose to convey who we are inside, on our outsides. Fashion, as self-expression, as expressing community (ie. trends, styles), as expressing humanity, as expressing the Divine in us, is exciting. Somehow I think there's a connection; though I'm not quite sure where. I mean, if you believe in God, you believe that God created us. So okay, here we are, created, amazing, beautiful creatures. And what do we do? We continue that creative process; in fashion, we are co-creators.

Isn't that nice? I mean, isn't it nice that we get to dress ourselves up? That we get to continue the process of "us"? I mean, what if we couldn't? What if we came out of the womb and just continued on naked? Even cultures that wear minimal clothing (historically) have worn jewelry, tattoos: ADORNMENT. Where is an unadorned human?

I mean, it would certainly be nice to get to be naked for awhile (on a tropical beach, for maybe a few weeks). But really, it would get old after awhile, I think. I don't even know if I could do it. I would be so tempted to dress up my nakedness with necklaces, and maybe some nice gold sandals (I have just the pair).

Anyway, I don't know where I was going with this. But I want to share a thought with you: I have always thought that when I get to heaven IF everyone there really is dressed up in (boring) white robes, I'm going to put a few "suggestions" in the suggestion box.

Yes, I fully intend on leading a fashion revolution in the afterlife. And all of you fine people have begun to make me think I won't be alone in this.

outfit details:

black top, kische: $1 (on clearance)
belt, thrifted: $1
shorts, winners: $4 (on clearance)
tights, joe fresh style: $3
shoes, roberto vianni: $30
necklace: I made it!
bracelet, tiffany & co: gift

Heart: Kimberellie

close up of diy necklace:
A gold shirt cut into strips and tied together. It is all one long loop that I wrap around!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

rain dance

Yes, these photos were taken in the rain.

Me: "Be quick!"

Husband: "I'm just going to adjust the camera settings."

Me: !

Only he was joking. I didn't get it. Later I asked why he choose the moment when we were both standing in the rain to adjust the camera settings. This is when he told me he was joking. Oh.

You see, I don't get sarcasm. I just don't. Unless someone says something sarcastic in a really sarcastic voice I just totally miss it. I didn't realize this about myself until I was 23. So I guess that means that for 23 years of my life I understood some things that people said to me COMPLETELY OPPOSITELY. Yes, because that is often the way it is. People will say one thing and mean the opposite. Only they are being sarcastic and I am supposed to pick up on it. I don't.

Kind of like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory (also note: I, like him, have special "seats" were I like to sit). Otherwise the resemblance ends there (besides being totally brilliant, we're the same that way). ;-) See, if you knew me you would know that I wasn't being that sarcastic just there. I really do overestimate my own intelligence a substantial amount (okay, now I'm being sarcastic, I don't overestimate at all, I really am quite brilliant--though it isn't nice to say so ;-).

As for the outfit: this blazer is GREAT. It fits perfectly and is SO COMFORTABLE (I love love love comfortable). It is actually made out of a sort of sweatshirt material (cool, hey?). The belt, t-shirt, and skirt I got at the End of Clearance sale at Winners. And uh, yeah, when my mom saw me in it she said: "Oh, you look so pretty! Where did you go?"

I replied: "Nowhere."

She countered: "Where are you going?"

I counter-countered: "Home Depot." (the place to buy counters)

I think this may have been the end of the exchange. Or perhaps I said something about liking to look pretty. I don't know. But I do know this: it's always nice to score compliments from your mommy. And just maybe perhaps I dress up too fancy for Home Depot.

Oh, and as for the bathroom? I think I am doing violet. It was my first choice. Thanks for weighing in everyone! You're all GREAT!!!!

outfit details:

blazer, jacob: from a friend
t-shirt, winners: $2
sparkle belt, winners: $5
skirt, winners: $5
tights, joe fresh style: $3
shoes, roberto vianni: $30
rain: very wet

Heart: Kimberellie

Monday, March 15, 2010

there are officially too many colours

There are officially too many paint colours to choose from. But perhaps you all could help me? Here's the question:





That's the bathroom. I can't decide. The raspberry is a deep colour. The violet is a medium pale grey purple. They are both BEAUTIFUL. BTW-I just discovered via my spellcheck that raspberry is spelled with a P. Who knew? Not me.

Oh, and the outfit? Well, I got this WONDERFUL and soft and cozy and HAPPY sweater vest cardi thingy from my stepmom at Christmas time. It fills a happy place in my heart (with more happiness). Only, I have never really worn it out. I've worn it at home a lot. Because I love it. And it saddened me that I didn't know how/didn't really have anything to style it (with).

BUT, ah ha! Look there! A dress! A NEW dress. A dress I picked up at 9:30 this morning at LW (I believe I was their first customer). Yes. It is lovely, and silky, and red and purple and grey and black and I LIKE it. A LOT. So yeah. I'm a happy girl.

outfit details:

dress LW: $10
purple tights: from a friend
grey tights (worn under purple) joe fresh style: $3
shoes, roberto vianni: $50
cardi vest: a gift
clothing happiness: mine

Heart: Kimberellie (hey, I just realized, my colour options for my bathroom are somewhat echoed in my outfit!!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm not going to do it

I got the jeans at Liquidation World for only 5 dollars! They're French Connection and super comfortable and adorable, so "yea". Also, note, whenever you say: "yea" in my home, my son will clap. Yes, it is THAT cute. I think next time I wear this outfit I will wear purple tights under the pants because my legs were fricken' freezing today! I wore this to church, Starbucks, and Home Depot today.

(Fashion Blogger Disclaimer: Now, if you continue reading I warn you I do not utter one more word about my outfit (or fashion) from this point forward.)

Yes, Home Depot, the renovator's paradise. We were looking at, stuff. Stuff to put in our new house. YES. OUR NEW HOUSE. It's very exciting. I've never owned a house before.

Though it isn't a househouse. It's a townhouse. Yes, the house/condo hybrid. Anyway, it's ours. Since starting the whole buying process this has been my mantra: "Well, I'm not going to do it." It's what I preface sentences that begin "I would like..." with. For instance:

Me: "I would like the hideous tile back splash removed in the kitchen."

Husband: "You know the drywall would have to be removed too."

Me: "Well, that's not a problem. I'm not going to do it." (with a shrug of the shoulders to indicate my casual attitude to drywall removal)

This seems to me to be a good explanation of how I would like things to go from this point on: I want things to get done. I'm not going to do them. Simple enough, right? I think so. I think it will go rather nicely. I have brothers and friends and father-in-laws (well, one father-in-law); but you get the picture. There are other people who can do the stuff I'm not going to do.

Alright. I can't keep up this charade!!!

I'm not really that lazy (or incompetent). In fact, renovations sound like a fun time to me. I LIKE this sort of thing. Tearing stuff apart, working with my hands, painting, hammering, wallpapering, FUN! Only there is also a wee little man who requires vast amounts of attention and who can't really be left on the floor to eat bits of drywall (he so would) and nails.

So I'm unavailable. And it makes more sense to enlist my brothers to lay down flooring than to babysit. So yeah, I'm not going to do it. But I will supervise.

outfit details:

bow: from a dress
jeans, French Connection (from LW): $5
blazer, winners: $25
shirt, winners: $1

shoes, naturalizer:$30


Friday, March 12, 2010

(Boston Cream)

We went to my brother's for dinner tonight; and I wanted to be comfortable. So this is what I wore:

Yes. Leather leggings are indeed comfortable. Also, I NEED a doughnut and a Tim Horton's steeped tea RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW. Yes, hurry out and get me a doughnut (and a steeped tea). Seriously, Boston Cream. Quickly, I'm melting here.

So yeah, happy Friday night everyone! I am totally hoping that I can convince the husband to get me my steeped tea (and doughnut...Boston Cream). Yeah, I've asked him four times already and he has said no every time. Apparently he is really into doing our taxes (slacker, won't even go get his wife a doughnut when she obviously needs one). Anyway, I don't know what to do. He's never said no to such a request before. I suppose I could go get the steeped tea (and doughnut, Boston Cream) myself. But it might kill me.

Maybe by posting this inane blog post I can tempt one of you fine individuals to get me a steeped tea (and doughnut, Boston Cream). Or, well, I suppose I could go get one myself. Hmm... Nah, I think I'll just ask a fifth time.

outfit details:

leather leggings, danier: $140
white button up, from winners: $8
heels, rockport: $3 (on clearance)
bracelet, tiffany and co.: gift from my husband (very nice, but still not a doughnut)


Thursday, March 11, 2010


I don't know why my baby doesn't nap sometimes. I don't...know...why...sigh.

But now his daddy is home and is feeding him dinner! YEAH for daddies!! Seriously, SO NECESSARY. My best friend raised her son BY HERSELF for THREE years!! This impresses me. A lot. I don't know what I would do without my husband. Go crazy. CRAY-ZEE. Actually, I'm Canadian so I would go CRAY-ZED (yes, in Canada at the end of the alphabet we are supposed to say ZED, not ZEE. No one does. But we're supposed too. And of course we can't. It would wreck the song! "Won't you come and sing with me?").

Wait a minute, maybe it has already happened (the CRAY-ZED, that is). Where was I? Besides going crazy? Right. What I wore today. I say "wore" because right now I am wearing grey plaid pajama pants, a white pajama top, and that comfy sweater I wore with my cowboy boots a few posts ago (I told you we were in love). But I'm not going to post a picture of that.

So yeah, let's cut the preamble already. Here I am:

There. Also, so you know, my baby is ASLEEP now. And my husband just brought me a glass of wine. A Keeper? YES (the baby and the daddy, they're a matched set). Now I'm just going to pretend that my husband DOESN'T have to go back to work for the evening in half an hour. Or, you know what? I don't need to pretend anything. Because as soon as he is gone I am going to curl up on the couch and watch I Heart Huckabees. I am also going to add some Lindor 70% dark chocolate to the mix.

As for the outfit (yes, Kimberellie, we've heard enough about your pajamas and movie watching, and chocolate eating), ;-)--well, the pants are more beige in person. I wish I had gotten a pic with the cardigan off. But there was some fellow walking up the street and I figured it was a good time to get out of there. All the shots of me looking straight on and smiling were WAY too washed out. So you don't get to see them. Also: LOOK, MORE BLOSSOMS. Oh yeah, Spring is HERE!!!

This is my first time wearing the whole: highwaistedpleatedfront-mymotherusedtowearthem- andIsworeIneverwould-pants. Suffice to say, I felt a little awkward. But my sister-in-law said I looked good. And her word is law with me when it comes to fashion. So I think I will definitely do this look again. Also, they only cost me a dollar. A DOLLAR!! The shirt I got for a dollar as well from Winner's final clearance. It is actually an Xtra large. So that just says what one should think about sizes. Also, you will be seeing me wearing it as a dress in the near future.

outfit details:

pants, thrifted: $1
shirt, on clearance: $1
shoes, naturalizer: $30
belt, from a dress
cardigan, on clearance: $5
earrings, le chateau: $4

Heart: Kimberellie