Thursday, March 25, 2010

no clothes

So I'm afraid there's no outfit post for today. It was raining. And now I am packing in earnest. But I thought I would let you all see a couple of pics that don't include any clothes at all:

Oh, is that not what you thought I meant about no clothes? Well, how about this:

Yep. There's no clothes there!

Alright. Big sigh. Packing must recommence.

Actually, I kind of like packing. It think it's because I've always lived in such small spaces. So I've always had trouble finding places for everything. With packing that isn't a problem! If you run out of space, all you need to do is pick up more boxes!

It's really very freeing. I also like throwing stuff out.

outfit details:

birthday suit: God (my favorite designer)

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. I think you're all amazing.


  1. i love your outfit details. he's my favorite designer too :)

  2. great blog, your baby is so cute. You don't look like you gave birth at all, you look so fabulous

  3. Ah, your baby is adorable. I like packing too. Unpacking is what I don't like. Especially at a new place it takes me forever to figure out a new place for everything. Not looking forward to moving.

  4. Oh, lots of luck for your move! I hate packing and obsess I've left something behind.
    Love the pictures, too. Was intrigued by the blog tite and wondered what you had in store for us.
    Ps I'd love to come and find you and meet for coffee and day, my dear!

  5. thanks for also visiting my blog, im not so much of a fashionista but it would be nice to be in your list. =)

  6. Love your pics! And your baby is so cuute!

  7. awww.. God as the designer, how wonderful:)

    Why are you reading this comment? Shouldn't you be packing? Go get packing, dear =D

  8. Are you moving far? That picture of your baby is soo adorable!

  9. awww handsome little boy! he looks like you!


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