Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hello baby!

That’s my nephew in the corner there. He just got his first tooth yesterday! My son, who is the same age, has seven teeth. He’s a little dinosaur. But my nephew can stand without holding onto furniture. So I guess if they got into a baby fight they would be about even. ;-) But that would never happen; because they love one another. They really do. It’s sweet.

Plus, these pants make me happy. I got them and the shirt and the cardigan all on clearance at Winners. I hear there is no Winners in the states. I am very sorry for your lack.

The necklace is my idea: charm necklace. Three pendants: my "mom"heart, my maid of honor pearl from my best friend's wedding, and my diamond cross. It just got too hard deciding which pendant to wear! This way I get to wear them all!! You should try it. It's fun. Let's have a close up:

I also have another pendant necklace, my diamond "K", my purple pearl from my husband, and my bridesmaid's cross from another friend's weddings (it's been a year for weddings!). It kind of looks like my skin has drastically changed colour! Fear not! I remain pasty white (or Snow White white, if you may. ;-)-I always wanted to be Snow White!). The second photo is more me in terms of me-ish skin colour. Yep, all this explaining was really necessary.

Here, I'll tell you what the IT thing I'm excited about in my life is: the new crop of babies coming up. Seriously. So many of my friends are either pregnant or intending on it this year! It is SO excited! Can't wait to snuggle all those babies! What's the IT thing in your life you're excited about?

outfit details:

purple pants, jake: $2 on clearance epic shop

grey tank, born famous: $2 on clearance epic shop

grey cardi, industry: $3 on clearance epic shop

shoes, naturalizer: $30 (apparently I got the last pair)

bracelet: stolen

Heart: Kimberelllie


  1. Aw, your nephew is adorable! And beautiful outfit & lovely jewelry :)

  2. thanks for your amazing encouragement on my blog! it means so much. and let me just tell you, you are a deal finding maven! wow, i am super impressed with the haul you brought home the other day. anyway, thanks again and i will be coming back to visit you again!!

  3. I adore your outfit as usual !

  4. Thanks for finding me!!...I'm so glad to see that there are more Canadian Fashion Bloggers than I thought...and even greater ones that live in BC and are Married with Children!!
    As for there being no winners in the States..they have TJ Maxx and Marshalls instead..which are actually owned by the same company as Winners...how do I know this??? I worked at our local winners until our daughter was born..and since I live so close to the states I quite often shop at the TJ Maxx nearby.

  5. Really cool outfit! I love the blue and gray :D (and the giant buttons on your sweater!).

    Also it's adorable that your son has someone his own age to play with. I don't know why I find that adorable but I do! (It's probably the 'everything is cute when toddlers do it' thing XD).

  6. love that cardigan! I also love how sentimental your charm necklace is.

    ps. please take a second to check out my new blog:


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