Friday, March 12, 2010

(Boston Cream)

We went to my brother's for dinner tonight; and I wanted to be comfortable. So this is what I wore:

Yes. Leather leggings are indeed comfortable. Also, I NEED a doughnut and a Tim Horton's steeped tea RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW. Yes, hurry out and get me a doughnut (and a steeped tea). Seriously, Boston Cream. Quickly, I'm melting here.

So yeah, happy Friday night everyone! I am totally hoping that I can convince the husband to get me my steeped tea (and doughnut...Boston Cream). Yeah, I've asked him four times already and he has said no every time. Apparently he is really into doing our taxes (slacker, won't even go get his wife a doughnut when she obviously needs one). Anyway, I don't know what to do. He's never said no to such a request before. I suppose I could go get the steeped tea (and doughnut, Boston Cream) myself. But it might kill me.

Maybe by posting this inane blog post I can tempt one of you fine individuals to get me a steeped tea (and doughnut, Boston Cream). Or, well, I suppose I could go get one myself. Hmm... Nah, I think I'll just ask a fifth time.

outfit details:

leather leggings, danier: $140
white button up, from winners: $8
heels, rockport: $3 (on clearance)
bracelet, tiffany and co.: gift from my husband (very nice, but still not a doughnut)



  1. I'd love some leather leggings especially if they looked as good on me as they do on you.
    How pretty is that country lane? It looks like a quaint English village.

  2. I like this look. I mean this what I wear on a daily bases.


  3. U look great! I love your style! Congratulation for your blog!

  4. These leather leggings are fantastic! So jealous, I totally want them, want them, want them!!!!

  5. Fab leggings! Wonderful look!! :)

    And from my time in Toronto I miss the apple fritter Tim bits the most.... :D

  6. I love that leather pants are your comfy outfit!! Fierce haha.

  7. You rock the leather leggings... I love it. I still have to get me one. Though I know I can't wear it in the Tropics. I wish I live someplace cooler. xoxo


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