Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm not going to do it

I got the jeans at Liquidation World for only 5 dollars! They're French Connection and super comfortable and adorable, so "yea". Also, note, whenever you say: "yea" in my home, my son will clap. Yes, it is THAT cute. I think next time I wear this outfit I will wear purple tights under the pants because my legs were fricken' freezing today! I wore this to church, Starbucks, and Home Depot today.

(Fashion Blogger Disclaimer: Now, if you continue reading I warn you I do not utter one more word about my outfit (or fashion) from this point forward.)

Yes, Home Depot, the renovator's paradise. We were looking at, stuff. Stuff to put in our new house. YES. OUR NEW HOUSE. It's very exciting. I've never owned a house before.

Though it isn't a househouse. It's a townhouse. Yes, the house/condo hybrid. Anyway, it's ours. Since starting the whole buying process this has been my mantra: "Well, I'm not going to do it." It's what I preface sentences that begin "I would like..." with. For instance:

Me: "I would like the hideous tile back splash removed in the kitchen."

Husband: "You know the drywall would have to be removed too."

Me: "Well, that's not a problem. I'm not going to do it." (with a shrug of the shoulders to indicate my casual attitude to drywall removal)

This seems to me to be a good explanation of how I would like things to go from this point on: I want things to get done. I'm not going to do them. Simple enough, right? I think so. I think it will go rather nicely. I have brothers and friends and father-in-laws (well, one father-in-law); but you get the picture. There are other people who can do the stuff I'm not going to do.

Alright. I can't keep up this charade!!!

I'm not really that lazy (or incompetent). In fact, renovations sound like a fun time to me. I LIKE this sort of thing. Tearing stuff apart, working with my hands, painting, hammering, wallpapering, FUN! Only there is also a wee little man who requires vast amounts of attention and who can't really be left on the floor to eat bits of drywall (he so would) and nails.

So I'm unavailable. And it makes more sense to enlist my brothers to lay down flooring than to babysit. So yeah, I'm not going to do it. But I will supervise.

outfit details:

bow: from a dress
jeans, French Connection (from LW): $5
blazer, winners: $25
shirt, winners: $1

shoes, naturalizer:$30



  1. oh there are things i don't do. i wait for matt to put out the trash and when he suggests that i do it, i tell him i don't do that. i also don't grill or take out the recycling. or get diesel for my car. he knows these things and will (in most cases) kindly comply. :)
    you look adorable in those jeans!

  2. Isn't it nice to have brothers? I'm also just about to close on a house and one of my brothers is renovating the kitchen and a gift to me. I also don't do certain things. Taking out the garbage is one of them. Anything in the yard is another one. That one is actually because I'm allergic to all kinds of things though.

    BTW, those pants look cute on you. I don't generally like capris but you're so cute and petite that they just work on you. Plus, they're cool and funky.

  3. Hahaha! Yes, better be the supervisor. You have a baby to take care of. And it's a man's job anyway.

    I love the jeans and the whole outfit. And your smile is fabulous. xoxo

  4. Beautiful outfit and a new house? Super exciting!
    Hooray for brothers.

  5. That's an adorable outfit! Those trousers are really cute and interesting, I don't know if I've ever seen anything like them! You wear trousers so well :D.

    & Good luck with the renovation!

  6. LOL! I totally get ya! My hunny used to work on houses all the time.. except for ours!! tip: Tell em you'll do it yourself (even buy a cute pink toolset!!) And they'll come runnin. You don't have to lift a finger PLUS it'll be done faster=)
    I'm loving the bows around you're neck lately! So sweet and cute! You look great and congrats on the house!=)

  7. Haha, it's such a beautiful post!
    You're so pretty!

  8. seriously - those pants were only five dollars? so jealous! i love them!!!

  9. This is super cute! Your pics are all so great! Thanks for adding me to the Mom Fashion Bloggers--YAY! :D

  10. oh, and I need some shoes like yours--love those!

  11. Heyy!

    I love getting comments from you. You are so sweet and a genuine doll. Thanks for your advice-it's always appreciated!

    I absolutely love this post!!!!
    I love the writing and I love your outfit! That outfit is amazzzing. You are so adorable. Those pants are truly incredible- I love the tied sash belt and the "capri" length! And I am truly drooooling over those shoes. *sigh*. They are a dream.

    good luck with the house!! That is SO exciting. I can't wait to get to that point in my life!
    I would be doing the supervising and babysitting, too :)

    Love always,

  12. Did you really get those FC jeans for $5?! I love them paired with the bow! So cute!

  13. Love this outfit, its so vintage chic! Suits you beautifully.

  14. I love this outfit!

    xx Alex

  15. hi kimberelli,

    thats the first time that i visit your blog and i have to say: you seem to be such a nice person, i like your blog a lot!

    kind regards from austria


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