Thursday, March 18, 2010

my sister is here

So I can't blog long. But here is what I wore today. I made the pictures all high contrast in photoshop because I felt like a rock star in this outfit. I mean, cowboy boots AND a leather jacket? Can't get anymore rock star than that!

Let me ask my sister (who is 15 and has fantastic style) if there is anything she wants me to write. She wants me to tell you how awesome she is (I can attest to the verity of this statement) and how my baby was eating her finger (apparently she is also delicious). She has a blog too. But it is just a new baby blog. And by baby I mean little. So when she has more posts up I will put up a link so that you can check her out. Also, I think I am going to score her a camera so she can take some better pics as she is just using a web cam now.

Alright! That's it! We must now watch a movie (which we will have to borrow from our neighbours). But it's okay. They owe us. The borrowed cheese the other day promising to high heaven that they would pay us back (in cheese). But they didn't. Tch. Tch. Tch. Yes, Jenae, I know you read this. Where's our cheese?

outfit details:

leather jacket, danier: $300
jeans, roxy, on clearance: $3
shirt, on clearance: $2
cowboy boots: $300
bow, from a dress
belt, from winners: I don't know. It was years ago. But I generally don't pay over ten dollars for most things. So let's say, uh, 8 bucks.


ps. I almost forgot to include the belt in my list of details! My sister pointed it out to me: "How can you forget? It's the outfit maker!" And she's right. It is. It's too huge not to be.

ps. ps. I just realized my shirt is really linty. I should have got my son to lint brush it. He likes to lint brush (who doesn't?). Uh, mostly this post script is for you to "not mind the lint". But I suppose now I've pointed it out to you. So uh, well, don't mind it.


  1. You must be one of those lucky people that call pull off any look. You look awesome in your leather jacket and boots, and the belt is just so big and bold. Great look! Have fun with your sister.

  2. I LOVE the belt and the jacket is georgous. Have fun with your sister... You take such great photos, I feel I keep giving the same pose each time. I need to take hints from you.

  3. Killer, killer jacket. Very rock and roll!

  4. HOT!! without smoke.

  5. Wow, that belt!! I love it! Great look!! :D

  6. I love the high contrast... perfect for the outfit and for the setting. xoxo

  7. I love your belt!! Look at that thing, it's huge! How awesome is that??!? I really like the way your jeans fall ( im not weird, I notice fit is all) and I really like how they fit through the leg. They look very comfy. Hope you got your cheese!=)

  8. yay for sister! love that bow. i have been obsessed with pussy cat bows lately. also, nobody has ever told me i look like kristin stewart, though i secretly thought i did ;)

  9. The BELT! That was the first thing that popped right out at me! lol It's awesome! You DO look like a rock star, and these pix rock!!
    Hooray for your sis--you two should have a photoshoot together and post the results. I have a 21 year old little sister (we are 16 years apart!) and we love to do fashion shoots together. You can find our last shoot on my blog under 'Urbanesque'. We tried to get some trippy, edgy, urban looking shots and it was so much fun :) Have a great time with your lil sis and I can't wait to check out her new blog!

  10. love this! cute shirt. and i will wrestle you for that jacket. i can get pretty feisty.

  11. The jacket is amazing. I do really enjoy this outfit.
    Also I did not know you had a little sister; though to be fair I know nothing of your family so this is not surprising :)

  12. Hi Kimberellie,
    I have no idea how to respond to your comment on my blog so figured I would try this method. Thank you for the nice remarks and yes, I would love to join your 'mom bloggers unite list'...
    Thank you.

  13. That belt is so cool and the jacket is amazing!

  14. Whoa! That's quite a belt. It looks great peeking out from under the jacket.


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