Friday, March 5, 2010

orange you happy you ate that rock?

It seems I'm wearing a lot of orange lately. Hmm... I'm okay with that. Okay, you're thinking, two outfits? That's not a lot. But what you don't know is I wore orange the other night too. Yes. It's orange mania. There is just something about the colour orange. It makes me happy. HAPPY. Also, barely anyone wears orange; so it stands out. And I like to. Stand out, that is.

I bought this dress at Value Village. It was right after my sister-in-law went to H&M in Vancouver and I was so jealous (alas, there is no H&M in my town). But LO! And BEHOLD! I found an H&M dress at V.V. And for only 8 dollars! Beat that sister-in-law! (I actually really like my sister-in-law, she's absolutly fantastic and has awesome style!).

Today I went to the park with a girlfriend and the babies swung on the swings (you can actually put them in those little swings from a pretty young age). They really enjoyed themselves. Also my son crawled about like the little monster he is. At one point I introduced him (and myself) to a little baby girl and her mommy. Well, while the two were getting acquainted and I was exclaiming how great of her daughter to play with the little rocks and NOT eat them, well, my son ATE a rock. Yep. We tried to get it out; but it wasn't happening.

I think he was saying: "Look cute baby girl. You're supposed to eat these. Look how cool I am. I'll show you. YUM!" Yep. He was showing off. Note: the little baby girl then attempted to eat rocks herself. So this I know, my son is already: a ladies man, a show off, and a bad influence.

Oh, I love-uval him to itsybits!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, a lady at the park said this to me: "You are the most fashion forward mother I have ever seen at Beban Park." And at first I was thinking I should mention how I was only wearing a dress because I didn't want to get dressed twice today (I'm all fancy for my stepdad's 50th tonight); and then I remembered how you are just supposed to accept compliments and so I said: "Thanks!" I also had a slight desire to mention my fashion blog...but I didn't. I really am quite chatty and will talk at great length to perfect strangers; but I'm attempting to reform.

outfit details:

orange dress, thrifted H&M: 8
purple tights, from a friend: free!

cardigan, industry from "The Epic Shop": $3
leather jacket, danier: $175
belt, from "The Epic Shop": $1
shoes, naturalizer: $30

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. You are hilarious! And looking fantastic in that amazing orange dress and purple tights! I have a Joe Fresh orange coat thats pretty awesome too!

  2. hahaha I love your posts!!! :D and I love your dress... and I usually boycott the color orange.. but I like your dress! =)

  3. i love that orange dress! and i think it's so cool that you got that compliment. doesn't it feel great? oh, and christina emailed me today about a mom/blogger unite community thing and i'm totally in. thanks for initiating. i think it is so needed.

  4. so so cute!!!! those vibrant colors in this outfit are astonishing! :D

  5. your dress is SOOOO cute!!!!!!!
    it's darling. orange is one of my favorite colors...but it would take me personally, a lot of courage to wear it!
    Your son sounds adorable. Someday, I hope I'm adorable like you and take my baby to the park and swing, and look amazing.
    Your life looks sweet:)


  6. that orange dress is great! I want to see a picture of your son! he definitely sounds like a heartbreaker already!

    thanks for adding me to your mama blog roll! i'm honored =)

  7. That dress is so adorable, I love the orange! I don't have an H&M where I live either, I can only shop there when I go on trips :(

  8. Like everyone else, I love your dress. Orange looks really good on you.

  9. What a pretty outfit! I obviously love the dress (as I have it myself). Orange is my favourite colour after yellow :D.

    And I'm shocked that you don't have a H&M in your town! I have THREE and I live in a really small city :O. I always thought H&M's were everywhere haha.

  10. i simply LOVE your shoes! :)

  11. Oh, the combination of orange, purple and the green jacket is absolutely amazing. So brave, so right!

  12. I need to find an orange dress STAT! You look adorable!!



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