Sunday, February 28, 2010

the epic shop

A new page in my shopping journal has been added (several new pages actually):

These are the clothing tags. I just love fancy clothing tags! One shirt came with a button pin! A button pin (you know, to pin on stuff)!

Twice a year Winners has a "Final Clearance". This is where they clear out all their clearance merchandise (ie. Kimberellie heaven). Yes. This is the stuff of dreams, folks.

Apparently (horribly) the US does not have a Winners (nor do they have a gold medal in hockey, but this a fashion blog, so anyway...;-). Winners is a clearance store. They clear out other store's stuff. So on all their price tags they have two prices, the first is what you would pay for the item at the regular store (Buffalo, Calvin Klein, whatever) the second is what it actually costs.

With all that in mind, here goes:

I bought 48 items in total (yes, I admit it, I went back). These 48 items cost me: $136.70. YES! WOWWOWEE. Crazy, hey?

If I had bought them at regular price from Winners I would have paid: $1,168.52. Had I bought the clothes at their regular retail store price I would have paid $2,307.00!!!

All in all I saved one thousand and thirty one dollars (or, if you go with the compare at price, $2,170.30).

Yes. It was shopping heaven.

At one point my stroller (yes, my wee baby was with me) got so heavy from hangers (what better place to put them?) that it was almost tipping over! Oh, dear, does that make me a bad mommy? ;-)

Even cooler, about my shopping extravaganza, is I didn't try anything on (again, I had a wee baby with me). He wasn't overally amused with the shopping until I distracted him with cheerios (remember this trick ladies). YET, everything fit!

You know it's a good deal when the sale stickers are two inches thick!

Well, two pairs of pants are too small and shall be given to a friend. And one dress and one shirt I did not like and have already been given to a friend. Also, three sweaters and a pair of jeans I picked up specifically for my sister-in-law.

So yeah, that's about all I got. How about some pictures? (sorry for the moderate level of mayham, I don't know how else to do this without taking a ridiculous amount of time).

I know the pictures don't give you too much of an idea of what everything looks like. But don't worry, I'll be stylin' it all soon!

My husband made this handy dandy excel chart (he's the one who crunched the numbers for me):

And the bottom line:

That's Regular Price, Winners Price, and the last column: what I paid.

Oh, and that brings me to the best part of this post: not only did my husband not disapprove of me bringing an extravagant amount of clothes into our iddy biddy apartment, he was proud of my excellent deal finding skills. Yes, he's a keeper.

(oh, and also, two shirts, a sweater, and a belt I got for him, I would have gotten more for him but there wasn't much available for men).

This leads me to a question, I'm curious, what does your signifigant other/mother/friends/uncle Bill think of your fashion/shopping/addiction? My brother once told me how him and my mother had a discussion about how I was a shopaholic. To be fair, I'm also addicted to ice cream.

Oh, and here I am styling some of my good deals:

The pics are HUGE because I thought the lighting was bad. And this is easier than editing. Because I'm sleepy! I'm sleepy!! :-)

Okay. I gotta go to bed now.

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. Wow sounds like you got some major bargains! How exciting. My husband totally approves of my shopping, in fact I'm usually the one who isn't sure if I should really buy something.

  2. Wow! What a magnificent haul! Look forward to seeing them modelled off.
    Your appartment looks cool, liking the artwork on the wall.
    My partner loves thrifty shopping too, (jumble sales, chazza shops, car boots) and has more groovy clothing than I do.

  3. I am so impressed! You scored some really awesome deals. My husband also approves of my shopping. He knows I'm a bargain hunter so he's always impressed by what I find. He also encourages me to shop, which is not always a good thing because we all gotta have some limits, you know? But he loves that I dress up and he think my purse obsession is cute. My mom and brother might disagree, and my dad doesn't even understand why someone might need more than 2 pairs of shoes.

  4. You got some INCREDIBLE pieces!! And an awesome husband! lol mine gets a thick glaze forming over his eyes .. and ears.. every August when I'm ramblin about fall trends. He seems alright with the shopping tho. I'm frugal and ruthless lol

  5. Um, score! I'm so jealous of your awesome bargain-shopping spree. Looks like you got some great stuff. I love that sweater with the bow detail--so cute!

  6. Twice a year? When does this epic sale occur? You must warn your fellow bloggers so they can take part in the plundering of good deals!


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