Sunday, February 7, 2010


I went to work last night. This is something I don't usually do (not for money anyway).

Most of my work lately has involved cuddling and stacking blocks. Stuff I don't need to get dressed up for (though I usually do anyway!).

Oh, and here's something exciting: tomorrow I am heading to Value Village with two friends at seven o'clock AM! GASP! Yes, we are going to go as soon as it opens to score the best deals at their 50% off sale (really one of the only times to buy stuff at this overpriced "thrift" store). I'll let y'all know what deals I score tomorrow.

Alright, I'm off to stack blocks!

Heart: Kimberellie
outfit details:
tights Sterling: $10
shoes Naturalizer: $30
sweater dress Winners: $2
cardigan via clothes swap: free(ish)
belt RW: $2


  1. Your thrifting adventures sound like tons of fun - hope you find many lovely things. I love your work outfit, very cute and stylish.

  2. Oh wow the thrifting sounds good fun,wish we had sales like that in England! Wondeful outfit,and thank you for commenting on my blog ^^ It made me smile,long comments are the best.


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