Sunday, February 21, 2010

tonight today tomorrow


Baby is sleeping.
Husband is making dinner.
Kimberellie is typing type type type. I love to type. Don't you? I love the clickity clack of the keys under my fingers. I'm actually a pretty skookum typer (there's some Canadian slang for you).


We went to the park.
Baby swung on a swing.
I swung on a swing.
The husband swung on a swing.
There was also some teetering on a tooter.


I really don't have one thing planned!
I think we will go to the beach.

outfit details:

jeans, energia: $40

jacket, danier: $300
cashmere wrap sweater, winners: $150
black t, thrifted: $1

scarf/necklace thingy: I made it
sunnies, juicy couture: $150

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. wow, I love the way you paired a cashmere wrap with a thrifted t-shirt. Oh, and love the jacket. And the shoes. Ok, I like the whole thing. And your baby is so cute with those little matching sunglasses.

  2. "Skookum"...I love that word, it's gonna feature in my vocabulary big time now.
    As ever you look stunning, effortlessly chic and elegant.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog and glad you like the wallpaper. I'm a vintage wallpaper collecting nut, I have more rolls of wallpaper than I have walls in the house.

  3. So, I love your necklace, and I was scrolling like mad to see where you got it. But you made it? That's even more awesome. It makes me want to get on the crafting bandwagon!

  4. I love this post because seriously, thats how it is! You are SUCH chic looking parents! Its so nice to see! Your leather jacket in that first pic of you makes me want to scream. It is exactly EXACTLY what I am looking for, but at a thrift store for like $25. Ya I know I am dreaming. You are smart to have just bought the darn thing.


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