Monday, February 8, 2010


So. Mission accomplished.

At 7 o'clock am this morning myself and two friends went to Value Village for their 50% off sale. It was in a word, glorious.

I was surprisingly awake at 7 am. J, not so much (by her own admission). Apparently she missed her coffee. N seemed rather chipper. All in all I think we made a pretty festive bunch (because 50% off day is a holiday at V.V. Don't you know? So you get to be "festive").

My favorite quote from this morning: "I think you must have got to the cardigans before me. Because I didn't find anything!"-J

Me (grinning mischievously): "Yes. I did. I know I did."

What makes this my favorite quote (though it is actually an interchange, isn't it?) is not so much what J said, but that she said it three times and I answered the same way three times. I don't think she was aware that she was repeatedly asking me this.

So it's funny.

ha. ha.*

Speaking about cardigans, I really heart thrift cardigans. I heart them for two reasons:

1. They are inexpensive. For some reason cardigans are always so darned expensive in the stores. As if retailers are all so uppity and thinking: "Ah ha! A sweater with buttons! Let's charge 25% more than a regular sweater!" As if buttons are ridiculously expensive (they're not. I know. I buy buttons).


2. With used sweaters you can see if they have "pilled" or not. There is nothing I hate more than a pilly sweater. Whenever I buy a new sweater I always hesitate, staring at the sweater in the store, asking it: "Will you pill? You look like you might pill. I don't mean to offend you; but I really hate pilly sweaters."

To which the sweater invariably replies: "No. Of course not. I would never even think of pilling."

It is a shameful thing to pill if you are a sweater. And most sweaters are shameful liars. Even the ones that don't pill (they lie about other things.)

Okay, this post is obviously going nowhere sane. So here are some pictures of my thrift finds:

$3 I'm actually not certain about this skirt yet. We'll see.

$3 A lovely suede skirt. At first I wasn't so sure about the colour. Than I thought: YES. Forest green. Yes.

$3.50 This one is absolutely fantastic on.

$3.50 I really have a thing for gray.

$5 The hanger does not do this sweater justice. Bad hanger.

$3 I don't know if I will wear it with the fuzzy ball waist tie or not...

$3 What's better than a cool black T?

$4 I totally heart these shoes. They've barely been worn too. Can't wait to wear them with tights!

$3 Exactly what I have been looking for!

Heart: Kimberellie

*side note: I did snag four wonderful cardigans which I didn't want but thought J might like and threw them at her when we all arrived at the change rooms. She bought two. So though I am a cardigan hog (because who knows if she would have snagged the ones I snagged first) at least I am a share-y cardigan hog...well, shar(ish) at the very least. ;-)


  1. I love the things you got. Amazing. That pattern skirt is awesome. Also I too love grey. Oh grey.

  2. ah yes. the broken record effect that jenae is prone to. especially when she is sleep-lacking. just ask nathan. ah well, if you found that amusing as opposed to frustrating then i think we'll continue to get along just fine.
    also, i learned that the fabrics that are most prone to pill are: acrylic, merino wool, and apparently inexpenive cashmere. that might help in the future?


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