Monday, February 1, 2010

Put Your Best Shoe Forward

I'm in love with my new shoes. I admit it. Love.

They're from Naturalizer (and they are only 26 dollars right now! I totally recommend them).

The thing is, I have a hard time finding shoes that fit. So I am happy. Because I have found that shoes from Naturalizer fit, ME: Kimberellie.

The things is: my feet are very long, and very thin, and each their own size. Here, I'll let them tell you about it:

Left foot: "I'm size 11."

Right foot: "I'm size 10 1/2."

Now both feet together (petulant whinny voices): "We can never find shoes that fit us! Most stores don't even carry shoes long enough. And when they do they are often too wide! We hate Aldo. Aldo has so many cute shoes! And they are ALL too small!

Our new love is Naturalizer. Their shoes are so comfortable and they FIT! They FIT! The size ten is just right!

We are now happy feet."*

The shoes are comfortable enough for a sling walk.

The thing is, nine times out of ten I am wearing shoes that are:

a. a little too small
b. a little too big
c. a little too wide
d. all of the above

Usually I am content if I only have one of these problems.

Our shoe family.

The thing is (stop saying that Kimberellie, stop!), what was I saying? Oh yes, the thing is, I used to think my feet were a size ten. That is, until one day, I got them measured and lo and behold: they are not size ten. I was with a friend who I had just dragged around to six different shoes stores trying to find a pair of flats that actually fit. By this time I tried on about sixty pairs.

Not one pair fit.

The sales lady suggested measuring my feet. We did. I was astonished. My feet were not size ten after all! No! I turned to my friend and exclaimed: "That's why nothing fits! My feet aren't really size ten!"

She looked at me and said: "I figured that out three stores ago."

Heart: Kimberellie

*your feet talk too, right? right???

shoes Naturalizer: $30, skirt Cleo: $15 (obviously I went shopping with my mom!), jacket Danier: $300 (worth every penny), tights Ardene: $3, purse Jones New York: $50, sling Hotsling: $40, scarf $10, bunny hat: my husband made it, baby: we both made him.

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