Saturday, February 13, 2010

Define Me

I can never "define" what style my outfit is for Chictopia. Defining the style of outfit I am wearing is not something I have ever really done. So I am sort of clueless. I selected: "urban" for this one. Though I don't really know what that is or if this is it.

What do you think?

outfit details:

vest: $5
shirt Joe Fresh Style: $4
skirt: via clothes swap: free!
necklace store at the mall: $2.50
shoes thrifted: $4
tights Joe Fresh Style underneath tights from Sterling: $8 and $9 respectively

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. tomorrow I am going to actually post photographs I am actually pleased with! I am excited! It is my goal to have better photos on here (ie. outside ones!).


  1. I never know what to define my style as on there either! I also feel like most of my outfits I just put as "everyday" because the options of where you are wearing something to is so limited. Anyways, I love the tights they have a lovely pattern on them :)

  2. yes, i think urban too. My fashion mag highlights different styles and one is called "downtown edgy", the model's outfit is very similar to yours...

  3. Ooo, "downtown edgy", I LIKE that!

    Everyday is what I usually pick too. I mean, I get up, I put on clothes, I go about my every day!


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