Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm a real person. I wear underwear.

This is what I wore to our family photo shoot on Saturday (I'll show you the pics in a few weeks when I get them). And this was me on Saturday morning:
"Where's my strapless bra? Where's my strapless bra?"
This was my one year old son:
He says: "Hmmm..." anytime anyone says: "Where?" It's pretty cute.
Speaking of bras. Remember when I talked about how I HATE wearing a bra, yet wear one nonetheless? Well, I decided that perhaps what I need is just a more comfortable one.
And now I've found a really great search engine for finding this elusive comfortable bra. It's an online directory for local stores. You pick what you want to look for and then you click on your town; and then BAM: all the stores in your area that sell it. In my case: underthings.
So I am excited to start my search. Now, I know online has SO MANY more underthings options than in town. But when it comes to your skivies, I think real life shopping is the underwear answer.
Which brings me to this point: how is this not real life? I'll tell my "real world" friends about things I have learned/heard/talked about with online friends and somehow they think that these online friends/conversations are less valid, less real. As in:
Fred has twelve toes.
Yes, I also know someone with twelve toes.
A girl I know online. She lives in Pittsburgh.
Oh, well that doesn't count. I mean in the real world.
But this person IS in the real world. She's in Pittsburgh.
No, I mean real life. Like a real person.
But Jenny IS a real person.
No, I mean someone you really know.
I DO know Jenny. And I know she has 12 toes. I've seen a picture of them. Have you actually seen Fred's eleventh and twelfth toe? Because I've seen Jenny's.
Well, no I haven't seen them. But Fred's a real person. Jenny is just someone you know online.
Okay. SERIOUSLY? Because, I EXIST! I do! I do! And so I am assuming you do too! This is a valid assumption, right? You do exist, don't you? Don't you?????

outfit details:
dress: had it for years
belt, an old camera strap: from my mil
shoes, naturaliser: $30
coat, thrifted vintage: $5
wooden bracelet, smart set: $3
shell ring, from Hornby Island: $6

Heart: Kimberellie (who is really real, I can assure you)
ps. Because you asked: no, I have not gotten a DSLR (yet!) I've just become a pro photo editor. Yes. I'm brilliant. And my husband takes all my photos. He's cute that way.
ps. ps. isn't this the GREATEST bright pink lipstick EVER? It's Revlon Fuchsia colorburst. Here's a blog about it in case you want to see it and know it more (and I'm just not that motivated personally). It really IS a great lipstick. And it makes me happy.
ppps: my husband tells me this is actually how I am supposed to do multiple post scripts.  whatevs.  


  1. The lipstick looks fab-u-lous!
    The dress is so gorgeous. It has reminded me that I bought some similar fabric & even tulle (ahem, four months ago!) to sew me a dress almost exactly like yours.
    Yes I'm really real too btw. Feel free to come visit and we'll eat cake, chocolate and drink tea while we chat about my extra arm...

  2. Gah! You just killed me with your jacket! Still, there are worse ways to go. Those 2 patterns together? Divine. That's right. Divine.

  3. Can't wait to see the family photos. You look beautiful.

    Yeah, I don't like when people assume that online friendships aren't real friendships. There are a few women I've known for almost 8 years and just because I've never met them face to face, doesn't mean that they aren't important to me. I care about their lives.

  4. I want to see proof of the twelve toes! Didn't Anne Boleyn have twelve digits, too?
    Seriously beautiful outfit and loveing the mac. I've lost my only strapless bra, too. Wonder if the bra fairy has snaffled them both.
    By the way, you're more than welcome to come and stay, the guest bedroom might be ready by the time junior starts scholl. xxx

  5. You are perfect !
    The dress, the coat, you ... Everything is perfect !

  6. My friends say exactly the same things to me, they act like any people I meet online aren't 'valid' friends, which is just not true, I receive so much support from the blogging community, and I genuinely value it!
    Also, I absolutely LOVE your dress, it is perfect, and those shoes are so cool!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. Incredible! The dress is beautiful. The coat is beautiful. You are beautiful. Seriously, everything about this post is spot on!

  8. That dress is perfect on you! I love it..and with the jacket, AMAZING!
    Also I exist...I'm quite real...and I definatly wear underswear!!

  9. Oh, my goodness!!! I love that dress on you! And that coat! Oh, my.

    I hate wearing bras too. BOO!!!!!!!!! Let's just let it all hang loose!!!!!!!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  10. That dress and coat are lovely individually but beautiful together too. :DD And I know what you mean about the online friend deal. We do exist! But I guess it's hard to comprehend since we don't quite exist in front of each other's faces. xD

    Hope you're doing well! I love reading your writing. :]

  11. hey kimberellie... i know you are real. and i am pretty sure you know i am real. but i only have ten toes... but i do have other things that make me special :) but not two extra toes...

    one a fashion note... you look gorgeous. classic and modern at the same time! can't wait to see your family photos!


  12. Another retro-fabulous look! I love it! Ahh, what a unique community we bloggers have! I feel like I've made so many friends since I've started blogging, but at the same time, are they still my friends since we haven't actually met? Are they "real"? I say they are! Here's to real, even if they're not "real-world" friendships!

  13. I have online friends I have known for 14 years!!! They are real people, and I am too. And your dress is really beautiful. I don't need to see it in person to see that.

  14. Good God in heaven, this is perfection. I want to steal that magnificent dress right off of you. And bra shopping - ugggh! I hate Vickies, but I never have a better solution.

  15. Oh, so pretty. You know I love tulle underlay and this is adorable especially with oxfords. The lipstick looks great on you. Love your hair by the way. Did I just notice it before?

  16. Of course you are real. But then again I have met you in person. But imagine if we had never gotten to know each other over the interwebs? Then every time we met in person it would be all awkward and not knowing each-othery. No thanks.
    ps. you look lovely
    pps. nice lipstick

  17. You are so incredibly ADORABLE! What a pretty, pretty lady! You are so classy Audrey. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I love the dress! I'm always a sucker for crinoline-type things peeking out of hems.

    Thanks for sharing that site - I found a few lingerie stores near me that I didn't know about!

    I always feel like I have to specify online vs offline pals. Like "my e-friend so and so" or "I know a girl online who does such and such" - why can't I just say "my friend does XYZ" and not specify how exactly I communicate with them?

  19. oh who needs a dslr when your hubby is great at taking your photos!!

  20. your pictures are so great, who would think you're not using a dslr, i have one but i rarely use it because our smaller one fits in my bag along with diapers.

    that dress is so pretty

  21. you look fantastic in this dress!!!! your posts are always so entertaining. love them. i hate bras. and i'm always saying, 'a friend of mine...' when i've truly never met the person i'm referring to, but know them via blog. so funny. but i do want to tell you how much i appreciate all the amazing support and prayers you've sent my way over the last week. your comments really mean so much to me :)


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