Saturday, August 14, 2010

If this were the 60s I would burn mine.

Okay, so I'm going to complain here. I am going to complain about bras. Seriously, who invented these things? I mean, it's 30 degrees here (86 farhenheit); and the last thing I want is to wear one more layer of clothing. Because that's what it amounts to in the end: an extra layer. I envy men, walking around wearing only a t shirt. Nothing underneath just cool cotton and skin. Not only that, but if they are so inclined they can even take that off. The more I think about it, the more irritated I get.

It is so incredibly sexist. I mean, not that I would go about sans top; but sans bra? Yes please! I know theoretically, I could. I know there is no "law" against it. But uh, I just don't think I would feel right. You know, people would notice. And that's not the sort of noticing I'm interested in.

But, you know, what if we all did it? Right? Had an international braless day? But you know what? Then EVERYONE would pay attention. And that's not my point either. My point is: this is stupid. Bras are a stupid outdated invention and should be done away with like the corset. Right? Ah! I wish! I wish! Because I somewhat disagree with, well, ME.

You see, (how's that for a rhyming sequence?), I've been watching Sex and the City lately. And I have noticed that Carrie goes about sans undergarments quite often (I've never watched it before-shocking-and I am currently in the first season). And I think: yeah, how comfortable would that be? That said, what did I say? I said: "I noticed". And uh, yeah...again, not really the fashion statement or whatever I want to, uh, do?

I mean, modesty aside, wait a minute: modesty up front. Because why would it be immodest not to wear a bra? Who made that rule?

I'm not talking sheer blouse over top, but t shirt, regular blouse, dress, you know-clothed. Just think: there was once a time when going out sans girdle was considered risqué, as in: "Bob, I don't think she's wearing anything under her dress. I mean, that's her natural hip line." Que: audible gasp.

I guess don't have anything else to say. It's not like I'm going to go about sans undergarments any time soon. Because truthfully, I'm too modest for that. Or maybe modest isn't the word. Shy? Because what bugs me is this: I really don't think it would be immodest. I mean, would it? Is it any different than when it was imprudent to show your ankles/collar bone/hipbone?

Not that I am recommending we all go braless all the time. I mean, yes, there are some t shirts, dresses, body types, that do well with bras. I just think bras should be an option, that's all, like socks. Not a MUST. Or maybe all you ladies are going sans your knickers and other under accouterments all the time; and it's just me who is lingering in in the stone ages of lingerie?

What do you think? Is it: immodest? impractical? you do it? you wish you could? or maybe you think,we should all go back to wearing corsets?

I think it's just not fair is all. Yup. If this were the 60s I would burn mine.
outfit details:

dress, thrifted h&m: $8
shoes, thrifted vintage: $4
bracelet, thrifted: $1
sunnies, chanel: gift
bra, la senza: $30

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. another thing I hate about bras? They're all "formed" or pre-shaped (you know, the t shirt bra?) thus we all look like we have the exact same pair of breasts. I mean, what's the point of that? Some sort of secret conformity we must adhere to? And who says that THAT is the best shape anyway?

Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths. ~Lois Wyse


  1. Beautiful outfit, love orange


  2. Mmmmmm... I have to semi agree.

    Okay, I have a large chest so going bra less in my opinion is not an option. But if I had small breast then yes, I would so do with the bra a few times. It greatly depends on the outfit, but yes I would.

    I find them to very tight, itchie, not often in my size, and well just plain old "I CAN'T BREATH, NO WAIT MY CHEST CAN'T BREATH!!!!".

    I mean on a hot day, like in the DMV area, oh my my, talk about sweat and wrinkles.

    Ah!!! I'm half and half, they are somewhat convient, but other times they are not.

    And to be honest, not corsets, never again.



  3. I COMPLETELY agree with the bra thing. I HATE them; so much.

  4. I agree that bras are uncomfortable, and shopping for them is a major pain and source of frustration; but I don't know that I would be comfortable not wearing one! For the same reason as you, I don't want people to notice.
    I don't like how they are all shaped either, because I don't often fit that shape. How annoying.
    But confession time, I sometimes don't wear underwear with certain dresses. Gasp!

  5. Interesting bra view. Here's mine:

    Presently, it is ok for some of the women to be braless some of the time. This is for 2 reasons: 1. Clothing is not nearly as thick as it used to be. Therefore, universal bralessness would rule out any tops thinner than an inch at least.
    2. Not every body is suited for bralessness. Some women have breasts that are so large (by natural means or otherwise) that they must have something to help support them or they hurt their back/the breasts chafe against the skin. Other women have sensitive skin in that area, which means that bras help to protect their breasts from otherwise itchy/chafing fabric.

    I think that instead of abandoning the bra, we need to just cast away the idea that the bra is meant to restrain. If women design the technology for a better bra,(Perhaps a sweat-absorbent, heat deflecting material and cups that adjust to your shape) then everyone can enjoy the bra as an accessory in practicality, not a cumbersome cage of eras gone by.

  6. Honey I hear you! Most of the time when I get home from work it's the first thing to come off. That or the shoes, depending. But yes, they are disgusting in the heat and give us migraines and interfere with our breathing and gosh, how do they even sell these things?

  7. Love the orange frock! great shape and colour on you.
    Bras? I hardly ever bother. I've got a strapless number if I'm wearing anything flimsy and don't want to shape my nips with the world but most of the time I'm bra-free. xxx

  8. Bra's cost too much. Or they are too cheap and nasty. I like bras that are padded as it makes me look like I have boobs.
    I think I'm a fence sitter on this issue. I dont want ppl to notice. I dont want them to see nipples showing through. I like not wearing a bra ... gah, must be one of those things we just have to live with....
    Interesting topic though! And you definitely rock that orange dress. (I couldn't as it's not one of my 'colours')

  9. I wouldn't stop wearing bras. Because: I have seen enough women with their breasts hanging down and I don't want to end up like this.

  10. I say us ladies should do whatever the heck we want to! In high school I used to be tormented because of how scrawny I was and I would layer on the clothes even in summer and then... I suddenly realized "why do I care what these people think!?"
    I think this is the same kind of deal, although bra are pretty handy since they help prevent that slow decent of our breasts towards our ankles and being able to tuck 'em into our socks!

  11. I forgot to mention how much I love that dress on you... Gorgeous!

  12. Not only do I love the outfit of this post, I love the title and concept too!!!!

    So many awesome points here. I don't know if I could without a bra forever (because society customs have forced to think I need one forever), but and International BraLESS Day sounds so intriguing.



  13. The colour is fantastic on you!

  14. 1. Love your dress!

    2. Oh, I could not agree with you more on the bra thing. I actually said "screw it" a few years back and swore off bras for good. But you're exactly right; you get the last kind of attention that you want. *grumble*

  15. First off: GORGEOUS DRESS. Oh sooooo pretty.

    On to the discussion - I never go braless because frankly I'm uncomfortable without the support. But even if I didn't need/want the support? I'd still wear one. Because at least in 2010, I realize that most people would see that as immodest. I think it would mainly be because:

    Almost everyone does wear one, so people aren't used to the *actual* shape of breasts and are instead used to the uniform generic "round shape" that most bras give. So if you don't wear a bra, you are - GASP - showing off your "natural" breasts. You aren't distorting or camouflaging them. And that would call attention to them because that is so different from what everyone else's would look like. And when people pay attention to a specific part of you, I think they assume that it is because you are trying to force those thoughts on them or something. Because people are silly.

    I had a sort of similar post this weekend (although I think you articulated it much better). About styles that men view as "promiscuous" and whether those labels are fair, and how you know when you're wearing something people would see as "promiscuous" and how you should conduct yourself once you know how people view certain garments.

  16. You makes some good points. Especially about the shape of bras--I mean, whose boobs all look the same right? I think they should be optional. Personally, I'm more comfortable wearing one, but I think if you're not, why put up with it?

  17. i definitely feel ya on the bra thing. and i don't wear a bra a lot, depending on my outfit. but i never wear those formed bras anyway... i wear triangle bras from american apparel. it is like a training bra. and it probably doesn't look as good as a normal bra, but i don't care. i refuse to do the foam and wire thing!

    by the way, you look great in orange :)

  18. I hear your sista on the whole bra situation. i just spent an entire week at a festival without wearing one, because nobody cares there anyway, and it felt sooooooooo liberating. too bad i get to do this only once a year :)


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