Saturday, August 7, 2010

One skirt 8 ways

Sorry about the lighting in these. My backyard/patio has the most bizarre lighting for taking photographs, especially in the late afternoon. I think it's the high fence. Anyway, I wanted to show all the ways I have worn this skirt since I bought it in February, including this, my most recent wearing!

I think I must really really like this skirt. Why yes, I really really like this skirt. I also really really like this baby (that's why he gets to be in the collage...also because I didn't have a ninth picture). Oh, and some of you have asked how I make my collages. I make them in Picasa. Which is a free photo editing and management program; and you can make cool collages with it.

Oh, and here's a fun thing. Let's have a vote of sorts. Tell me which outfit(s) you like best. I can't really say myself. I think maybe number 4. Maybe...

Also, I just got some new organic shampoo and conditioner and my head smells like mint. I really like my head smelling like mint.

outfit details:

bag: traded with a friend
skirt, thrifted rw & co.: $3
shirt, gap: $10
shoes, thrifted: $4
gold bracelet: high school graduation gift from parents

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. this skirt never looks as wrinkly in real life as it does in photos. I think it must be possessed or something.

ps. ps. yes, I have really got to work on some new poses!


  1. i love love love looks 5 & 6. youre a doll

  2. have you ever noticed that you have the same pose at varying degrees? Also, my vote is for # 9, the outfit (of sorts) you wear the most. : )

  3. Hehe, the baby IS cute! I have to say 1, 7, and 8 are my faves! You wear that skirt to death and we'll keep loving it to death!!!! Sorry to mention death so much.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  4. My vote is for #9.

    Ok seriously, #2!
    And when you're done loving that skirt I would like first dibs on it, please! :)

  5. I love the versatility of this skirt... I love how you styled it outfit#6... you made it so high-street. And pic#9 is adorable.

    And may I say that I love your backyard fence... it has a lot of character. xoxo

  6. My favorite is number 6!!! But only because I am loving anything fallish right now :)

    Bah! Cute baby!

  7. I like the latest look best (#8). Although #9 is by far the cutest. :) I know what you mean about poses--I never know what to do with myself!

  8. This is my favourite skirt of yours, don't make me choose!

    Well, if you insist...I love, love, love, love, love #4 but #1 is a real close second.

  9. so lovely!
    i love how you're a bargain hunter like me :D

  10. like 4 and 5 the best.... print on print is cool and blue is a great contrast

    follow if you like what u see?


  11. #4 and #6 are my favorites, I love how those patterns look with the skirt!! Gah, your baby is so totally adorable!!!

  12. I like #1 and #8, but I am going to steal #9.


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