Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I've been living in this dress this summer.  And I don't mean "living in this dress" in the sense that fashion editors mean it when they say something like: "you'll just live in this skirt/dress/pant suit".  ei. you'll wear it a couple times a month (or less).  But really, truly, so much so that I have had to CHANGE out of it before going out because it's like the fourth day in a row and I am going to Value Village two days in a row (where I also "live").  And well, yes, it's very comfortable.

As for the title: HELLO SILVER PLATED CEDAR twiggies.  Or shall I say: "scale-leaf conifer earring".   Because it could be juniper.  I don't know.  I got it (and its mate) at a thrift store for a buck.  The very lovely, very English, owner told me they were silver plated tree twiggies (or what have you scale-leaf conifer/cedar/juniper/who knows/maybe you know?/earrings).

heart: Kimberellie

ps. I still exist.
pps. I hate my header.
ppps. I am thinking of blogging every Friday.
pppps. I wouldn't hold me to that if I were you.