Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I've been living in this dress this summer.  And I don't mean "living in this dress" in the sense that fashion editors mean it when they say something like: "you'll just live in this skirt/dress/pant suit".  ei. you'll wear it a couple times a month (or less).  But really, truly, so much so that I have had to CHANGE out of it before going out because it's like the fourth day in a row and I am going to Value Village two days in a row (where I also "live").  And well, yes, it's very comfortable.

As for the title: HELLO SILVER PLATED CEDAR twiggies.  Or shall I say: "scale-leaf conifer earring".   Because it could be juniper.  I don't know.  I got it (and its mate) at a thrift store for a buck.  The very lovely, very English, owner told me they were silver plated tree twiggies (or what have you scale-leaf conifer/cedar/juniper/who knows/maybe you know?/earrings).

heart: Kimberellie

ps. I still exist.
pps. I hate my header.
ppps. I am thinking of blogging every Friday.
pppps. I wouldn't hold me to that if I were you.



  1. Still looking cute as ever and getting those bargains like no ones business! :-)
    started a new blog... hope you'll still follow along ... xo

  2. Love the dress, I can see why it is hard to take it off.

  3. What an adorable dress, i can see why you are loving it so much. Comfy AND pretty, an unbeatable combination!

  4. oh I love the twiggies..I have long had a thing for twiggies! I am part dryad, you know ;) Yes, I can see why you'd live in that dress - I believe I want to find something similar and "live" in it too (living in something for me often means sleeping in it as well, shhhhhhhhh?! LOL)

    Hugs to you friend..I love bloggy friends that stick, even through the sporadic times and the hard times. You, my friend, are that bloggy friend for me :D


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