Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Now that I've got you right where I want you

I'm pretty excited.  I'm pretty excited because it seems that no one is paying any attention to my blog anymore. YES, this is an occasion for excitement.  Because you see, when people are paying attention I feel beholden to them to well: deliver.  You know: the goods.  The stuff.  The interesting stuff.  Outfit photographs, coherent sentences, you know, stuff.  

But if no one is paying attention, I don't feel beholden.  Instead I feel free.  Frickenfantabulastic free!  Free to yammer on about whatever I want. 

Let's take a step back here.  I'll explain,

When I first started blogging I did it because I was full of inane nonsense that needed some sort of outlet.  So I figured I would inflict myself upon the world in general.  Only, I figured no one would pay attention except a few people who knew me in real life (and they do pay attention...but mostly leave me to my own devices...and I like that about them).  But ANYWAY, what happened was OTHER people started paying attention, people I had never met before.

And at first this was awesome.  It was awesome because I got to meet new people.  And I like that sort of thing.  Only, then I felt all obligated to visit their blogs. Which, actually, was also awesome.  Because I like reading blogs.  Only, then it was just too much.  Because suddenly I was a personal style blogger (which I never really intended on becoming) and I had all these blogs I had to look at (because I am unfailingly polite about "visiting back").  

And then I had another child.  And it really did become too much, too much to do at all.  At least too much to do at all in the way I felt I ought to.  And then one day I realized I was (barely) maintaining a blog that wasn't any fun for me.  I mean, SERIOUSLY, why the HECK would someone do that?  It's not like anyone was paying me!  And to be perfectly honest, I won't even be paid for something I don't think is fun.

So here I am now to tell you all (you all with zero expectations because no one is listening): that I am glad.  I am glad because zero audience means zero expectations means I can get back to where I started and start speaking nonsense into the ether again.

So that's what I am going to do.  Here's what you* can expect:

1. Random photographs I like.
2. Maybe some poetry finally (I don't care that no one likes poetry.  I like poetry).
3. Lists.  I like list, a lot.
4. Thoughts.  I have them.  They're in my head.  I can type them out.  
5. Photographs of toys.  
6. Photographs of me.
7. Book recommendations.
8. Oatmeal.

Maybe this will evolve into some sort of mommy blog.  Or maybe it will continue to be a mostly personal style blog.  Or maybe it will just be a personal blog.  The point is: I don't care  to do what anyone else expects.  And I know, I know, the expectations are mostly in my head, not yours.

But I guess I felt like explaining that I am going to veer sharply to the left now, close my eyes, pretend no one is reading, and enjoy myself.  Because that, in the end, is what I wanted from the beginning.

Heart: K

*dear husband, if no one else, I know you are reading.  And thanks for the tea.


1. Tim Horton's steeped tea, one cream one sugar.  It's my drug of choice.  Seriously, there is nothing better.
2. One of the best parts of having two children is having them love each other.  It's awesome.


  1. i'm paying attention. and i love nonsense too :)

  2. AND your babies are really cute. i don't just say that. i mean that :)

  3. i miss your nonsense. wish we lived closer. tea with kim is always a good time. I can't believe V (do you say her full name on here?) is one and I have only met her twice... that is sad, sad, sad. one day we'll have tea again... hopefully sooner than an year from now, because that was pathetic :)

  4. Black coffee is better than tea. So thhbbbbpppppp!

  5. I read but I will pretend not to...though please know I prefer blogs that enjoy themselves rather than follow boggy rules

    And yes, Timmies steeped tea is like an awesome awesome drug - love

  6. It's great to see you back in action, and as for expectations yours are the ones that count!

    Looking forward to your poetry, random thoughts, photos of oatmeal and whatever catches your fancy!

  7. Ummm...so what you're saying I should just silently lurk in the background so that you will post a bit more often? It's hard not to comment when I think you're so fabulous :S

  8. I don't know if you want to hear this, but I'm still here:) I know how you feel, I got to feel that way about my blog...the need to deliver the goods for other people. Write about whatever you want, enjoy it and I'm sure quite a lot of us will enjoy it right along with you. Your children are beautiful, by the way (and so are you!).

  9. I'm paying attention too, but in a "please don't worry about following any silly rules just post when and what you want" sort of way. Life is made for living anyway! You're still adorable, and so are those kiddos of yours!

  10. Uh oh. And here I am, a stranger, commenting. Seriously, though, posting for others is a sure way to burn out. It's why I went through multiple photoblogs; I kept doing the pictures I figured everyone wanted to see, and it just wasn't fun. And my regular blog is a little scary at times, because I know people are paying attention. But in the long run, people will know if you're not doing what you like. So do what you want. Oh, and I love your photos, by the way.

  11. love the first picture- u look so cute, and love your shoes!!!!

    all the best

  12. So adorable! xo


  13. I just love the photo with your kids :) so adorable. I totally agree with you about blog rules- and I think it's more important to blaze your own trail even in blog world..

  14. YOU are just so very, VERY LOVELY Kim! You are lovely inside and out, and I adore both sides of you :) I so love your dark, dark hair and alabaster skin..in fact, I find myself feeling a tad envious, but that is wrong, so I stop now ;)

    You snugglers are so absolutely PRECIOUS! I want to snatch them away and just cuddle them for a bit!

    Love, T

  15. i enjoyed that you told everyone what you are drinkin in the tim hortons cup and that you thanked your hubby for the tea


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