Friday, April 30, 2010

want to give me a "squiiish"?

This sweater makes me happy. See: me happy.

I'm so happy I'm hugging it! Oh sweater, how I love thou. Also: "Dear Spring, where art thou?". Actually, I was wearing a lot less earlier in the day. So yes, Spring IS here. Though I still think it could be Spring-er.

On the topic of hugging: my son hugs. Well, just a second, let me clarify: my son hugs things. And by things I mean objects.

If we say to him: "Give PigPig a squiiish" he will. Note: squiish = hug. PigPig = giant stuffed pig.

But if we say: "Give mommy a squiish." -nothing.

He hugs his teddy bears, he hugs his rubber ducks, he hugs my clothes (!), he even once hugged a coaster. But uh, that's all. He doesn't hug people. I've gotten more hugs from my nephew than from my son at this point!!

Seriously, he has never hugged ANYONE. But uh, coasters? Yeah, they're huggable. I mean, don't get me wrong, watching your baby hug a coaster is the cutest thing ever. Only. I want a hug! ;-)

That said, he does "cling". For instance, when I first turn on Tickle Me Elmo he is amused; but as Elmo grows increasingly erratic the more you tickle him, my son grows increasingly anxious and crawls on to my lap and clings to me. It's sweet. My son, that is. Tickle Me Elmo just gives me the creeps.

outfit details:

glasses, Vera Wang via $68
sweater, thrifted: my husbands but I LOVES it
shorts: for sale at The Kimberellie Shop $14
tights: from a friend
shoes, naturalizer: $30

Heart: Kimberellie

Psssst! I thought you should know these shorts are my very first item up for sale in The Kimberellie Shop! So uh, yeah, go check them out and see if you want to buy them!! Note: I turned down the saturation on these photos. In real life the shorts are very navy blue (as you will see on the shop blog). Note: the sweater is basically the colour you see here (just in case you were curious)! Note (just one more!): tomorrow I'm going to wear colour. I promise!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

maybe you're the problem you don't want to see in the world

Wait a minute. Something's crooked. Here, let me adjust that.

Ah. That's better.

I thought I would make the photos look all vintage camping-ey. Because that is a sort of photo, yeah? Vintage Camping, uh, -ey? Well, I looked like I was out camping in these photos. So I went with it. Not that I would wear this camping. But speaking of camping, you are all going to see what I WOULD wear camping when I go this summer. YEA CAMPING! Seriously, I am THAT excited.

We are going with some good friends and their childlings. And it is going to ROCK. Truly, I am beyond excited. I love camping. Campfires, swimming, starlight, good friends, good excited. Really, excited. I mean it. Excited (x4 apparently)

Also, about the crookedness. Well, my top was crooked (see me adjusting?); and also I made the photo crooked (for kicks, because I can, because heck why not). But there is also a hidden double meaning which I am about to reveal to you all. So hold on, this IS exciting.

Here it is:!

When we were in our new house for about a week I noticed that the bookshelf was crooked. It annoyed me. So I got my husband to take the level to it. The level does not lie folks; this I know. But I swear our level must be a rogue lying dirty no good level; because it stated NO, emphatically NO the bookshelf is NOT crooked.

So what was a girl to think? That the level was indeed wrong? I mean, a new level must be procured immediately in that case! After all, we are in the middle of renovations! For want of a level level the house fell over--as the saying goes. Only, the smart part of me (the part that tried desperately to ignore the crooked bookshelf) knew that this could not be true. Levels are just little air bubbles in water. They can't be broken.

So I did what any self-respecting person would do when faced with an impossible conundrum, I shut it out of my mind and went on with my life.

Now yesterday when I put on my new glasses one of the first things I noticed was that our bookshelf was no longer crooked. HUH. You should know that what my new perscription has, that my old did not have, is a correction for an astygmatism that I did not know I had. I'm not an optomatrist, nor do I know anything about optomatry, but I'll wager a guess that it was the astigmatism that made the bookshelf look crooked.

This has left me to wonder:

1. The reason why I never even considered that the problem could be ME and not the bookshelf (besides my basic rampant narcissism, of course).

and what's far worse:

2. How many perfectly not crooked paintings have I been straightening all these years? -!!

outfit details:

shirt, from winners (apparently the same as tj max): $5
cardi, from my best friend from her mother-in-law, and now mine all mine!
pants, gap: $3 (seriously, major clearance item folks!)
shoes, naturalizer: $30
glasses, kate spade: $68

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. the glasses are from

ps. ps. don't forget to enter the Aldo Bag Giveaway!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can see you and it makes me want to VOMIT

Seriously. You are crystal clear; but I'm going to throw up.

Ugh. I'm wearing my new eyeglasses. The prescription is twice as strong as my previous pair. It feels a little weird. And by weird I mean vomitus. That's a word, right?-vomitus. Well, it is now. -Penned by me. I'm like Shakespeare that way. I pen words. And yes, I just compared myself to Shakespeare. And for all of you who don't know me well enough to know I'm ridiculously narcissistic-hey, I'm ridiculously narcissistic.

Also, which glasses do YOU like better?

This is my Kate Spade pair:

And this is my Vera Wang pair:

They are very different. But I think I actually like them both equally. It is super fun to have two pairs (though I've had them all of five minutes). But I expect it will be super fun. This way I won't ever feel like I don't want to wear glasses at all; because I will be too busy trying to decide WHICH pair of glasses I do feel like wearing (I am so old school the thought of contacts icks me out--yes, I've been walking around half blind for ten years).

Oh, and here's me wearing some clothes:

Did that last photo seem a little blurry to you? -maybe you should get your eyes checked

Now scroll down to see me me not wearing clothes:

(oh, I am SO kidding) This is not that kind of blog.

BUT, I wanted to tell you all I bought the first thing for the Aldo Bag Giveaway today. It is super fun and purse appropriate. Gosh, this is the funnest thing ever. I will have to do giveaways every month just for kicks henceforth!

outfit details:

wrap cardigan: $150
white shirt: $12
jeans, energia: $50
shoes, thrifted: $4
prescription eyeglasses, Kate Spade (bought online): $68 (including prescription, REALLY)
prescription eyeglasses, Vera Wang (also bought online): $68 (also including prescription, really really)

Bespectacled Kimberellie

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"I wuv ew"

Look to the left.

Now put your hands in your pockets.

Okay, now take your hands out of your pockets
(apparently harder than one would think).

My son is one year old. And what's incredible about him ( well, besides he's mine and I think he's perfect) is he is quite the little talker. I am amazed at all the words he knows for such a little baby! He knows maybe 25 words now (I have seriously lost count). My favorites are his "ya's" and "no's".

"Do you want to eat?"


"Do you want to play with the telephone?"


His cousin, who is twelve hours older, doesn't do much in the way of talking, yet. He grunts and pushes his food away when he means "no" and grabs at toys when he means "yes". But he is walking now. He has been for a while. It is so amazing the different ways babies develop! My son isn't really close to walking yet. But he can stand (sometimes). So what me and my sister-in-law say is: Mason walks the walk; and Soren talks the talk. It's teamwork really.

But the point of all this? I wanted to relate this story to you:

The other day as I was putting Soren down to sleep we had the following "conversation":

Me: "I love you."

Soren: "I wuv ew."

Me: "I love you." (delighted that he is copying me)

Soren: "I wuv ew."

Me: "I love you."

Soren: "I wuv ew." And this time he points at me. And now I get it into my thick little head that maybe my baby knows what he's saying.

So I ask: "Do you love me?"

Soren: "Ya."

Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard? !!!!! Oh, my mommy heart almost burst.!

I've had some people ask, "Well, does he know what he's saying?" Not about this "conversation" but about other things he says. And I am pretty darn sure he does. Child development experts say that babies can understand a long time before they can speak. Understanding comes first. So yeah, I guess once they speak they definitely understand.

Regardless, my baby loves me. That's my story. And I'm sticking to it.

outfit details:

shirt, thrifted: $5
skirt, thrifted: $3
shoes, thrifted: $1
necklace, thrifted: $1
belt, from shorts: 50 cents (well, the shorts, with the belt, were a dollar, so I figure that makes the belt 50 cents)
outfit total: 10 dollars and 50 cents

Heart: Kimberellie (who just realized she did not mention her outfit once; but hey that's okay, my baby loves me ;-)

ps. remember to enter the Aldo Bag Giveaway. Also note, if you are not a follower you are not "really" entered. So if the number generator picks your number I'll have to just do it again. I mention this because a lot of people I know in "real life" have entered but don't follow. This is part of the rules and so it isn't fair to everyone else.

But don't despair real life people! It's easy to follow. Just click on the follow button and it will tell you what to do (something to do with acquiring a google account, I am actually not all that certain). But I'm sure it's easy. Really!

Monday, April 26, 2010

two times the fun! plus enter the GIVEAWAY

See, I wore two outfits today. Actually, I often do this. I just don't always post about it. Mostly because I don't get a pic of both outfits. After lunch I just didn't feel like wearing a skirt. I know how so many fashion bloggers go on and on about how skirts and dresses are so much more comfortable than pants, but uh, not me. Nope. Not even close. I find pants more comfortable.

Well, I suppose there is the exception of the maxi dress and the elastic waist skirt. No one can deny the comfortability factor of those items of clothing.

And hey, this is cool: in total the second outfit cost me 24 dollars. Wow, I just love that. Nothing like the thrill of the hunt! Because shopping is like hunting, right? At least whenever I go hunting it reminds me of shopping.

And HEY: my GIVEAWAY is on NOW. So, uh, enter.

Also, which outfit do you like better?

outfit #1 details:

skirt, thrifted, I added the bow: $1
shirt, underneath, urban planet: $3
shirt, over top, smart set: $12
tights, joe fresh style: $4
oxfords, naturalizer: $30
cardigan, from winners: $150

outfit #2 details:

pants, thrifted: $3
shirt, underneath, urban planet: $3
shirt, over top, smart set: $12
shoes, thrifted: $1
belt, from a dress
jacket, thrifted: $4
necklace, thrifted: $1

Heart: Kimberellie (don't forget to enter the giveaway)


Yes. I am giving this bag AWAY. I bought it. I used it. I didn't use it very much. So it's pretty much in perfect condition. And I don't use it any more. So, uh, now it can be yours. YOURS.

Also, (and here's the fun part) it is going to come to you FILLED with stuff. What sort of stuff? Well, cool stuff, that's what sort. You know, purse stuff. That sort of stuff. The sort of stuff you keep in your purse. Because yes, during the two weeks that the giveaway is on for I am going to fill the purse with, well, stuff! Perhaps, say, lip-gloss, and maybe a used paperback, maybe some stockings, and perhaps a wallet... Who knows? I don't even know. All I know is this: I'm going to have fun.

And hey, guess what is even MORE fun, I am not going to tell you what's in there. So when you win you will find out when the purse arrives. YES. It is that much fun. Though I think I will tell you some things as I buy them. A couple. I mean, you all already know there will be lip-gloss in there (I need to pick up some new lip-gloss up, so I might as well pick up two! YES. One for me and one for you!). Now I gotta ask you, does it get any funner than this?

Yes. Yes it does. Because here is how you enter:

1. Well, you have to be a follower. If you are not a follower already: trust me, you'll like it; I'm tons of fun and super special.
2. You have to tell me what's in YOUR purse. Right now. Quick go check (or guess). You don't have to tell me everything. But if you have something especially bizarre in there I'd really like to know!
3. When you win (and you will win, well, one of you will) you have to post a blog post about this giveaway and tell everyone what the purse contained when you received it. I will put a link up on my blog so everyone here can know too. (I told you it was fun!)
4. One more thing, only comment once, or it will mess up the random number generator thing.

Okay. Yeah!! I am already having so much fun!!

Heart: Kimberllie

In my purse right now: lip gloss, perfume sample, wallet, baby sunglasses, baby plaid shirt, 4 baby spoons, coupon for Michael's craft store, LOOK by Vera Wang mosturizer, one of those fold up bring your own don't fill landfills bags, a wooden Wolverine toy, a bib, two rechargable batteries, um, make that six baby spoons (I had wondered where they all went!).


Sunday, April 25, 2010

gap grey dress: there's a prosaic title for you

Note: this is going to be a short post (I thought you should know at the outset, so you don't put your comfy pants on or anything).

About the outfit: this dress if from Gap. I like it. I even paid 23 dollars for it (it was down from 70 yes; but 23 seemed like a lot to me at the time). I am excited for when I will get to wear it sans tights.

Also: I want to do a shout out (whatever that is, I'm bad with slang) to R & N K. You two rock. Yep, totally. Because, yes, you heard it here first, the husband and I actually escaped the little one for an adult only dinner out! Wowwowee.

And because everyone is interested in the minutia of my life:

Currently: the husband is renovating. I am in my comfy pants. The button is sleeping. The Canucks won (depending on how far north of the equator you live, you may have to Google this).

Next up? -ice cream.

outfit details:

dress, gap: $23
shoes, naturalizer: $30
tights, joe fresh style: $4
cardi vest: a gift

Heart: Kimberellie

Tomorrow: the giveaway. Yes. It's exciting. I know.

Me excited:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

102 posts and I guess I should give something away

I missed my one hundredth post. How did that happen? I am such a slacker.

Also, I missed my fiftieth follower. But hey, let's not talk about my slacking. Let's talk about my giveaway to celebrate 50 + followers and 100 + posts. Yip-ee!! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to give things away. So I am going to go out and buy some stuff tomorrow; and then I am going to take some pictures of it; and then you all are going to tell my why I should use my amazing mental powers to make the random number generate pick your number. Yes. I can do that.

As for this outfit, well, I was having a horrid time getting ready again (I really need to do that outfit planning like you all have recommended). And so I settled on an outfit comprised of "favorite pieces": blazer, shirt, bow, jeans, shoes, giant belt: BAM. Seriously, any one of these articles of clothing is enough to make me feel comfortable and happy. All of them together? Well, I have to say: peach-ee-keen.

And now off I go to watch the rest of Avatar and eat chocolate ice cream (with strawberries, and mini marshmallows, and chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips: BAM).

Outfit details:

blazer: was my grandmothers (my mom informed me today, not my great grandmothers, but apparently my mom also wore it. I wonder if my daughter will wear it? I probably won't give it up!)
jeans, dish: $100
top, joe fresh style: $5
shoes, thrifted: $4
bow: from a shirt
giant belt, from winners: $20 ish
sunnies, juicy couture: $150
Heart: Kimberellie

Friday, April 23, 2010

two outfits

I wasn't "feeling" the first outfit. It was just too blah. And I was already feeling "blah" today. I didn't want to look it as well. So yes, the bow and the giant belt cheered me up. Isn't it nice that an outfit can cheer you up? Oh, looking nice does make one feel nice. I know some people think all of this is shallow: fashion, blogging about fashion, having a personal style blog, shopping, etc.

But I don't think so. Most of the year it's too cold not to wear clothes. Plus there would be all sorts of unpleasant chaffing if we didn't, even when it is warm enough. And you know, there is the ickiness factor of shared public seats. So, yeah, clothes are a necessity. Not that anyone is arguing they aren't.

I suppose what I am saying is: I like loveliness. I want my home to be lovely, my meals to be lovely, my town, my closets, my clothes. I see no reason why things can't be beautiful AND useful. Anyone who says otherwise is a particular brand of stupid. I am in sort of a bad mood tonight; so I am imagining all sorts of objections to my arguments. And I know there are people who object, people who see fashion as frivolous. But they're not all wearing burlap sacks; so mostly I think they are hypocrites.

And that's my rant for the evening.

outfit number 1:

jeans, energia: $50
shirt, obey: $5
shoes, thrifted: $10
vest, industry: $3
hooded zip up, smart set: $25

outfit number 2:

jeans, energia: $50
shirt, obey: $5
shoes, thrifted: $1
button up, thrifted: $2
bow, a scarf: so old I don't recall
belt, from winners: $15-20?


ps. Thanks to all you who complimented my art on the last post! Such compliments make my heart smile!

Also did you notice?-I thought I would try out some new poses. I'm not sure if I look sexy in the second to last one or just silly. Also, look, my son has a newsboys hat! I think he is cute enough to gobble up!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen

5 by 7 inches
Mixed Media on canvas

In The Trees
Mixed Media on canvas
1 foot by 2 feet
(from a series of 5)

She Waits
Oil Pastel on paper
24 by 32 inches

In My Dreams I Love
Water Colour on paper
8 inches by 6 inches

Here are some photographs of my art. I, unfortunately, do not have all the art I have ever done documented. This is lame of me as an artist, I know. But I did not always have a digital camera. I henceforth shall do a better job of documenting my art. I promise. Also, a lot of my art lives in other people's homes. And I am not bright enough to recall where it all is. But I am certain it is all loved. And that is what is most important!!

This outfit is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Not only did I keep stepping on the skirt, but also my son kept pulling on it as he used my legs to stand up. Otherwise though, I think I look pretty cute. And this, btw, was an actual "I just threw this on" day. I like those sorts of days when they do happen (which is rare). It is nice not to go through all that bother and fuss.

I am definitely going to take a page out of many of your stylebooks and plan my outfits out ahead of time, I think. Truly a fabulous idea. It would make getting ready in the morning oh so much faster! Also, thank you all for all your kick butt comments on the last post. I don't feel so hopelessly "fake" anymore knowing that we are all in the same style boat. ;-) Oh, and I was totally shocked to hear from so many of you that I have "a style". I guess I just sort of figured that I didn't, yet. So huh, maybe I do. And here I thought I was just hopelessly floundering in the sea of constant style personality disorder.

Okay, time to go to bed. My metaphor mixing is becoming ludicrous and moderately incomprehensible.

outfit details:

tank, from winners: $3
black tank underneath, joe fresh style: $7
skirt, thrifted: $1
shoes, thrifted: $4
blazer, was my great grandmothers
bracelet: my baby stole it

Heart: Kimberellie

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the truth is: I'm a fake

"Ooo, look at the beach mommy. That looks interesting. Oo rocks. I bet I could put those in my mouth."

Yes. I'm a fake. At least that's how it feels some days. I mean, I literally will have NO IDEA what to wear some mornings. It's just, try on this, try on that, take off this, try on, try on, try off, so forth, and etcetera: big pile of clothes on the floor.

In fact, lately my husband and I have been noticing that our son likes to "try on" my clothes (which means he likes to put them on his head). I am pretty sure when your baby starts "trying on" clothes it is evidence that you have a problem (with the trying on, that is, not the baby, the baby is fine. He's just copying your neurotic behaviour).

But seriously, so often I read other bloggers who say things like: "Oh I just threw this on this morning, with the lights off, before I was even awake, blah, blah, blah"-show offs.

I mean, I actually put effort in. I do. I have to. So perhaps I am just not" a natural" at dressing. I actually don't think I am. It takes me a lot of work to figure it all out.

All this work and still I wish I was cooler. I wish I was Franco Fernandez. Check her blog out and you will see the cool I want to be. She is SO COOL. Yes. I would love to dress Only I would wear bottoms (because though I'd like to be, I'm not that brave).

Where was I? Right, I'm not a natural. For example: when I was at university I would do my art projects the night before they were due and I would do better than artists who had worked on their projects for weeks. Because with art, I am a natural. But dressing?-not so much. So uh, maybe I shouldn't complain about all the Little Miss. IthrewthistogetherwhilehalfasleepandhungoveronaTuesday's out there. Because we are all effortlessly good at something. And it is probably best that none of us are effortlessly good at everything. Or we would all be a lot more lazy. Well, I guess I should speak for myself: I'd be a lot more lazy; and nobody wants that.

outfit details:

jeans, dish: $ 100
shirt, from winners: $10
shoes, promise: $10
belt, thrifted: $1
sunnies, juicy couture: $150

Heart: Kimberellie

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

to hem or not to hem? ahem.

What I would like right now is:

My husband home.
A movie.

Yes. That would be nice. But it is not to be. He is working. Alas.

I would settle for two out of three, but I am not always very motivated to watch movies by myself. I get distracted. I start cleaning. Sometimes I will watch a movie, in fifteen minute intervals, over the space of a week . I find this very enjoyable. Though I am thinking it may be weird. I wonder if other people do this. Also, I need chocolate like nobody's business (though by telling you I am making it your business. So uh, feel free to bring me some).

Okay. Alright. That's it. For tonight.

Oh, one last thing: to hem, or not to hem? I was thinking this skirt would look good SHORT. But everyone in my real life life (as opposed to my blog life life) thinks I should keep it long. What do you think?

outfit details:

skirt, thrifted: $1
shirt, After Eden: $20
tights, secret: $4
shoes, naturalizer: $30
necklace, thrifted: $1

Heart: Kimberellie

Some b-day pics because I know you want to see them (btw: it was a pirate party):

Monday, April 19, 2010

you're not lazy; but I am

I don't know if I am lazy or tired. But I'm not the only one. I've noticed there has been a sort of lag in the blogging world since Spring started to get, well, Springish. So you all are out gallivanting; I suppose. So I guess I am the only one. Because I'm not out gallivanting. I'm, um, I don't know what I'm doing with myself.

But it appears I'm not blogging. Bad Kimberellie.

outfit details:

blazer: was my great grandmother's

jeans, roxy: $5
black top, winners: $1
shoes, naturalizer: $30

belt, from a dress

Heart: Good Kimberellie

The following pic was taken by Lila Cordelia of Happy Squeak Photography: