Thursday, April 22, 2010

a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen

5 by 7 inches
Mixed Media on canvas

In The Trees
Mixed Media on canvas
1 foot by 2 feet
(from a series of 5)

She Waits
Oil Pastel on paper
24 by 32 inches

In My Dreams I Love
Water Colour on paper
8 inches by 6 inches

Here are some photographs of my art. I, unfortunately, do not have all the art I have ever done documented. This is lame of me as an artist, I know. But I did not always have a digital camera. I henceforth shall do a better job of documenting my art. I promise. Also, a lot of my art lives in other people's homes. And I am not bright enough to recall where it all is. But I am certain it is all loved. And that is what is most important!!

This outfit is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Not only did I keep stepping on the skirt, but also my son kept pulling on it as he used my legs to stand up. Otherwise though, I think I look pretty cute. And this, btw, was an actual "I just threw this on" day. I like those sorts of days when they do happen (which is rare). It is nice not to go through all that bother and fuss.

I am definitely going to take a page out of many of your stylebooks and plan my outfits out ahead of time, I think. Truly a fabulous idea. It would make getting ready in the morning oh so much faster! Also, thank you all for all your kick butt comments on the last post. I don't feel so hopelessly "fake" anymore knowing that we are all in the same style boat. ;-) Oh, and I was totally shocked to hear from so many of you that I have "a style". I guess I just sort of figured that I didn't, yet. So huh, maybe I do. And here I thought I was just hopelessly floundering in the sea of constant style personality disorder.

Okay, time to go to bed. My metaphor mixing is becoming ludicrous and moderately incomprehensible.

outfit details:

tank, from winners: $3
black tank underneath, joe fresh style: $7
skirt, thrifted: $1
shoes, thrifted: $4
blazer, was my great grandmothers
bracelet: my baby stole it

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. OMG, this is a part of you that I didn't know yet... you are an ARTIST, and a good one at that. I really love your artworks.

    What a pretty maxi skirt... when I saw your outfit today, I said to myself, she is really an artist. This is the kind of outfits that artists wear.

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. Ooo they're pretty! :D

    Love the skirt!

  3. Wow such beautiful paintings, the last one is absolutely amazing! You need to get prints made!

  4. Lol you crack me up!
    Your paintings are absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm in such deep awe and respect of you!! You are amazing, kimberellie=)

    ps. love that skirt!!

  5. i love the skirt... maybe you just need to take it up a bit... because it is beautiful on you ;)


  6. the colors of this skirt are lovely! i reaaally like how you combined it with such a neutral color, too- it keeps the emphasis on the skirt. and your artwork is mind-numbingly beautiful. the sworls of colors, the patterns...i don't think "beautiful" really does it justice.

    *your little one is SO CUTE.

    *i completely agree with your opinion on Franco Fernandez. she's fascinating, isn't she?

    *i also kinda throw sh*t on in the morning...i just make sure it matches in some form or another. maybe thinking it out so thoroughly takes all the fun out of it? perhaps that is why you're so indecisive? go with what makes you happy!

  7. I really like the "She Waits" piece.

    And yes, you are correct. I now realize broad shoulders = hotness. I will henceforth take any staring at me for jealously and brush nonexistent dirt off said shoulders while rolling my eyes at the haters.

    You make me also slip into nonsensical, incomprehensible ramblings after reading your posts. I like it. Feels real.

  8. Wow Kim, your art is amazing! I wish I could hang out with you, so you could inspire me :) So cool that you're such a talented artist!

    I love the long skirt on you--it just says 'artist', therefore it is very 'you' ;)

  9. thanks for sharing this to us. You're a great artist. I love the last one esp , in my dreams I love. I used to not think much about comfort or how am I going to be on the run but now I have RC, I have to think more about what I'm wearing.

  10. Your artwork is gorgeous! I'm so glad you decided to show it off on your blog. You're certainly a talented gal :)

  11. Wow I LOVE your paintings!!!!!!!!!...the top one is definatly my fav...I love abstract and mixed media...I need to try painting more...I'm not so good at art tho..I consider myself a Craftist! haha


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