Thursday, April 29, 2010

maybe you're the problem you don't want to see in the world

Wait a minute. Something's crooked. Here, let me adjust that.

Ah. That's better.

I thought I would make the photos look all vintage camping-ey. Because that is a sort of photo, yeah? Vintage Camping, uh, -ey? Well, I looked like I was out camping in these photos. So I went with it. Not that I would wear this camping. But speaking of camping, you are all going to see what I WOULD wear camping when I go this summer. YEA CAMPING! Seriously, I am THAT excited.

We are going with some good friends and their childlings. And it is going to ROCK. Truly, I am beyond excited. I love camping. Campfires, swimming, starlight, good friends, good excited. Really, excited. I mean it. Excited (x4 apparently)

Also, about the crookedness. Well, my top was crooked (see me adjusting?); and also I made the photo crooked (for kicks, because I can, because heck why not). But there is also a hidden double meaning which I am about to reveal to you all. So hold on, this IS exciting.

Here it is:!

When we were in our new house for about a week I noticed that the bookshelf was crooked. It annoyed me. So I got my husband to take the level to it. The level does not lie folks; this I know. But I swear our level must be a rogue lying dirty no good level; because it stated NO, emphatically NO the bookshelf is NOT crooked.

So what was a girl to think? That the level was indeed wrong? I mean, a new level must be procured immediately in that case! After all, we are in the middle of renovations! For want of a level level the house fell over--as the saying goes. Only, the smart part of me (the part that tried desperately to ignore the crooked bookshelf) knew that this could not be true. Levels are just little air bubbles in water. They can't be broken.

So I did what any self-respecting person would do when faced with an impossible conundrum, I shut it out of my mind and went on with my life.

Now yesterday when I put on my new glasses one of the first things I noticed was that our bookshelf was no longer crooked. HUH. You should know that what my new perscription has, that my old did not have, is a correction for an astygmatism that I did not know I had. I'm not an optomatrist, nor do I know anything about optomatry, but I'll wager a guess that it was the astigmatism that made the bookshelf look crooked.

This has left me to wonder:

1. The reason why I never even considered that the problem could be ME and not the bookshelf (besides my basic rampant narcissism, of course).

and what's far worse:

2. How many perfectly not crooked paintings have I been straightening all these years? -!!

outfit details:

shirt, from winners (apparently the same as tj max): $5
cardi, from my best friend from her mother-in-law, and now mine all mine!
pants, gap: $3 (seriously, major clearance item folks!)
shoes, naturalizer: $30
glasses, kate spade: $68

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. the glasses are from

ps. ps. don't forget to enter the Aldo Bag Giveaway!


  1. Uh. I wish I could go camping. I'm in love with the idea but would actually HATE to be in the "wild" ;[

  2. make me giggle!
    You will be one fasionable camper!! My hubby shakes his head at me cuz whenever we go camping I sit in the lawn chairs painting my nails and reading fashion magazines...apparently I should be out fishing or chasing gophers!

  3. I LOVE camping too!!! Me and bonfires are besties :D Lol, at your glasses story.. hehehee I've done that often. It's humbling huh :o) I LOVE your outfit. The proportions, with the pants and jacket, spot-on=)

  4. I wanna go camping! I wanna go on the Northern California coast--it's so gorgeous there. Where will your camping excursion take place?

    by the way, your camping outfit is very chic--and you look tall! how tall are you Miss Kimberellie? You are looking like one of those runway models out there who make millions by wearing clothes :D

    (now I'm determined to go camping this summer!)

  5. I haven't been camping in sooo long!

    Love the mix of prints :)

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    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  6. You are have been straightening straight frames for the longest time. And levels don't lie. Hahaha!

    I love the vintage effect, that's the first thing I noticed in the photos. Great work! xoxo

  7. funny you mention camping because i accidentally fell asleep on the back porch the other night & got bitten ruthlessly haha. that's the extent of my camping for now me thinks.

    i really enjoy how you mix prints. it kinda makes me want to start rooting through my closet to see what i can come up with. i fear, however, that my prints are not quite as extensive as yours. i don't even own a striped cardigan...

    my mama has astigmatism and watching her parallel park is hilarious. soooo...that being said i kinda giggled at your "crooked bookcase" comment. BUT those glasses are made for your face. i like the color of the second pair a LOT.

    happy weekend!!!

  8. I'm still laughing, that was great. I really like what you did with your photo's.

  9. Love the cardigan. And the warm light definitely has a vinatge feel.
    P.S. All my pictures are scanned too; my father was actually a 35 mm fiend but we never had a digital until I was in college...don't you love digital though? I hope you do a baby pic post one day though!

  10. You crack me up! I wish I loved camping, but nature doesn't seem to love me. But have fun! I LOVE that cardigan and your new specs (both pairs!).

  11. I used to sleep in a room with a crooked ceiling. Very confusing - nothing on the wall ever looked straight.

    I LOVE the combination of that top with the cardigan. Genius.

  12. Maybe Soren would hug me?

    Not like I am a baby-whisperer or anything, or because I am more fantastic than all just turns out that my very cousin's baby (who was hugging me all weekend) doesn't usually like to hug or cuddle with people. I didn't know until we were leaving and she wouldn't give Mutts a hug goodbye that it was a "thing".



  13. I love love the cardi! so pretty


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