Friday, April 23, 2010

two outfits

I wasn't "feeling" the first outfit. It was just too blah. And I was already feeling "blah" today. I didn't want to look it as well. So yes, the bow and the giant belt cheered me up. Isn't it nice that an outfit can cheer you up? Oh, looking nice does make one feel nice. I know some people think all of this is shallow: fashion, blogging about fashion, having a personal style blog, shopping, etc.

But I don't think so. Most of the year it's too cold not to wear clothes. Plus there would be all sorts of unpleasant chaffing if we didn't, even when it is warm enough. And you know, there is the ickiness factor of shared public seats. So, yeah, clothes are a necessity. Not that anyone is arguing they aren't.

I suppose what I am saying is: I like loveliness. I want my home to be lovely, my meals to be lovely, my town, my closets, my clothes. I see no reason why things can't be beautiful AND useful. Anyone who says otherwise is a particular brand of stupid. I am in sort of a bad mood tonight; so I am imagining all sorts of objections to my arguments. And I know there are people who object, people who see fashion as frivolous. But they're not all wearing burlap sacks; so mostly I think they are hypocrites.

And that's my rant for the evening.

outfit number 1:

jeans, energia: $50
shirt, obey: $5
shoes, thrifted: $10
vest, industry: $3
hooded zip up, smart set: $25

outfit number 2:

jeans, energia: $50
shirt, obey: $5
shoes, thrifted: $1
button up, thrifted: $2
bow, a scarf: so old I don't recall
belt, from winners: $15-20?


ps. Thanks to all you who complimented my art on the last post! Such compliments make my heart smile!

Also did you notice?-I thought I would try out some new poses. I'm not sure if I look sexy in the second to last one or just silly. Also, look, my son has a newsboys hat! I think he is cute enough to gobble up!


  1. yeah, i can't tell you how many times i've put on something, taken pictures, uploaded them onto the computer, and then realized i can't possibly go anywhere looking like that. or, just like you, i'll take pics but then i'm not really comfortable in it, so i change, then take more pics. ahh, the things we do for fashion.

  2. I completely and utterly heart that belt! Such cuteness! And your darling little boy in his darling little hat! love!

  3. ps... this is Sarah from ladies and babies, aka Rupert's mom :D

  4. The second outfit is adorable and I love that picture of you and your son!

  5. Man, I am so behind in reading my fave blogs. The connection here is not as good as U.S. but different hours of the day it gets better. I actually love the first outfit. The whole graphic tee with the oxfords is so chic casual but yes the second outfit is more cheerful. The good news is no one that is NOT interested in fashion is probably not reading our fashion blogs. Therefore, the people reading the blogs all feel the same way about fashion is not it is not shallow. But, yes, I have the same arguments with people but I don't care. Sorry if I am not making much sense. On my 3rd night of no sleep with the kids. About to loose my mind.

  6. I used to think fashion was shallow because the few people I knew who were into fashion were supercilious toward people who weren't. Encountering the world of fashion bloggers, who not only look nice but are nice people, opened my eyes a lot to the fun, creativity, and beauty of fashion. And I'm sorry I've missed out on it for most of my life!

    I agree that your second outfit is more interesting. Your son's hat is adorable!

  7. So we both rocked jeans and tees this day! Cool :) I'll have to send my friend over to take a look at this!

    Love your little guy's hat--way adorable :D

  8. You definitely look happier in the second outfit :) It's a great one! Whenever I see that belt it's like POW! The print on that shirt is just gorgeous.

  9. The giant belt cheered me up too... it's the perfect accessory to make the outfit pop out. You look great and I love your new poses. xoxo

  10. your son is so cute. You're so creative in putting the outfits together. I like how you always seem to be happy in your pictures. I would always smile too instead of the serious look.

  11. You look sexy AND silly which makes it even sexier. Holler.


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