Saturday, April 24, 2010

102 posts and I guess I should give something away

I missed my one hundredth post. How did that happen? I am such a slacker.

Also, I missed my fiftieth follower. But hey, let's not talk about my slacking. Let's talk about my giveaway to celebrate 50 + followers and 100 + posts. Yip-ee!! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to give things away. So I am going to go out and buy some stuff tomorrow; and then I am going to take some pictures of it; and then you all are going to tell my why I should use my amazing mental powers to make the random number generate pick your number. Yes. I can do that.

As for this outfit, well, I was having a horrid time getting ready again (I really need to do that outfit planning like you all have recommended). And so I settled on an outfit comprised of "favorite pieces": blazer, shirt, bow, jeans, shoes, giant belt: BAM. Seriously, any one of these articles of clothing is enough to make me feel comfortable and happy. All of them together? Well, I have to say: peach-ee-keen.

And now off I go to watch the rest of Avatar and eat chocolate ice cream (with strawberries, and mini marshmallows, and chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips: BAM).

Outfit details:

blazer: was my grandmothers (my mom informed me today, not my great grandmothers, but apparently my mom also wore it. I wonder if my daughter will wear it? I probably won't give it up!)
jeans, dish: $100
top, joe fresh style: $5
shoes, thrifted: $4
bow: from a shirt
giant belt, from winners: $20 ish
sunnies, juicy couture: $150
Heart: Kimberellie


  1. I totally love this ensemble... it's the giant belt again. You made me want to buy myself a belt like that... you look fabulous. xoxo

  2. You are one of the few people I've seen that actually pull off that giant belt. You also pull off bows like no one else. When I see them on you I always think they are part of the blouse or dress or whatever. They're just so natural on you.

  3. oh a giveaway! a giveaway! me! ME! I want to be in on the giveaway--I do love giveaways! Let you mental powers cause the random generator to pick ME!! haha :D :D

    and yeah, lovin' the giant belt. not sure I could pull that off me self, but I love it on you! You have that type of figure that can pull off just about anything I fashionista au naturale you! teehee

    k, guess I got a little over excited here..chill Tracy, chill *grin*

  4. You look great! Love the sunglasses and the bow :)

    and WOO giveaway haha!

  5. Such a nice a look. Love the jacket and the bow blouse. I should see how many posts I have done. I want do a giveaways too with some cool stuff I find in Turkey.

  6. The white bow-tie blouse is to die for!

  7. i'm terrible about planning outfits...i always tell myself i will but then i get too lazy! so i need to work on that too.

    i love the bow on your's so sweet!

  8. Congrats on 50+ followers!! That Jacket is in such great shape...I love how tailored it looks!


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