Monday, April 19, 2010

you're not lazy; but I am

I don't know if I am lazy or tired. But I'm not the only one. I've noticed there has been a sort of lag in the blogging world since Spring started to get, well, Springish. So you all are out gallivanting; I suppose. So I guess I am the only one. Because I'm not out gallivanting. I'm, um, I don't know what I'm doing with myself.

But it appears I'm not blogging. Bad Kimberellie.

outfit details:

blazer: was my great grandmother's

jeans, roxy: $5
black top, winners: $1
shoes, naturalizer: $30

belt, from a dress

Heart: Good Kimberellie

The following pic was taken by Lila Cordelia of Happy Squeak Photography:


  1. Fabulous outfit! I especially love how you paired that colorful belt with it. Very chic. :)

  2. I know what you mean! Everyone has been SO busy... but then again, I totally have been..:( Just wait till summer when everyone is free again :)
    love your belt with your outfit! You are gorgeous.

    And that picture of your son is AMAZING. Of course, he makes the picture, not the other way around :). He looks like you! I see the resemblance! I can't imagine how much you love him. Someday, I will :)

  3. Your baby is so adorable... love his smile.

    And I know what you mean about the lull in blogging, everybody is enjoying the nice weather. I am not because it's too hot to go outside now. Gosh, it's freaking summer here in Manila.

    Don't be lazy... keep on blogging girl! xoxo

  4. Such a cute outfit with the bow and awesome pic of the baby. I have definitely cut back a bit from time to time on blogging. If it I do it too much it is too much but so fun in it's proper dose:)

  5. Adorable outfit! Love the belt :D.

    I've just been so busy with school etc, I wish I had time to enjoy the weather :D.

  6. Ah, there you go again spoiling us with your cute kiddo. ;)
    Seriously, he's super cute.
    I like the sash around the jacket. Very now.

  7. awesome blazer, can't believe it was your grandmother's! there is nothing wrong with hanging out and taking a wee break from blogging. as long as you don't take a permanent break, that is!

  8. Tracy, the Wardrobe WandererApril 20, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    You look so ladylike and classy! I love all the pieces--the dark wash jeans, the blazer, the top, and the bow around it all tops it off so nicely and makes it really unique. Nice! and you son is doll!

  9. Great look! I LOVE the bow! And that boy of yours is tooo cute ;)

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  10. I love what you do with bows!! You look adorable! I hear ya about the bloggin, serious procrastination over here lol.

  11. Ooh, looking so chic. And your baby is just adorable by the way! I'm kind of a bow fiend too, so I always appreciate your bow-adorned looks.


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