Saturday, April 3, 2010

just a wee little post

Oh, I am back. Did you notice I was missing? I was. There was a flurry of moving and renovating and having a cold. Yep, it was quite distracting. Not to mention I had no internet.

And now, well, now I am sick and am wearing outdoor clothes inside because our downstairs currently has no heat (Welcome to your new home!! Congrats there's no heat!). But it will be fixed soon because all we are needing is a new breaker (phew!).

I am hoping to spend some serious time tomorrow checking out what all of you are up to! Though tonight it shall just be this little post and some hot tea and sneezing.

The outfit is similar to this one (in a barely at all way). It is from a while back; but I never posted the pics. So here they are! So nice to have pics laying around for a rainy/sneezy day.

outfit details:

scarf worn as shirt, smart set: $16
skirt, via clothes swap
shoes, winners: $5
tights, ardene: $3
cardi, winners: $5

Achoo!: Kimberellie


  1. Hope you'll feel better soon... I love the purples in your outfit. And I love the smile. Happy Easter! xoxo

  2. so glad you're back! but so sorry you're feeling bad. i hope you get better soon. i will say that those shoes are fabulous!

  3. Fantastic outfit, love the tights and sandals together! Moving is so stressful, hope it went okay and you feel better soon. Happy Easter!

    ~ megan

  4. Glad to have you back! I hope you get better soon and remember to stay warm and if possible get some rest.
    When you get a chance visit my blog, I passed on an award to you!

  5. Hope you feel better soon and your little one stays healthy. Love the scarf's purple flowers picking up the purple tights. Goes great with the teal skirt.

  6. Get well soon! What a great look, I love your shoes with this look!

    Happy Easter!:D

  7. Nice outfit! Love that scarf !

  8. You look fantastic here! Hope you're feeling better soon :)

  9. Glad your back...I was missing all your quirky outfits and humorus blog posts!!

  10. **Quirky in a good way that is!!

  11. I definitely noticed you hadn't written and assumed it was due to moving. Please know your lovely frequent updates were missed. I so enjoy reading about your life.

  12. I am so sorry you are feeling sick and cold! But YEAY on the move and your new closet right? Your outfit here is so amazing! The way you are wearing that scarf is brilliant!! And, hey, I really like visiting YOU too! I just think I had more time to visit before and now I am sad that I can't as much. Thank you so much for your email though! It made me feel really nice and special. I was like "oh my goodness I am so lucky to know such a neat person!" I never really thought of it the way you said it. Thank you. And more moms are becoming apparent to me. I have been thinking of what I want to do still! Ok lady, Take care of yourself!

  13. I've missed you! Please feel better soon and happy Easter to you! Loving the colored tights with heeled sandals, super cute :D

  14. Yayayayay!! Kimberellie is back!! I've missed your quirky upbeat posts a lot. They always make me laugh out loud in the very best way possible and always brighten my days!

    Love your outfit :)

    Congrats about getting moved in :) Pictures??:)
    I hope you feel better!!!

    Love always,

  15. I love the interesting colors you worked into your layering in this look!

  16. Yay you're back! And you look great! I love the tights, they pick up the colors in your gorgeous scarf perfectly! Congrats on the new house, and get well soon! xoxo


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