Friday, April 9, 2010

Blog Awards! Also free ice cream cones for the first ten readers

So I have received a number of blog awards lately. And I just have to say: you ladies are awesome. It is so fun to be recognized and appreciated by people I think are fantastic. I mean, it's sort of like when the person who compliments your shoes also has great shoes. You think: wow, she has good taste I MUST have good taste. Only it's blogs, not shoes. Though it's fashion blogs. So it's shoes too. Gosh I like shoes.

The first one:

The rules are:

1) Post the logo within your blog or post

2) Pass the award onto 12 fellow bloggers

Okay, so, since I am lazy and because I never follow rules, I am going to give this one out to three people instead of twelve.

Here they are (all mommy fashion bloggers, btw):

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy

Cadence's Mama

Wardrobe Wanderings

I received this lovely blog award from: Sophiasa who has fantastic taste and is also a fellow mommy fashion blogger. She also has fantastic legs and knows how to use them!

The second one:

The rules:

1. With the award, you have to thank the person who gave it to you:

- ChYmEc!nDy**Blog THANK YOU!!

2. Your favorite writer:

- C.S. Lewis. I also really like Sophie Kinsella.

3. Favorite Designer:

- I really love Burberry.

4. Favorite Book:

- I hate this question. I can never choose. Let's say Perlandra by C.S. Lewis.

5. Something very emotional for you:

- Giving birth. Yep. Oh dear.

6. Something you hate:

- I hate noise pollution, tv, commercials on radios, noisy neighbours.

7. And lastly, pass this award to the other bloggers you like most:

Well I am going to pass this on to:

The Styling Dutchman


Lifesize Paperdoll

This one is from: ChYmEc!nDy**Blog whose blog is always interesting and inspiring.

I think rules came with this one as well. But I can't remember them. Also I am tired of rules. So I am just going to go ahead and pass it on:



Transmission Me

This one is from Starship Narcissus whose ENTIRE family is incredibly chic and thrifty!

For this award I'm supposed to write three things I love about myself. So here they are:

1. My stunning good looks
2. My delightful personality
3. My great ass

And I am going to pass it on to three girls who are also delightful, stunning, and much blessed with great asses as well (if the A-word offends you just pretend I said "bum") :

Off of Broadway


This one was from Texas Love, Life, and Fashion who has great taste, a great ass, is always interesting, and loves to shop more than I do (which means she likes to shop A LOT A LOT A LOT).

For all of you ladies I've passed awards on to: yea for you! And I am sorry I couldn't pass them on to everyone (one of the reasons I have procrastinated about this. I HATE leaving people out. But at the same time I am a lazy lazy individual when it comes to "computer stuff" and I hate hate cutting and pasting and linking and ugh).

Also, feel free to not pick these up. Feel free to not mention me. Feel free to not follow the rules. Or go ahead and do it. I'm easy. I won't come after any of you with a sharp stick, or pointy stick, or really any kind of stick for that matter (maybe a shoehorn though--those things are dangerous).

Heart: Kimberellie who did have an outfit post tonight but is now all tired out and must go read her book; she will post it tomorrow though.

-I will send your ice cream cones tomorrow via FedEx.


  1. awwww, thanks! i love getting awards!! and i totally appreciate the ass comment :)

  2. Thank you SOOOO Much. I am going to spend more time reading this and passing them on when I have more time and am not so sleepy. It is so late already and I must go to sleep.

  3. Thank you so much for the blog award Kimberellie! :D
    Did you notice that I tagged you for the Fab 10 award? ;) So, I have one for you too! (for when you have the time, of course!)


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