Monday, January 31, 2011

noooo! baby in belly! nooooo!

When I first told my son there was a "baby in my belly" he was quite upset by the idea and said: "Noooo!" and "all done!".  Now that I have done a little more explaining, and now that a friend of mine's belly baby is "out", he seems quite pleased with the idea.  He now kisses my belly and seems happy when I tell him about the baby in there.

This makes me wonder: at first was he misunderstanding me?  Did he perhaps think I was going to eat him?  Because that would be definitely something to object to.  I wonder.  Or maybe he thought I was going to put HIM in my belly and he figured, "Nooo!  It would be TOO squishy in there!".  I can't be certain.  Sadly, I will never know.  By the time he is old enough to question on the matter he will probably have forgotten his initial misgivings.  Either way, just to be clear here, I never intended on eating him.  Anyway, he tastes like yuck.*

outfit total:

wool sweater (heavy lovely brilliant beautiful) thrifted: $20
sweater dress, from winners on clearance: $5
cat shirt, yes that's what that is, f21: gift from sil
leggings, actually long johns (REALLY) but they look like black leggings!  bought them years ago
socks, ardene: $3
boots, on clearance: $20 (down from $200!!)
scarf, made by my step mom: gift
grey sweater: gift from Lee
I am so tired writing this right now I may fall asleep on my keyboard

Heart: Kimberellie

*when I pretend to eat my son's feet or what have you, this is what I tell him: "Yuck.  You taste like baby.  I don't want to eat that  Tastes like yuck."  He thinks this is HILARIOUS.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

yes, I'm a slacker. no, I don't care.

It's not that I'm sick anymore.  I'm not.  I'm just lazy.  I just don't care.  STOP!  Don't say such things Kimberellie!  Of course you care!  You LOVE us!  And yes, I suppose I do.  But also, I'm like: "meh...whatevs, I'll post lata peeps" (because I talk like that in real life).

I think it's a pregnancy symptom: the not caring, that is.  I was this way with my son.  You know how there's that voice in your head that cares if you: let people down/don't fulfill obligations/don't do anything constructive in a day/etc?  Well, I don't have it anymore.  It's gone.  POOF. Seriously, I am getting my husband to buy me the new Sims (one of only two video games I actually like) so that I can just play video games the entire time my son naps.  And will I feel guilty about this?  Noooo.

But non-pregnant Kimberellie would.  Non-pregnant Kimberellie is constructive.  She gets stuff done.  She blogs.  She cares if she hurts your feelings.  Pregnant Kimberellie only cares about these four things (and in this order):

1. Her son.
2. Eating.
3. Sleeping.
4. Her husband.

Yes.  I have become entirely family and self focused.  And I swear it is hormonal.  Because I am NOT like this.  I am annoying.  I annoy myself when I am not productive.  I scold myself when I think I have said something that *might* have offended someone I know.  I have that annoying inner monologue that tells me I should be "ahead" of wherever I happen to be.

But not anymore!  And I gotta tell you: it's very freeing.  It's like being on vacation from yourself.  And self, non-pregnant self: I would rather you didn't come back.  I would rather spend the rest of my life not getting anything productive done and playing video games.

But alas.  It is not to be.  I will most certainly go back to being my productive and useful/helpful self.  But that's okay.  Because when that happens I will (hopefully) have the time and energy to be the me I was, again.  For now I am happy to be the slacker me I currently am.  It's nice.  It's my favourite pregnancy symptom.  I can't imagine how tired I would be if I wasn't like this, if I had the same drive/ambition/sense of obligation to others, that I usually have.

So uh, if I'm a slacker getting back to emails, comments, telephone calls, etcetera, I'm sorry.  But also I'm temporarily insane; and the guilty centers of my brain are currently not functioning.  So don't expect too much from me.  Because it just ain't happin yo.

outfit total: $79

shirt, winners: $3
cardigan, winners: $3
skirt, jacob: $20
white tights, thrifted new: $1
red tights: $6
shoes, naturalizer: $30
scarf, gap: 16
bump: a lot more work than you would think

heart: Kimberellie

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kid's Refurbished Play Kitchens

I want to make one of these:

Check out the before:

images via: Giggleberry Creations click here for the whole diy

This kitchen was inspired by this kitchen:


From Sutton Grace (a totally AWESOME blog)

And there's THIS kitchen:



From the Blog Come What May

And last, but not least (though smallest) THIS kitchen:



If you see anymore of these, let me know, because I would LOVE to add them here.  Yes, I have become a little obsessed.  But it's natural.  Hopefully pretty soon you will be seeing one I made.  Yes, you heard me.  I have refurbishing on the brain.  

Wait a minute, during the writing of this entry, I found another:



I told my husband it is a "lifelong dream" of mine to make a child's play kitchen.  He thought this was a funny lifelong dream.  And I suppose maybe it is.  But it is TRUE.  It really is a life long dream of mine to make a child's play kitchen!!!

Want to look at even more play kitchens?  Go here.

PS. I am officially a slacker blogger.  I am sorry.  I blame it on pregnancy hormones.  And I wanted you all to know: I still keep up with your blogs (unless you don't have one, then I just spy on you the old fashioned way); but I am not commenting as much because I don't like sitting in the computer chair.  Though there are plans for a more comfyble chair.  So perhaps it will get better!

As always, much love, HEART: Kimberellie

Disclaimer: If any of these lovely kitchens are your creation (and your picture) and you don't like that I've put your picture up here, tell me, and I will take it down.  But I warn you, I might cry a little.  Because until the weather is nicer and I can start refurbishing my own kid's kitchen on the patio, the next best thing I can do is collect them here!  And isn't it a lovely collection?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

a year in review

I was going to have a clever title like: "Jumping off a bridge" or "Because everyone else is doing it".  But I decided those titles weren't really that clever after all.  And the real reason I am posting my favourite outfit from each month isn't because everyone else did it (though they are/did/you know what I mean); but it's because I am still lacking in current pictures and health.  So this is my form of slacking.


um...I can't find a picture from January.  So just imagine me how you would like to see me (in a giant yellow bird suit...I bet).












Not likely.  I spent the month sick with baby.  As in, sick due to a belly baby.  But worry not, it is letting up.  I hope.  I hope.  I hope!!

Some things I realized while doing this:

wow, I own a lot of clothes
can't wear THAT anymore
hmmm...that would look cute with a baby bump
april was a GOOD month
I must have been temporarily insane all May
I like shorts
my hair looked awesome pink
my baby has lost his babyness!
I can't believe those shoes are worn out
yikes.  I wore that?
gosh I miss having a waist.
I could still wear that!
having a bump in a high waisted belt crazed fashion moment isn't ideal
clothes, I will miss you.

Heart: kimberellie miss furnellie (with a baby in her belly)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Family Portraits

I wanted to let you all know that I am going to get back to regular blogging VERY soon.  It is just so darned hard right now to get any photos taken when I feel like: "blech, yuck, I don't care."  So I thought I would pop in for a second to show off some of the professional family photos we had taken this fall.  Also, you now all get to see what my husband looks like.  I recall someone commenting that you wanted to see some "hot man pictures" of my husband.  This made me laugh my head off.

All pictures were taken by Sherri McLeod and are copyright Sherri McLeod Photography.


Heart: Kimberellie