Saturday, January 29, 2011

yes, I'm a slacker. no, I don't care.

It's not that I'm sick anymore.  I'm not.  I'm just lazy.  I just don't care.  STOP!  Don't say such things Kimberellie!  Of course you care!  You LOVE us!  And yes, I suppose I do.  But also, I'm like: "meh...whatevs, I'll post lata peeps" (because I talk like that in real life).

I think it's a pregnancy symptom: the not caring, that is.  I was this way with my son.  You know how there's that voice in your head that cares if you: let people down/don't fulfill obligations/don't do anything constructive in a day/etc?  Well, I don't have it anymore.  It's gone.  POOF. Seriously, I am getting my husband to buy me the new Sims (one of only two video games I actually like) so that I can just play video games the entire time my son naps.  And will I feel guilty about this?  Noooo.

But non-pregnant Kimberellie would.  Non-pregnant Kimberellie is constructive.  She gets stuff done.  She blogs.  She cares if she hurts your feelings.  Pregnant Kimberellie only cares about these four things (and in this order):

1. Her son.
2. Eating.
3. Sleeping.
4. Her husband.

Yes.  I have become entirely family and self focused.  And I swear it is hormonal.  Because I am NOT like this.  I am annoying.  I annoy myself when I am not productive.  I scold myself when I think I have said something that *might* have offended someone I know.  I have that annoying inner monologue that tells me I should be "ahead" of wherever I happen to be.

But not anymore!  And I gotta tell you: it's very freeing.  It's like being on vacation from yourself.  And self, non-pregnant self: I would rather you didn't come back.  I would rather spend the rest of my life not getting anything productive done and playing video games.

But alas.  It is not to be.  I will most certainly go back to being my productive and useful/helpful self.  But that's okay.  Because when that happens I will (hopefully) have the time and energy to be the me I was, again.  For now I am happy to be the slacker me I currently am.  It's nice.  It's my favourite pregnancy symptom.  I can't imagine how tired I would be if I wasn't like this, if I had the same drive/ambition/sense of obligation to others, that I usually have.

So uh, if I'm a slacker getting back to emails, comments, telephone calls, etcetera, I'm sorry.  But also I'm temporarily insane; and the guilty centers of my brain are currently not functioning.  So don't expect too much from me.  Because it just ain't happin yo.

outfit total: $79

shirt, winners: $3
cardigan, winners: $3
skirt, jacob: $20
white tights, thrifted new: $1
red tights: $6
shoes, naturalizer: $30
scarf, gap: 16
bump: a lot more work than you would think

heart: Kimberellie


  1. MEH! You're pregnant, woman so enjoy the time because as soon as bubs comes there will be no time for video games. Having one kid is a piece of cake. Two is a juggling game!
    You look fab either way. I love the scarf.
    much love to ya! xoxo

  2. Hey, who says you have to do anything at all? I certainly don't hold it against you. Go forth and sleep and Sim. Sounds awesome.

  3. I LOVE YOU!!!!
    Also pregnancy looks ridiculously good on you...Wish I was there!!! How many weeks are you now?

    ps...I understand the Sims thing. Have fun!

  4. Wow!!! You look beautiful!! And a late congratulations! :)

    I'm glad you're back :)

  5. Don't worry about anything but taking care of your sweet little family! You look AMAZING! I couldn't stay motivated with the blogging consistently for more than about six you're doing pretty good, lol

  6. i totally get the not caring thing. been there before! and there is no reason that you should care more about blogging and fashion and whatever more than your family. you look adorable. i love seeing your baby bump :)

  7. Omigosh, I find the Sims to be totally addictive too. I have to set myself time limits... and force myself to go to bed... man. Enjoy this time of rest before your baby comes, you deserve it!
    And your outfit is gorgeous, as always! You're looking great! In Australia, girls like you are called "yummy mummies".

  8. So natural and normal, don't worry about it at all. Love the little bump you are supporting. So glowing too. Welcome back.

  9. aww, your belly is so cute! Don't worry about us, I know you still secretly love us and can't wait to show us your clothes, lol. Enjoy your pregnancy and you'll update when you update.

  10. I have ALWAYS wanted to take a vacation from myself. Now I know the way! Time to have a word with Mr D...

  11. You look sooo lovely!!
    I don't blame you for "not caring"...sometimes I need to not care...sometimes the days I don't care are a lot better than the ones I do!!
    I hope to see a few more posts from you before this baby comes tho!! I know you have time..but last time you said you were taking a little break, not a long one!!!

  12. You look lovely :) Those tights are killer

    Slack on! But no excessive cruelty to those poor Sims..

  13. Don't you worry--maybe this is just your time to be a slacker, since you're usually the opposite. And you're looking so gorgeous by the way with your adorable baby bump.

  14. oh, such pretty shoes. and a pretty tummy, too!

  15. Hey - you're going to have two little ones running around soon - enjoy the me time!!

    You have a beautiful baby belly mama. :)

  16. Keep churning out killer chic outfits like this, and I'll wait as long as I need to!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


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