Wednesday, June 30, 2010

don't worry, I know I'm fantastic

(Especially) Long Post Disclaimer: As always, if you don't want to/feel like/have time to read what I write, I am in no way offended. If you are just here to see clothes and baby pictures, feel free!!

don't worry, I know I'm fantastic

I think maybe some of you got the wrong idea from my last post and went away thinking that I DON'T know I'm fantastic. Well, I'm here to tell you: perish the thought! Because it simply isn't true. I do know I'm fantastic.

And not only that, I'm pretty sure most people I know and love would agree. And not only that, even if they didn't agree, I truly would not care. Because here's a secret I don't like to tell a lot of people (and now I shall tell the world): I am positive that if anyone were to truly know me, they would truly like me. I know, crazy hey?

Well, at least uncommon, if I am to believe all the pop psychology articles I've read and teen dramas I've watched. It seems that usually the opposite is true of people: they are afraid that if anyone ever got to truly know them, they wouldn't like them. At least that's what people say, isn't it? Well, I gotta tell you, for me the opposite is true. If you truly knew me: you would adore me.

Now, I'm being somewhat silly here. I tend to write in a manner that is more of a persona than the real me, FIY-if you haven't already noticed (you didn't really think I wanted to take over the world: here, did you?).

But there is some truth to this. I really do think that anyone who dislikes me, does so, because he/she does not understand me. In fact, I would wager this is true about most people. It's misunderstanding and incomplete understanding of one another that causes us to fear, distrust, and just not like, one another.

Misunderstanding about ourselves, our place in the universe, and each other, fuels hatred, insecurity, and jealousies. So often in our relationships and the advice we give one another we are the blind leading the blind, so to speak. Anyone ever read the novel Speaker for the Dead?

Well, in the novel, the Speaker for the Dead, instead of delivering a eulogy when a person dies, retells that person's life truthfully with nothing left out. The point is this: the truth, if delivered wholly without reservation and bias, frees us, not only to have compassion for one another, but also to have compassion for ourselves. I tend to agree.

Because even though I know I'm not perfect. I do know I am loved. And it is that love that makes me confident.

There's a verse in the Bible that just about sums it up: "If God is for us, who can be against us?" The love of God, the love of my husband, the love of my son, the love of my family and friends, all these loves: make me the person that I am. If I were only allowed one sentence to define myself, this would be it: I am loved.

And so when people are not loving toward me, when people accuse, and tear down, and are rude and demeaning, I just remember: I am loved. So I know that whatever they are thinking, they must be wrong. They must not be understanding me, seeing me clearly, knowing me truly. Because if they were, they would see: I'm fantastic.

So I think what I was trying to get across yesterday, wasn't so much that some people don't think I'm fantastic, but that some people do. And more so then that, I wanted to tell you all that I think YOU ladies are fantastic. I love visiting all your blogs and sharing all this with you! It is so nice to share this love of clothing, getting dressed up, fashion, ourselves, with one another. And I can't say it doesn't please me that you also think I'm fantastic; because hey, you're right. ;-)

outfit details:

shorts, vintage thrifted BCBG: $1
cardi, joe fresh style: $14
shirt, joe fresh style: $12
shoes, thrifted: $12
bracelet, tiffany & co.: gift from husband
scarf, thrifted: $3
being fantastic: all a matter of perspective

Heart: Kimberellie

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one” C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

why walk when you can strut?

Someone needed mommy snuggles when we first got to the beach. But it didn't take him long to feel better and start exploring.

"Why walk when you can strut?" K.L. Wiebe

I admit it, sometimes I feel like putting on my cowboy boots and walking away from blogging. Lately I have felt that way. But then I think how even if I did stop blogging, I couldn't stop reading other people's blogs. And then I know I would get sucked back in again. Plus, I like it here. It's nice. It gives me an excuse to dress up.

Also, this blog validates some of my more bizarre outfits. Well, they're not really bizarre, not in terms of what's "in" and what looks good. But compared to the hoodies and yoga pants many many many people wear, yes, bizarre.

It's nice to have other people "justify" my lack of hoodies and yoga pants. It's nice to share my love of fashion with people who also love fashion. Because people who don't love fashion, really don't seem to "get it".

You see, I have had people think, and surprisingly (surprising because it's so rude!) actually tell me:

I am shallow
I am totally not "in" (as was the case of skinny jeans four years ago! ha!)
I dress strangely
I am a shopaholic (though I admit, this one is probably true)

Now this outfit I admit, is bizarre. Well, at least the fact that I wore cowboy boots with it. I had heels on earlier; but we were headed to the beach. And everyone knows, cowboy boots are just perfect for the beach. So I shrugged my shoulders and said: "Whatever. People think I'm crazy anyway."

Though to be fair, and also because now a lot of you may now be thinking I only hang out critical dumb__s, most of my friends really dig my awesome duds. Though I don't think they're so keen on my slang. Because I'm fairly certain the word "duds" isn't cool. I'm afraid when it comes to slang I am so not especially "wid it".

outfit details:

boots, brahma: $300
blouse, banana republic: from a friend from her mother- in-law
skirt, thrifted: $3
glasses, vera wang via

cardigan, from winners: $5

wooden bangles, from bc ferries clearance section: $2.50 each

Heart: Kimberellie

EDIT: Because some of you are thinking I have really "nasty" friends, many of the above comments have come from an ex (the nastier ones) and my brothers (who actually have gotten better recently)!! So, I don't really take any of them seriously. I just know, for the few mean people who do say something there are multiple "nice" people who don't say anything but just raise their eyebrows. But, uh, I know I look good. ;-)

Preview of coming attractions: I got some TOTALLY AWESOME thrifted deals today. I will share them with you tomorrow!

ps. Want to see what was in the Aldo bag giveaway? I stuffed the bag with stuff! And Miss Snappy Q shows off the goods here. Take a close look kittens, because I am getting close to one hundred followers and thus I will have to do another giveaway soon!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

in the garden (my hair cut part deux)

I would love to say that this is my garden. But it isn't. In fact, I have no idea whose garden it is! We just really like it and thought that we would do pictures in front of it. The street is actually right in front of me; so we didn't have to go traipsing through a strangers yard or anything. Though I imagine this conversation happening just beyond the fence through the kitchen window:

Bill: "Martha, there are people in our front yard again."
Martha: "Taking pictures?"
Bill: "Sure looks like it. "
Martha: "Bill, this is your fault you know. You made that garden too darned pretty."
Bill: "Yup. I know."
Martha: "I'll get the gun."

Imagine very elderly voices with southern accents. Also imagine Martha wearing an apron.

outfit details:

dress, thrifted: $3.33

wooden bangles, on clearance from BC Ferries: $ 2.50 each

tights, thrifted (in the original package of course!): 50 cents
sparkle belt, from winners final clearance: $5
shoes, naturalizer: $30
pixie necklace: The Wardrobe Wanderer

leather vest, danier: anniversary gift from tall hot man
tiffany & co. bracelet: also a gift from the tall hot man

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. if you want to see the haircut I gave myself before I got it professionally "re-cut" go here.

I cut my own hair

can you spot the cheetah?

First, let me be the first to say it: I have been a bad blogger this week. Bad bad blogger. I tell you all that I am going to have a hair cut and that I am going to show you pictures; and then I don't. Bad Kimberellie.

Well, mostly it is because I forgot that we were going away this week. Though we have been back for awhile now.... So, uh, I'm a slacker. I would apologize more prettily but as far as I can tell nobody is paying me for my services here. And even if they were: I stand by my slacking.

These pictures are of my son and I at the zoo. It was so cool because he LOVED it.

Now prepare yourself for cute: When we got to the lions, I said to my son: "Look, a lion. Remember the lion from your book? Lions go ROAR." And then my son ROARED!!! At the lion! A LOT! So much so in fact, that the lion eventually roared back.

And about the hair? Well, I cut it myself. I had to. It made me. I'm impulsive. What else can I say? Oh, right, I did get it re-cut professionally yesterday. I will post pics of the professional cut tonight. I already have the post done so there can't be any slacking this time. I just need to press: "publish".


Monday, June 21, 2010

Because I am about to chop it all off

Because I am about to cut my hair, I wanted to show you all some hairstyles I have had in the past.

You see, it came to my attention (last night!) that my hair is no longer curly. I don' t know how this happened. Well, actually it is a strange story. It never used to be curly until three years ago when I met my husband. We started dating. My hair went curly. Seriously.

Pre-curly hair.

When it was pink!

I've actually had my hair really short many times.

Note: awesome natural curls.

After I gave birth to my son I got a super short hair cut. As I watched the curls fall I thought: "What have I done?" But then I thought: "Don't be silly. It will grow back in curly again." Only it didn't!!!Woe is me!

After the short hair cut that ended it all.

So for two short years I had the curly hair I always wanted. And now it is gone. Well, it is still sort of curly, but nowhere near as curly as it used to be. So I figure: "Hair, if you can't be curly I am going to cut you off. SO THERE." Because I have no real emotional attachment to my hair. Well, I did when it was curly. But apparently those days are over. SOB. Sigh...

Maybe one day it will go curly again. This is most certainly a hormonal thing. So I blame my son. In fact, he is getting a rather cute curl patch on the back of his head right now. He obviously stole my curls. He is a little blond haired curl thief.

Well, I digress. I won't cry. I will cut.

The curl thief during his sojourn in the womb.

So, uh, see you tonight with a lot less hair.

Heart: Kimberellie

Saturday, June 19, 2010

my undergarments are showing?!!!!

These first pictures are of me wearing this dress today.

Now I will share some pictures of me wearing this same dress just over two years ago:

You see, I never throw anything out. Though I have. And I have lived to regret it. For example: that billowy multi-coloured top, the really great sequined jacket, the acid wash capris, just to name a few, right off the top of my head, always on my mind, especially when I run out of hangers and think for a moment maybe I could just get some plastic bags and NO! Stop!! Remember the billowy top!

Also, my father was so kind as to point on my FB profile that in my last blog post a certain undergarment was visible. I don't know what to be more concerned about: that I am inadvertently showing off undergarments? or that father reads my blog?

outfit details:

dress, B Darlin: $80
shoes, thrifted:$4
leather vest, anniversary gift
necklace (that's a real shark tooth): $80
leather purse, thrifted: $10
top worn under dress, winners: $5


shoes, roberto vianni: $15
bathing suit, billabong or roxy or something like that: $100
purse, danier, gift from my husband
the husband himself: adorable

Heart: Kimberellie (who did notice the undergarment in question but didn't feel like photo shopping it out).

(Dad, note: in the second set of pics, that is my bathing suit underneath my dress).

also: props to my BFF (ha, always wanted to use that acronym) for IMMEDIATELY calling me up to tell me that some strange man had written on my FB wall about my undergarments. Now there's a good friend!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

please enter word verification: ubkillnow

adorable pendant by Tracy (I kind of think she looks like me when I had short hair) buy it here.

I HATE word verification.

Okay, let's not get crazy here. Because I understand it. It's important. It keeps the spam monsters away. So, hate, no. Despise? Yes. Wait a minute. That's just as bad.

But let's be reasonable here. It's not word verification overall that I hate. It's SNEAKY word verification. You know the kind that comes up AFTER you have left your comment? I mean, come on, it's annoying enough to have to write in "freakshmoo" when I know it's coming. But it's killer when it sneak attacks me.

It's like: "BAM, you thought you were done here? Oh, no. I don't think so. No navigating away from the page to go look up how to get red wine out of silk on wiki how. It's word verification time. You heard me. Now sit up straight and write "sillerbungus". Then drop and give me twenty."

Yes. I swear it's a real live entity. You heard it here first folks: word verification has become self-aware . Which is evidenced by how many times the "random words" aren't really random at all. Like that one day it was threatening me. Seriously, in one day I got: "killuhun" and something like: "nowudie". I suppose this shows the animosity goes both ways.

Maybe I shouldn't be writing this post at all. Well, if you don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know what's happened...

outfit details:

skirt, vintage thrifted: $3
pendant, made by Tracy The Weardrobe Wanderer: $14
necklace, silver thrifted: $4
shirt, gap on super clearance: $2
glasses, vera wang via
does anyone read all this?
shoes, roberto vianni on clearance: $15

evading the killer word verification monster: not as easy as you would think
random matching cat in photos: just good luck


"True friends stab you in the front." Oscar Wilde

I was just laying down, minding my own business, when suddenly! Out of nowhere! A crazed attack baby jumped out and got me!! It was frightful! It was sudden! It was out of nowhere!

Note: my baby doesn't have a mustache. That's dirt on his face. But it sure looks like a cute little french mustache! And goes perfect with the newboys cap!

Out of nowhere!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

hey I'm famous

(don't mind the bizarre angle of this pic. I was in a rush. And it was the only one that sort of turned out.)
Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one. C.S. Lewis

Lisa of Starship Narcissus Interviewed me. This makes me feel famous. Next up: my own Wikipedia entry. Actually I quite routinely ask my husband why I don't have my own Wikipedia entry. He says it is because I'm neither famous nor well known. I don't know about that. I mean, I spend more time thinking about me than I do about any celebrity (even Johnny Depp).

So to me, I'm as famous as it gets!! Actually, I suppose we are all each to ourselves as famous as it gets. As my son would say: "hmmmm". I wonder if this is why Facebook is so popular?

Anyway, feel free to read the interview. The most interesting part, for me, has been reading people's comments. People say different sorts of things ABOUT me than TO me, I am noticing. But it is all nice stuff. So, uh, feel free to go say some nice stuff about me (and if you're feeling really ambitious feel free to make a Wikipedia entry about can state my reason for fame as "pure fantasticness").

outfit details:

skirt, thrifted: $4
shoes, from sterling: $10
shirt, thrifted: $3
bow, waist tie from a skirt
bangle, thrifted: $1
watch, buffalo via winners: $60

Heart: Kimberellie

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Søren Kierkegaard

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I swear there is some sort of mass conspiracy to keep me away from blogging! I have a feeling the individual behind this conspiracy is very small and very cute. Yes. I am going to blame my son. Good mommy, hey?

You see, I do my blogging during nap time and night time. And lately I have been so exhausted from "awake time" that instead of blogging while my son is asleep I have been sprawled out on the couch reading. So you can also blame the really good book I've been seduced by (really you can blame anyone except me).*

As for this outfit, look:

What a difference a pair of 2 dollar shoe laces make! I switched the ugly flat light brown ones that came with the shoes for a pair of nice skinny dark brown ones that, I think, suit the shoes much better.

These are vintage Naturalizers that I picked up at V.V. for 8 bucks. I love Naturalizer---SO COMFORTABLE. And they have so many cool styles now. I particularly like these ones:

I don't just don't "get" uncomfortable shoes. I am not one of those girls who will go about in uncomfortable shoes all day because they look good. I refuse. Also, I do a lot of walking. And mostly, how the heck is it even possible? I don't get it. Don't your feet hurt???

Oh, what else is fun about these shoes, despite the fact that they are thrifted, is they are new. Yep, brand spakin' new. I love it when I find new items at thrift stores (esp. vintage ones!). I got my husband the coolest "new" vintage 70's shirt the other day (it still had its original creases). Oh, and also, I got a new (by new, I mean, never worn) brown leather purse as well, for a measly ten bucks!

Now, if you recall my shopping rules you will probably be wondering if I am all shopped out this month.

The answer is sadly: yes. No more thrifting until July. Though I have still to purchase my one new item... Any suggestions? Really, tell me what to buy and leave a link! The pic of the black shoes IS a link, btw, if you want to buy them. I know I do. When they're on sale, that is.

outfit details:

vintage naturalizer shoes: $8
new shoe laces: $2
dress, from a friend
scarf, thrifted anne klien: $3
bracelet, thrifted: $1
glasses, kate spade, via

Heart: Kimberellie

* Because I hate it when people mention books but are not specific: The Forgotten Garden. Totally recommend it! -also, I will show you the bag and the vintage shirt some time too, because I also hate it when people mention clothes sans pics!!

Oh, and I mentioned my son, so here's a pic! (my son is the one with the brown stuffy and runny nose). I spent yesterday morning looking after my nephew. I have to say, he was EASY. My son on the other hand (who is currently getting FOUR teeth) was as much work as two babies. :-)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

hello summer

"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." — C.S. Lewis*

Awhile back I mentioned how I wanted to wear this dress layered over a bathing suit and nothing else. Mission accomplished.

There's something about getting in the water with your clothes ON. It never ceases to thrill me to jump in the ocean/lake/river while still dressed. It's very freeing. You should try it.

Heart: Kimberellie

* I thought I would start just randomly sticking in random quotes that I like.

outfit details:

dress, winners: $3
bathing suit, winners: $19
necklace, thrifted: $1
glasses, kate spade via $68

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I miss you

I haven't been around. And I must say, I am missing it. I am missing YOU. All of you and your lovely lovely clothes. I know it has only been a few days. But it seems like so much longer to me (especially when I nap. Napping is a good way to get two days out of one).

And now I am afraid I cannot peruse all my favorite blogs right even now. Because right now I have to go to bed. But tomorrow, during nap time, I am going to do what I do best of all, I'm going to find somewhere cozy and small, oh, never mind, that's a children's book I am accidentally quoting.* Um... Right. What was I saying? Yes, tomorrow I am NOT going to curl up in a ball in bed and sleep. Instead I am going to catch up on all the blogs I have been missing.

outfit details:

skirt: from my sister-in-law
tights, joe fresh style: $4
shoes, naturalizer: $30
cardigan: from my step mother
shirt, gap, thrifted: $6
scarf, thrifted: $ 2
belt, thrifted: $1
glasses, kate spade via $68


*seriously one of the cutest kid's book ever: Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball

Monday, June 7, 2010

Please Don't Jump

If I have seemed a little absent lately it is because I have been rather overwhelmed by the response to the group I started on Facebook: Please Don't Jump. I read the secret Saturday night and I just couldn't brush my teeth and go to bed and do nothing.

So I started a group. It's gotten a little big. 26 thousand 2 hundred and 89 members as I type this.

It took me all of five minutes. I figured maybe a thousand people would join (and that was me being optimistic). ]I have to say, it was so gratifying to read one of Sunday's Secrets and finally be able to DO SOMETHING.

When I saw the secret I saw a person calling out for help to the whole world via Post Secret. Now the whole world appears to be calling back with words of love, encouragement, and even places to sleep! Seriously, I've lost count of how many times I have seen people offer their "couches" on the wall.

Some people have even posted their phone numbers. What strikes me is: these people are serious. They are seriously offering this person a place to stay! I just started a Facebook group. That's it. And yet people keep sending me messages telling me how wonderful I am. I don't know. I'm not offering my couch. I'm not posting my phone number. I am not Frank Warren of Post Secret . It's actually a little awkward and overwhelming everyone THANKING me. I don't understand it, to be perfectly honest. There are so many people who have done so much more.

All I did was start something. It was easy. I did not do the hard thing. I am not a volunteer for 1-800-SUICIDE. I am not one of the people who has gone on a hunger strike for the dream act.

I just made a group. The 26 thousand people who have joined have made the difference.

Heart: Kimberellie

--All I wanted was for the person who wrote the secret to notice the group and NOT jump. And you know what? I think he/she will definitely notice!!!