Friday, June 18, 2010

please enter word verification: ubkillnow

adorable pendant by Tracy (I kind of think she looks like me when I had short hair) buy it here.

I HATE word verification.

Okay, let's not get crazy here. Because I understand it. It's important. It keeps the spam monsters away. So, hate, no. Despise? Yes. Wait a minute. That's just as bad.

But let's be reasonable here. It's not word verification overall that I hate. It's SNEAKY word verification. You know the kind that comes up AFTER you have left your comment? I mean, come on, it's annoying enough to have to write in "freakshmoo" when I know it's coming. But it's killer when it sneak attacks me.

It's like: "BAM, you thought you were done here? Oh, no. I don't think so. No navigating away from the page to go look up how to get red wine out of silk on wiki how. It's word verification time. You heard me. Now sit up straight and write "sillerbungus". Then drop and give me twenty."

Yes. I swear it's a real live entity. You heard it here first folks: word verification has become self-aware . Which is evidenced by how many times the "random words" aren't really random at all. Like that one day it was threatening me. Seriously, in one day I got: "killuhun" and something like: "nowudie". I suppose this shows the animosity goes both ways.

Maybe I shouldn't be writing this post at all. Well, if you don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know what's happened...

outfit details:

skirt, vintage thrifted: $3
pendant, made by Tracy The Weardrobe Wanderer: $14
necklace, silver thrifted: $4
shirt, gap on super clearance: $2
glasses, vera wang via
does anyone read all this?
shoes, roberto vianni on clearance: $15

evading the killer word verification monster: not as easy as you would think
random matching cat in photos: just good luck


"True friends stab you in the front." Oscar Wilde

I was just laying down, minding my own business, when suddenly! Out of nowhere! A crazed attack baby jumped out and got me!! It was frightful! It was sudden! It was out of nowhere!

Note: my baby doesn't have a mustache. That's dirt on his face. But it sure looks like a cute little french mustache! And goes perfect with the newboys cap!

Out of nowhere!


  1. I read it all, yes!

    And I also believe word verification is sentient. Explain why after a certain hour, I start getting ones implying it is late or that I need to sleep if this is not the case. Never have I been threatened, however. That is disturbing...but then again, I'm not writing that I have ill feelings towards the program. Which I clearly DO NOT. Just to be clear, word verification...

  2. That last picture is a classic!

    I love orange and red together. Looking great.

  3. I love the bright colors in your outfit. You always look so cheerful!

    The last picture is amazing. I'm going to go ahead and pretend that dirt is a moustache.

  4. Lol, I hate word verification too, that's why I finally removed it from my blog. It's annoying, and I've gotten some really funny ones before too.

    Oh, and as usual, you look great!

  5. Ha ha ha ha! You have the funniest blog. And the best style and the cutest baby.

    I don't mind word verification one bit, but maybe that's because I remember fighting spammers without it. Believe me, between garbled nonsense words and evil evil spam, you want the garbled nonsense every time.

  6. i hate word verifications gahhh!
    as i am commenting i havnt seen one on ypur blog yet, but when i click post and i get one i will be very dissapointed....
    haha your blog is awesome! keep up the good stuff and ill be back for sure!


  7. Hahaha, I hate word verification too!! I love your necklace, by the way!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. oooohhh, word verification is my nemesis! there is one kind that i always get wrong the first time. i have a hard enough time typing normal words but when you start adding in letters and numbers that make no sense, i'm done for. and a lot of blogs take a long time to refresh after you post a comment and before the word verification comes up and i sometimes forget and then close the page and then my comment is lost forever! makes me mad! anyway, love the photos. great shoes, and i love the baby hand in your eyeball :)

  9. hahha i hate word verification too - once i got "cheese" which was word verification's way of trying to make me laugh and forget that I actually hate it. It almost worked.

    I love the combination of orange and red here - inspiring.

  10. I love the bold colored look, especially that adorable red skirt! The photo of you on the bench with your son is so cute!

  11. Love this outfit, the colours are so vibrant!SarahD:)

  12. I hate word verification, that's why I turned mine off. The words are downright odd, just like some kind of subliminal message.
    Loving the jewel-coloured combo today and who does that sneaky cat belong to? Rather a stylish looking beast, I reckon.

  13. Aww..I love the little guys mustache...and I love this bright happy outfit (Looks like you're actually getting nice weather in that part of BC)...
    And I'm sorry I have word verification on my blog...but in my defence, I took it off once...and 5 minutes later I had a comment from a up it went again...I think (hope) that at least my word verification comes up right away...

  14. Ah Kim! I'm so glad you like the pendant. I do think she look like you with your pixie cut--I saw some pics on facebook ;) I really like the necklace that you put the pendant on! I think I need to look into offering those if I can find any that are cost effective.
    Thanks so much for sharing it here; I sure appreciate it! I love these are such a doll :)

  15. oh, and I agree, word verification=suckish it drives me crazy too!

  16. orange and red looks good together on you.

    i removed the word verification on my site but i just had the approval thing due to spam comments.

    what a cute last picture with your little one attacking you hihi..

  17. Love the orange and red together! Colors scare me a little... You are brave in my eyes!!

    Enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  18. Oh my god.... I can NOT stand captcha!!! It sucks!!! I hate when I type a whole lengthly comment and then push submit because the word verification doesn't appear, and THEN after that it shows up. And I close out of the page JUST as I see it and then I'm like "shoooot...I really can't retype all of that"

    sad day.

    But you look gorgeouss!! I love every look of yours :)

  19. i know EXACTLY what you mean! i get the craziest words too sometimes. it's quite annoying. :(

    but on the bright side, i love the bright colors of your outfit! they are so pretty together and look great on you :)

    erin :)

  20. i really like the color combo! and i totally am not a big fan of word verification either.

  21. I hate word verification too... sometimes, that's the cause of my failure to comment... it takes a longer time to wait for the word especially if the internet connection is slow.

    Love the colors of your outfit today... so fun and flirty. Happy weekend K! xoxo

  22. As your father, I must chime in and say that your undergarments are showing in some of the photos. I'm not judging... just saying.

  23. I hate it too, I turned it off on my website I hope but one time I noticed it had reset to on so let me know because I do not have a spam problem on my blog. Love those bright cheery colors on you, adorable.

  24. oh and I am growing my hair out takes so long esp because last year I bleached the front. I love short hair too so it has been a lesson in was next to impossible to do when I worked at a salon.


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