Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I swear there is some sort of mass conspiracy to keep me away from blogging! I have a feeling the individual behind this conspiracy is very small and very cute. Yes. I am going to blame my son. Good mommy, hey?

You see, I do my blogging during nap time and night time. And lately I have been so exhausted from "awake time" that instead of blogging while my son is asleep I have been sprawled out on the couch reading. So you can also blame the really good book I've been seduced by (really you can blame anyone except me).*

As for this outfit, look:

What a difference a pair of 2 dollar shoe laces make! I switched the ugly flat light brown ones that came with the shoes for a pair of nice skinny dark brown ones that, I think, suit the shoes much better.

These are vintage Naturalizers that I picked up at V.V. for 8 bucks. I love Naturalizer---SO COMFORTABLE. And they have so many cool styles now. I particularly like these ones:

I don't just don't "get" uncomfortable shoes. I am not one of those girls who will go about in uncomfortable shoes all day because they look good. I refuse. Also, I do a lot of walking. And mostly, how the heck is it even possible? I don't get it. Don't your feet hurt???

Oh, what else is fun about these shoes, despite the fact that they are thrifted, is they are new. Yep, brand spakin' new. I love it when I find new items at thrift stores (esp. vintage ones!). I got my husband the coolest "new" vintage 70's shirt the other day (it still had its original creases). Oh, and also, I got a new (by new, I mean, never worn) brown leather purse as well, for a measly ten bucks!

Now, if you recall my shopping rules you will probably be wondering if I am all shopped out this month.

The answer is sadly: yes. No more thrifting until July. Though I have still to purchase my one new item... Any suggestions? Really, tell me what to buy and leave a link! The pic of the black shoes IS a link, btw, if you want to buy them. I know I do. When they're on sale, that is.

outfit details:

vintage naturalizer shoes: $8
new shoe laces: $2
dress, from a friend
scarf, thrifted anne klien: $3
bracelet, thrifted: $1
glasses, kate spade, via

Heart: Kimberellie

* Because I hate it when people mention books but are not specific: The Forgotten Garden. Totally recommend it! -also, I will show you the bag and the vintage shirt some time too, because I also hate it when people mention clothes sans pics!!

Oh, and I mentioned my son, so here's a pic! (my son is the one with the brown stuffy and runny nose). I spent yesterday morning looking after my nephew. I have to say, he was EASY. My son on the other hand (who is currently getting FOUR teeth) was as much work as two babies. :-)



  1. Awww..they both have almost identical looks on their faces!!
    I'd say good call on the new they look like cute oxfords...not bowling ones..haha
    (I just bought some metallic oxfords on my trip to Calgary, and my sis-in-law told me they look like bowling I'm at a loss on how to wear hoo..)

  2. Goshhhhhh your son couldn't get any cuter. I hope my children are as cute as your darling!!! I miss your blog posts- but alas, you are not the one to blame :) Amazing shoes!!! Thrifting is the best. I found a great plaid "hip" shirt for my boyfriend (am i the only one that hates the term boyfriend?? because I do) for 2 dollars the other day!!

    You're the cutest, Kimberellie!

  3. the skinny laces do make your shoes look so much better, and i love the face your nephew is making. it's like he's skeptical of whatever it is he's watching.

  4. i love your dress!! and good call on the laces. and i'm going to check into that book. i'm in the market for a good one.

  5. Can't you just tell those two are cousins? I think it must be the first time I've seen Soren without a huge smile, bless him, he's still adorable.
    Loving today's outfit and those shoe look utterly fabulous on, I can't believe a lace can make such a huge difference.
    I'm off to check your recommended read out on Amazon.

  6. A conspiracy theory? But the culprit is lovable and so adorable so let's forgive him.

    I love your shoes... nice work on the laces. xoxo

  7. I love Naturalizer! There is a Naturalizer outlet near-ish my parents' house. Best thing ever.

  8. Well, what a difference a shoe lace makes!

    You know there are some sentences you never imagine yourself saying and that was one of them. Not that it's particularly outrageous or anything but, it just seems odd. Small maybe.

    I'm glad I get to say small things.

  9. The shoes look totally chic with the new laces. Your whole outfit is so cute, I just love seeing what you do with scarves!!! (and I just added the book to my reading list, it looks wonderful)

  10. nice dress...

    i have thought about buying naturalizer and i have heard good reviews about those shoes.

    those little ones are so cute, can i borrow one?

  11. What an adorable picture of your son! Such a cutie. Ahhhh, getting four teeth at once??? Eek! Bella got two at once last month, and I averaged about four hours of sleep a night. Hope you're getting more!!

    And boy, oh boy, can I relate to the blogging time = nap time and bed time. I hear ya loud and clear.

  12. I just posted your interview, it is fantastic!

  13. love those naturalizers... so cute... like a unique twist on the mary jane, which i am also a big fan of. i love the stitching detail up the back.

    you look lovely as always... love the tied scarf around your neck... i've been wanting to wear a similar look with a button up sleeveless blouse... kind of sailorish...

    anyways... your son and nephews are cuties!

  14. that was supposed to say nephew... as in singular :D haha

  15. oh, how cute are your brown shoes <3

    and yeah, I did see the science of sleep. michel gondry is one of my favorite directors and isn't gael garcia bernal just a cutie pie?

  16. I love your outfit!!!! I read your interview on Starship Narcissus, I so agree with what you said about the 50s and 60s, and how they were all about accentuating womens' natural shapes and beauty!! You have such great style, I have a new favourite blog!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  17. My name is Andrea and I work at Naturalizer. Needless to say I LOVE shoes! I love the Fauna! It's one of my favorites! Great pick!!!

  18. Love the thrill of finding a super thrifting deal! (which explains my bursting closet...) Love the changes you've made to your shoes with those little lace changes.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  19. You look SO amazing, couldn't believe you were a mom! (sorry must be stereotypes?) That outfit almost costless, is FABULOUS. and your son is very very adorable :)


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