Monday, June 21, 2010

Because I am about to chop it all off

Because I am about to cut my hair, I wanted to show you all some hairstyles I have had in the past.

You see, it came to my attention (last night!) that my hair is no longer curly. I don' t know how this happened. Well, actually it is a strange story. It never used to be curly until three years ago when I met my husband. We started dating. My hair went curly. Seriously.

Pre-curly hair.

When it was pink!

I've actually had my hair really short many times.

Note: awesome natural curls.

After I gave birth to my son I got a super short hair cut. As I watched the curls fall I thought: "What have I done?" But then I thought: "Don't be silly. It will grow back in curly again." Only it didn't!!!Woe is me!

After the short hair cut that ended it all.

So for two short years I had the curly hair I always wanted. And now it is gone. Well, it is still sort of curly, but nowhere near as curly as it used to be. So I figure: "Hair, if you can't be curly I am going to cut you off. SO THERE." Because I have no real emotional attachment to my hair. Well, I did when it was curly. But apparently those days are over. SOB. Sigh...

Maybe one day it will go curly again. This is most certainly a hormonal thing. So I blame my son. In fact, he is getting a rather cute curl patch on the back of his head right now. He obviously stole my curls. He is a little blond haired curl thief.

Well, I digress. I won't cry. I will cut.

The curl thief during his sojourn in the womb.

So, uh, see you tonight with a lot less hair.

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  1. i love the short hair on you! you look like audrey hepburn!

  2. totally agree with Mariel... that is exactly what I thought when I was looking at the photos... soooo Audrey!

  3. I think you will look great no matter what..
    Have you tried thinning it out ever? That might bring back the curl!
    PS Thanks for the Vote

  4. Oh no! I mourn the loss of your curls for you. I grew up begging mother nature to give me wavy princess hair. I finally got it in college because of a medication I went on to even out some hormone wonkiness. I am terrified of the day my doctor suggests I go off it or switch to something else!

  5. i love your short hair!!! especially when you were wearing the sunglasses. i know all about weird hair. i had curly hair as a child, then as i got older it got really straight with this one wayward section in the back of my head that was wavy. then in college, i cut my hair super short and had it that way for the four years there, grew it out a little bit for my wedding then chopped it off again until about 6 months after my son was born. i started to grow it out and realized that it was much curlier. and for the last few years it has gotten progressively curlier. so odd. i love it but it's odd.

  6. you have a great ability to wear a multitude of styles... jealous!

  7. You're gonna match your pixie girl! :D I think you look great in every style--lucky gal ;) I've wondered about the pixie cut, but not sure I could pull it off..but you certainly can!

  8. I can't wait to see your hair chopped off. You look great with or without curls, I love you in short hair too. xoxo

  9. I'm excited to see your new do!

  10. Wow, you looked so amazing with the pixie cut! I don't know if you're going quite that short again, but you certainly wear it well.

    I like the pink hair, too. Gangstaaaaa.

  11. I think the super short hair is my favorite on you (after viewing these photos)! You wear it SO well! Can't wait to see the new do!!

  12. Wow that third picture is stunning!! I love the pixie cut on you!!! And I was astounded by the pink hair, so dope!!

  13. How exciting! I hope you love it :)

    One down side for having curly hair is that it is really hard to get a good cut. The last one I had was SO much shorter than I wanted and though I was determined not to be a girl that cried over a bad hair cut, I was pretty upset. It grew out into a great cut about 3 weeks later but it was touch and go there for a bit.

    Thanks for sharing all of your different styles, you're quite the chameleon :)

  14. You look absolutely gorgeous in every shot. If I looked good with short hair I'd definately go for it, really makes a woman stand out from the crowd.
    I remember seeing an Italian woman on holiday years ago with a buzz cut and a vintage floral dress, so fabulous I never forgot her.
    Good luck!

  15. Your short hair is so pretty. You suit long or short, lucky thing.
    I've heard of this before, babies stealing curls. Or thickness of hair. :)
    Excited for the new do reveal!


  16. I really love your blog, the photos are great and a great inspiration :)
    You post really cool stuff and i'll
    be back soon to check out more.
    Hope your having a great week!

    Maybe you can check out mine if you get some time?

  17. I adore your pixie hair cut, and the pink hair actually looks really cute on you too.

    I know what you mean about the curls. I had very straight hair growing up and wished I had curly hair. Then it did get curly, right around the time when straight hair became popular, lol. Oh, well, I just deal with it now.

    Your hair looks great no matter what though, so that's always nice.

  18. Do the Audrey!!!! You totally have the bone structure and the jawline for that cut! I had it once and it never came close to looking that good. I'm like, fuming with envy for your ability to carry short cuts. Lucky lucky girl you, curl or no curl! (which btw, I think they both look super:))

  19. You are so beautiful! You have a radiant smile, and your hair looks amazing no matter what you do with it.
    In reply to you comment - I would love to be your featured blog of the moment, would be an honor!
    Looking forward to seeing the new hair..

  20. excited to see your hair!!! i love you with really short hair too... not everyone can wear that look :)

  21. aww.. this post is really cute. you have a very pretty face, so it doesn't matter what haircut you sport. it'll fit you perfectly. and can i just say you look more feminine with short hair - beautiful! plus the baby bump photo - adorable!! :)

  22. You look awesome in short hair...

    - joy

  23. You've had such a wonderful variety of cute hair styles. i'm going to remember this post for the next time I see my hair stylist!

  24. go for supershort again, looks AMAZING on you!


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