Saturday, June 5, 2010

i'm not going to stop. i'm just not.

Really, I won't stop. Being awesome? Good guess (and true). But not what I'm referring to (plus I just can't stop being awesome. I tried. It was painful).

What I won't stop doing is wearing this vest.

What can I say? It's PERFECT. It's really a very versatile piece I am finding, excellent for the sort of weather we are having (the versatile sort).

Well, for once I am afraid I haven't really anything to say. But I would like to ask a favor from all of you. You see, I want a brown suede fringe bag. Vintage, new, old, dark brown, caramel, whatever. Just so long as it has a shoulder strap (can't be expected to carry a bag AND a baby). I figure that will be my one purchase for the month of June (see here).

So yes, if anyone stumbles across one whilst roaming the web--let me know!!! Oh, and one more thing, under a hundred bucks. Because the tall hot man who buys me stuff isn't made of money. He's made of tall hotness.

outfit details:

dress, thrifted: $3
tube dress, worn underneath, thrifted: $1
leather vest, danier: gift from husband
shoes: $10
glasses, vera wang via $68
sparkly bracelet, tiffany & co: gift from husband
sparkly jellyfish, made by God: from the ocean (and tossed back in, albeit it was already dead, nonetheless, we didn't keep or eat it)

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. I am in LOVE with this in the world did you find something so amazing for so cheap...jealous!!! And yes that vest is amazing as well!

  2. Wow, that is some dress! Very pretty.

  3. Kimberelliee!!! You look like a fairy! A divine gorgeous fairy that prances with the best of them and makes all the other fairies jealous! I love your dress- and I can tell that you are loving it too :). Your smile is so sweet.

    Ha- I love your description of your man :)

    Thank you always for the kind words- the momma being proud of me one almost made me tear up!

    You're sweeter than sugar.

  4. That dress is amazing! You are definitely awesome!

  5. Your absolutely gorgeous i love your dress so much <3

  6. I love the dress! It looks perfect for summer :D.

    Also, the jellyfish haha XD.

  7. That dress is stunning...I can't believe it was only $3. Amazing!sarahD

  8. You look gorgeous! That jellyfish is amazing, it almost defies belief that anything this beautiful is natural.

  9. love the dress and that last pic is so amazingly in focus of the jelly fish

  10. Ah, that first picture of you is AMAZING! You do look like a fairy--a beautiful, graceful ivory skinned princess fairy! I think I want to live where you live--it looks like SUCH a beautiful place :) (perfect surroundings for an awesome princess fairy to float about in ;) )

  11. Oh my goodness, what a darling dress! And perfect backdrop too! I love these photos, girl. So pretty. xo

  12. um! Yes!! Please don't stop wearing that vest! Its incredible! and these photos are all kinds of beautifulness!

    Oh, and yes I was laughing the whole time I wrote that poem! I actually had to change a few lines right before i went to the presses since it was almost too snarky! I am happy you got it, and got a chuckle!

  13. Oh! How gorgeous is that dress! It's so grecian and looks absolutely perfect with those shoes.

    The detail in that last picture is amazing.

  14. This dress drew a big Oooohhhh!!!! from my lips as soon as I scrolled down the page. Stunning.

  15. i have a dress that is somewhat similar is color scheme but 100X more transparent so i mentally clapped in approval when i saw yours :-) have i mentioned how cute your little boy is?! because he's really REALLY cute.

  16. Beautiful dress! Like stunning actually!! And I'm all caught up on your vest posts and I have to say, I can see why you are wearing it so much, so versatile and chic. :) You look fabulous!

  17. What a beautiful dress! I cannot believe it was $3!


  18. That dress is STUNNING! The silhouette is so elegant and I love the fabric!

  19. you look so lovely in that dress!


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