Wednesday, June 2, 2010

all hail Kimberellie

I wrote the following paragraph yesterday having no idea that today I would be famous:

I'm glad you all liked my lace dress. Yes. It is lovely. It is hanging in my closet right now anticipating our next outing. Do you know what else is hanging in my closet anticipating our next outing? I will tell you: my spiffy new leather vest. Yes. I got a leather vest as an anniversary present from someone tall who loves me. You will be seeing it very soon; I am certain.

So here you are not only SEEING the spiffy new anniversary vest. But also you are witness to history: Kimberellie on the front page of Chictopia. BAM! I can't tell you how superiffic excited and WOWED this makes me. I am totally floored to be honest. I am not exactly what you would call a "chic" chictopian. I have a tendency to slack off there. It's just so hard to have a blog AND a Chictopia account AND a baby. I mean, there is, after all, only one of me.

And that one of me is BAM! on the front page of Chictopia (if you feel a compulsion to keep clicking the link I totally understand). Now let me say it again. Because I really like the way it sounds. BAM!!! Chictopia front page! Yeah to awesomeness! Yeah to ME!

The funny thing is, as I was putting the pics up I was thinking: "I wonder if this is 'the outfit' that will land me on the front page of Chictopia?" No lie. You see, the front page of Chictopia has been a goal of mine. Though I didn't always think that thought for every pic (some are admittedly not up to snuff). But this one I most certainly did! So uh, I gotta say it again BAM! front page of Chictopia! Oh, it just isn't getting old! And in case you are reading my archives (of course you are, I'm famous!) here it is for perpetuity:

So yeah. This makes me happy. My long standing desire to take over the world is finally coming to fruition. Soon you will all be bowing before my metaphorical throne, real thrones are so late nineties, and feeding me grapes, while fanning me with palm fronds (I'm old school when it comes to how I like to be deified).

We (I am henceforth assuming the royal "we") would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being followers, for thinking I'm special, for being so insightful and genius to have come to this brilliant and most accurate conclusion, that I am laudable, before the masses. We shall not forget your early and faithful patronage. We assure you your loyalty will not be passed over when we are looking for cabinet members in our totalitarian despotism...I mean democracy.

outfit details:

leather vest: anniversary gift
skirt, thrifted gap: $3
shoes, vintage thrifted: $3
socks, ardene: $1
shirt, jacob: $12
glasses, vera wang via $68
bracelet, tiffany & co.: gift from husband
ego: all mine

All hail: Kimberellie

Oh, and all hail (albeit a little less than me) Miss Q of Snappy Q for taking the awesome photographs that have skyrocketed me to fame, fortune, and eventual dictatorship.

As my first order of business I will be appointing my son prime minister of adorable:


  1. I saw your feature on chictopia and was super excited, as evidenced by the comment I left on your actual blog post. Always good to see the one you're following accepted by the masses! Now don't get too famous or I'll call you a sell out and start wearing all black in protest.

    And this vest is killing it. Love it with the printed skirt!

  2. Nice!!! :D

    Congrats!!! :D

    Cute skirt :)

  3. Congrats!!! really excited for you. BAM!!! I think I might get addicted to this BAM thing. you crack me up miss Kimberellie, you're so funny :)

  4. aawww.. your son is so adorable!!!
    and congrats on being featured in chictopia!!! you deserve it! :D

    the bam thing is really funny! hhaha! i found myself really stating it with feelings! hahaha!

    Animated Confessions

  5. Congrats ! That's so nice !
    And your son is adorable !

  6. Ok, ok.

    a) I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT TODAY! I'm sorry, but that vest and that skirt totally justify yelling. You look like an old school pilot only cooler. I. Am. Jealous.

    b) Congratulations on your fame. Good to see that it hasn't gone to your head ;)

    c) You're wearing anchor socks! Argh! I don't think I could be any more enamoured with an outfit.

  7. Congratulations!! That's awesome. Lovely to see you've kept your humility and modesty about you. (Seriously, this post cracked me up! You're hilarious!)

    I would vote for your son as Prime Minister of Adorable no question. He's a gorgeous baby!

    Love the outfit too! So many great pieces and you make them all work!!

  8. I am glad to provide my assistance in your dictatorial ambitions. But seriously, it was all that awesome outfit and your general amazingness that got you to the front cover. All I did was capture it on non-film. Way to go Kimberellie!
    And I am loving the anniversary vest!

  9. your son = so cute! i love your outfit too:) amazing

  10. so excited for you! that really was such a great photo and your looked amazing in that dress! you totally deserve the front page! and i love that vest! what a great gift. i think that tall man who loves you is a definite keeper :)

  11. Hahaha! You are awesome, fabulous and so popular. Congrats on the Chictopia frontpage. Can you appoint me as the Secretary of the Fabulous Department, your highness?

    BTW, I love your leather vest... nice color.

    Have a great day and get out of that pajamas now. Hahaha!

  12. I saw your photo on chictopia yesterday and am so happy for you. That is such a great pic of you!

  13. That's awesome--you're famous!! I can see why they picked ya!

    Also, that vest kicks ass.

  14. I saw you on there yesterday!! I was so excited. I loveeeeeeee your lacy dress! Congrats!

  15. Yay!! That's so exciting...
    SOOO jealous!!! but I won't hate you for it..haha
    I LOVE this vest!!! and I LOVE it with that skirt!!

  16. Very cool on the Chictopia cover--Congrats! The pics in your lace dress are so lovely--you deserved it! I have slacked off and gotten lazy about posting there, but maybe I will try and get back on it :)

    You look so cute in this outfit too, by the way :D


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