Friday, February 25, 2011

is it a boy or girl baby? I KNOW! I KNOW!

Okay, I am going to blog quick because I feel like it.  And for some reason I have been on the computer all day.  Okay, not all day.  I went out. Twice.  I cleaned.  I played with the little man who is always about.  Yes.  It just seems like more than usual.

HEY!  I went to a sale today.  No, not today, Thursday.  I bought stuff.  A LOT of stuff.  I bought 20 assorted articles of clothing.  Yes. 20. Crazy.  YES it is.  All for the cheery tune of $84 dollars.  Really.  Even crazier.  Do you want to see the clothes?  Probably.  Well, I don't want to photograph them.  I am not that cool (motivated).  Maybe my husband will help me tomorrow.  We'll see.

But WAIT A MINUTE KIMBERELLIE!  Why are you talking about CLOTHES?  Didn't something ELSE happen on Thursday???  Didn't you find out what flavour baby you are having?  Why yes.  Yes I did.  Now that you mention it, I do remember finding this information out.

Do you want to know?  I suppose you do.  Well then, in that case, I'll tell you:
(suspense dots)

Yep, pretty soon I will have a blog partner.  Yes, I do intend on showing the world my baby girl all dressed up with no place to crawl!

Okay.  Now I am going to read about Rand al'Thor.  Yes.  That's right, I'm down with that.

outfit total: $45

cardi, from Lee
boots, from winners: $18
purple velvet skirt, jacob: $20
tights, ardene: $3
shirt, thrifted: $4
hair bow, a scarf: 25 cents
brooches, assorted: cheap

Heart: Kimberellie

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

maniacal poncho

I like this shawl? poncho? cape?  WHAT THE HECK IS IT?  I think it's a poncho.  But that's just me.  That's just me in a super shawlesque poncho cape.  Yep.  Here I am: capified.  Ponchified.  Shawl-ED.  I like it.  And I got it for a dollar.  How's them bananas?  Ripe I bet.  Ripe and yellow.  Not like those nasty green bananas that were in the store all winter and wouldn't for their little banana lives turn yellow and ripe-ify.  Nasty things.

I also like my leggings.  Super special, hey?  I got them for 8 dollars.  That's 7 dollars more than my poncho.  They are purcle.  That's how my son says purple.  Did I mention yet he can count?  Well, kind of.  He does know his numbers 1 to 10.  He seems to really like numbers.  He points them out wherever we go.  "Three!  Three!" he'll exclaim when we are in the number three check out at the grocery store.  My husband says it's because he has accountant genes in him.  I'm not so sure; I'm still set on him being a world famous fashion designer.

Notice the bow is in my hair again?  It will be there for awhile yet.  Or something like it.  The hair is getting longer.  Mine hair.  Mine.  Also another phrasing I have picked up from mine son.  Not my hair.  MINE hair. It's cute.  I'm cute.  I know.  But right, I was saying: I'm going to grow it out.  I hope it is still curly.  You may think this is a strange hope considering, why wouldn't it be?  I just cut it; I didn't alter my hair gene structure.  But uh, for 25 years of my life it wasn't curly.  It wasn't curly until I started dating my husband then it WAS curly.  Suddenly.  All of a sudden.  Very curly.  Corkscrew ringlet curly (don't bother to look at the archives...short hair has ruled for all of blog history).  But yes.  Curly.  No apparent reason.  So far as I could tell.  STOP USING FRAGMENT SENTENCES.  Anyway, I figure if it could just go curly for no reason at all, it could also just stop being curly, right?  Maybe.  Hair is crazy.  It's maniacal.  Or maybe I just like to say maniacal (in my head. I'm saying it in my head!).

atrocious grammar and punctuation, Kimberellie.  Go to bed.

outfit total: $47.25

poncho, thrifted, hand made: $1
boots, via winners: $25
socks, ardene: $3
leggings, via winners: $8
shorts, also via winners (I like winners): $5
gloves, cole haan via winners: $5 (the rest of the things have their own brands too.  But I'm too lazy to check)
grey cardigan: gift from Lee (I haven't forgotten your parcel!  I haven't!)
bow, a scarf I tied in a bow ;-): 25 cents
black shirt: clothes swapped

Heart: ME

ps. I just noticed I'm like a Houdini.  Facing forward...just Kimberellie.  Turn to the side: BAM!  There's a baby bump!  Yep.  I'm MAGIC.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

inspiration hello creation babies and photographs

Meandering around on Chictopia makes me want to get dressed.  I would LOVE to be more creative in the way I dress.  Hello, that site is inspiring.  I just adore the clothes and the photos and well, I LOVE it.  Yes, I love clothes.  I love pictures of clothes.  I love wearing clothes.  One day, I think, when all my children are teenagers I will go back to school and get a degree in Fashion Design.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  Oh, yes it would.

You know, I think I'd like to work for a fashion magazine best.  I'd like to write about clothes.  I'd like to test drive clothes.  Mmmm...I am salivating just thinking about it!  That said, I probably won't.  More likely I will write a novel or paint a series of dramatic semi-abstract forest paintings.  Yes.  I want to do THAT.  I want to do a series of tree paintings.  I love to paint trees.  On water colour canvas, with collage, pen and ink, gel pens, sparkle!.  Mmmmm....I am salivating just thinking about it!

Apparently it has been some time since I have done anything more creative than dress myself.  But it is hard to be creative when you're only free time is mostly consumed by sleeping.  Yesterday for an hour of my son's two hour nap, I napped too.  Last night I went to bed when my son did.  So yeah.  There hasn't been much time.  Well, at least I haven't been awake for it.

But cry not nonmother types who aspire yet to be so!  It isn't like this all the time.  And one day it will let up (when I am not pregnant and have children instead of toddlers..right?).  And for the time being, by golly, I think it's worth it.  After all, what's more creative than raising children?  You know that feeling when you look at something that you have written/painted/styled/photographed/crafted/sewn, that feeling of: "Wow, I did that?  AMAZING."  Well, with your child it isn't like that at all.  That example is a poor shadow of the beauty, astonishment, pride, and deep joy that comes from even simply staring at your child's perfect profile.

Sometimes I would paint a picture and I would look at after and think: "There is no way I made this.  I am just not that talented/able."  I very often felt this way, actually, as if there was a true magic behind the art.  When I look at my son I glimpse that magic even further.  When the sun falls on his eyelashes, just so, I see very clearly the magic of the world beyond seeing, and the brilliance of a God beyond knowing.  For me there is no denying that life is infinitely meaningful and ultimately beautiful when I look at my little boy.  So I can wait to paint pictures and design clothing.  In the meantime, I intend to enjoy being inspired.

outfit total: $40.25

quilted suede boots, winners: $25
leggings, winners: $8
dress, winners: $3
shirt worn under dress: clothes swap
scarf tied as a hair bow, thrifted: 25 cents
silver necklace, thrifted: $4
brooch, gift from husband, tilly bloom
tiffany's bracelet, gift from husband
silver ring, gift from husband

Heart: Kimberellie  

Saturday, February 12, 2011

what is kimberellie up to?

Well, I thought I would post and tell you all what I am up to.

Not much.

During nap time (my son's) I often nap.  When it isn't nap time, I am not blogging.  I am not on the computer.  I am not really doing anything useful (sometimes I am cleaning).  If anyone here has a toddler, she will understand. Well, unless your toddler doesn't object to you being on the computer (either by grabbing at the mouse and saying: "Done!" or by saying: "Mommy lap?").  Either way, I figure when my son's awake we should be playing with toys.

Then there's night time.  I sleep then.  My son goes to bed before me, yes.  But not long after I am in bed.  So that basically leaves very little time for, well, anything.

Things I'd like to do:

1. Make a baby scrapbook for this baby.
2. Finish crocheting the baby blanket.
3. Make an owl pillow.
4. Paint the tree pictures I have in my imagination.
5. Sculpt the clay sculpture I have in my imagination (which I will actually do, because I will have a chance to fire and glaze it easy peasy if I get it done by Thursday).
6. Blog.
7. Organize my house.
8. Organize my closet.
So yeah.  I'm not doing any of these things either.  BUT, I am still taking photos for this blog (it'll be fun later to see what I wore when I was pregnant).  And I fully intend to post them all eventually.  And you will see pictures of the baby when he/she is born.  And around the end of this month when we find out the gender, I will pop in to tell you all.  But, otherwise, I wouldn't expect a lot out of me if I were you (I certainly don't).  I'm very tired.  I like to sleep.  I'm like a bear right now.  Grrrrr.  Pregancy hibernation has set in.  I'm just going to eat chips and enjoy it.

outfit total:  $51

silence and noise sweater dress, thrifted: $12
sequined leggings, winners: $3
naturalizer shoes: $30
cardigan, winners: $5
curtsy brooch, tilly bloom: Christmas present from husband (super cool stuff here)
deer brooch, thrifted (it was garish and gold and red and green and I spray painted it silver): $1

Heart: Kimberellie

Sunday, February 6, 2011

a sneeeeaaaak peeeaaak

I can't post long as we are going to the toy store any minute now.  I have to buy my Scheile animal toy.  I mean, MY SON'S animal toy.  I buy one a month...for my son.  Stupid little plastic animals are at the very least, 4 dollars (I think they go up to 8 dollars...depending on the toy).  And anyway, HEY!  I'm back!
I started this.  And then I left.  And then I came back again.  And look here I am, with a brand new piggie!  Pretty fricken' cute, hey?  But uh, probably don't want to hear me go on about little plastic animals.  So how about a sneak peak?

A Sneak Peak (into the life of Kimberellie):


The husband is cooking homemade mac and cheese for dinner.
I am backseat cooking: "Remember don't put all the cheese in the sauce...layer it!"
Soren is scavaging for food in the cupboards and bringing out dozens of boxes of mini raisons.  He is also playing guitar (sort of).
I am writing a blog (yes, in case it wasn't apparent).


Came back from the toy store, the grocery store, and Liquidation World.

We bought:

A piglet.  A baby bottle (one of those ones that "magically" empties).  Soren insisted on the baby bottle.  So far he has fed both his baby dolls but refuses to feed baby ba ba (a lamb stuffie) even though I insist Ba ba is hungry.  He REALLY loves baby dolls.  It is so fricken' cute.

Baby clothes from LW.  Okay, so this is exciting, I got a red STAR WARS shirt for my son.  It is SO COOL/CUTE/AWESOME.  I love Star Wars.  I got some other stuff too.  Baby stuff.  For babies.

I hear:

"Butter cheese!!!!  BUTTER CHEESE!"  This is Soren yelling for soft cheese on a cracker (not actually butter...he just thinks it is...and as a result has actually taken a bite out of a REAL block of butter).  He also thinks banana bread is chocolate cake (why, I do not know).

The sound of my husband cooking.

Next up:

I am going to put some pics on this blog post and publish it.

After that:

Clean up the blocks that are all over the living room floor and kiss someone little all over his sweet little face.

What have you been up to?

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. if anyone wants to give me their old/sell me their old Scheilch toys, I'd be okay with that. 

outfit total:  $ 192

shoes, naturalizer: $150 (what was I thinking?)
tights, joe: $4
skirt, Jacob: $20
scarf, gap: $16
sweater, thrifted: $2

and because the bump showeth not very well in these pics: