Sunday, February 6, 2011

a sneeeeaaaak peeeaaak

I can't post long as we are going to the toy store any minute now.  I have to buy my Scheile animal toy.  I mean, MY SON'S animal toy.  I buy one a month...for my son.  Stupid little plastic animals are at the very least, 4 dollars (I think they go up to 8 dollars...depending on the toy).  And anyway, HEY!  I'm back!
I started this.  And then I left.  And then I came back again.  And look here I am, with a brand new piggie!  Pretty fricken' cute, hey?  But uh, probably don't want to hear me go on about little plastic animals.  So how about a sneak peak?

A Sneak Peak (into the life of Kimberellie):


The husband is cooking homemade mac and cheese for dinner.
I am backseat cooking: "Remember don't put all the cheese in the sauce...layer it!"
Soren is scavaging for food in the cupboards and bringing out dozens of boxes of mini raisons.  He is also playing guitar (sort of).
I am writing a blog (yes, in case it wasn't apparent).


Came back from the toy store, the grocery store, and Liquidation World.

We bought:

A piglet.  A baby bottle (one of those ones that "magically" empties).  Soren insisted on the baby bottle.  So far he has fed both his baby dolls but refuses to feed baby ba ba (a lamb stuffie) even though I insist Ba ba is hungry.  He REALLY loves baby dolls.  It is so fricken' cute.

Baby clothes from LW.  Okay, so this is exciting, I got a red STAR WARS shirt for my son.  It is SO COOL/CUTE/AWESOME.  I love Star Wars.  I got some other stuff too.  Baby stuff.  For babies.

I hear:

"Butter cheese!!!!  BUTTER CHEESE!"  This is Soren yelling for soft cheese on a cracker (not actually butter...he just thinks it is...and as a result has actually taken a bite out of a REAL block of butter).  He also thinks banana bread is chocolate cake (why, I do not know).

The sound of my husband cooking.

Next up:

I am going to put some pics on this blog post and publish it.

After that:

Clean up the blocks that are all over the living room floor and kiss someone little all over his sweet little face.

What have you been up to?

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. if anyone wants to give me their old/sell me their old Scheilch toys, I'd be okay with that. 

outfit total:  $ 192

shoes, naturalizer: $150 (what was I thinking?)
tights, joe: $4
skirt, Jacob: $20
scarf, gap: $16
sweater, thrifted: $2

and because the bump showeth not very well in these pics:


  1. you're one pretty pregnant momma. Your son is too cute as always. thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Your bump is so cute! You look amazing!
    What is your trick to get hubby to cook dinner?? I must know!!

    Be Sure To Enter My Exposed Envy Giveaway!

  3. You're one fine looking preggers lady! And yes, can you get your hubby to tell my hubby to cook me dinner please... and come home earlier... and do the housework while he's at it! ;)xoxo

  4. Oh, you look so pretty! I love your pink lipstick. Cute kid, too! :)

  5. Adorable maternity outfit... you are glowing!
    Funny little piglet... I've never heard of Scheile/ big are they?

  6. I was just going to write you look cozy but you can't tell you are pregnant than I saw the last photo. You look so freakin cute.
    Your son is adorable. Your post is a fun read as always.

  7. i have to say you are one hot mama! and a late congrats to your baby! i'm so excited for you. you must be a great mother. :) g'bless.

  8. You're looking gorgeous! What a cute bump. I loved reading this, Soren is divine. xxx

  9. Hehe I liked getting a look into your life, Kimberly! Also, I could hardly see your baby bump in the first two pics I was totally taken aback by how far along you are in the last one!

    P.S. You are GORGEOUS.
    P.P.S. I love the first two shots in the forest.

  10. I love the way you put colors together! Apparently this is the fashion trend "color blocking". Also, I don't have any children yet. But I am SOO excited to buy fun toys for them (me) ;).

  11. Thanks for the sneaky peeky! And could you bring some mac and cheese down to KS please? It sounds really good right now!

  12. Cute post. I love the insight into your life. As for the shoes, I suspect that you were thinking they were an amazing looking pair of shoes. And you were right.

  13. you look so cute in these photos! i love the baby bump and can't wait to see more outfit shots! xoxo


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