Saturday, February 12, 2011

what is kimberellie up to?

Well, I thought I would post and tell you all what I am up to.

Not much.

During nap time (my son's) I often nap.  When it isn't nap time, I am not blogging.  I am not on the computer.  I am not really doing anything useful (sometimes I am cleaning).  If anyone here has a toddler, she will understand. Well, unless your toddler doesn't object to you being on the computer (either by grabbing at the mouse and saying: "Done!" or by saying: "Mommy lap?").  Either way, I figure when my son's awake we should be playing with toys.

Then there's night time.  I sleep then.  My son goes to bed before me, yes.  But not long after I am in bed.  So that basically leaves very little time for, well, anything.

Things I'd like to do:

1. Make a baby scrapbook for this baby.
2. Finish crocheting the baby blanket.
3. Make an owl pillow.
4. Paint the tree pictures I have in my imagination.
5. Sculpt the clay sculpture I have in my imagination (which I will actually do, because I will have a chance to fire and glaze it easy peasy if I get it done by Thursday).
6. Blog.
7. Organize my house.
8. Organize my closet.
So yeah.  I'm not doing any of these things either.  BUT, I am still taking photos for this blog (it'll be fun later to see what I wore when I was pregnant).  And I fully intend to post them all eventually.  And you will see pictures of the baby when he/she is born.  And around the end of this month when we find out the gender, I will pop in to tell you all.  But, otherwise, I wouldn't expect a lot out of me if I were you (I certainly don't).  I'm very tired.  I like to sleep.  I'm like a bear right now.  Grrrrr.  Pregancy hibernation has set in.  I'm just going to eat chips and enjoy it.

outfit total:  $51

silence and noise sweater dress, thrifted: $12
sequined leggings, winners: $3
naturalizer shoes: $30
cardigan, winners: $5
curtsy brooch, tilly bloom: Christmas present from husband (super cool stuff here)
deer brooch, thrifted (it was garish and gold and red and green and I spray painted it silver): $1

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. i love it. and i love that kimberellie with a baby in her belly is wearing sequin leggings. cuz she's awesome.

  2. I'm loving the sequins!!

    I totally get what you mean about todlers and blogging. Hubby is starting to get frusterated with me for running to the computer as soon as he gets home...but as long as Vyla is up I can't blog!!

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  3. Hey! Blog for yourself and if you don't want to, dont:) Be selfish! Hehe. We miss you, but ultimately, you should be able to do what you want! I love seeing pregnant you stylish (because you still ARE!). I feel like I would wear yoga pants constantly!

  4. Totally get it. Especially when you are pregnant. Not sure how far along you are but you do get more energy later on. And once the nesting phase kicks in I am sure you will be organizing like crazy. I sure was. Scrapbook is hard. The only reason I have an amazing scrapbook for my daughter is because she was in NICU for 20 days and I had to stay there to breastfeed on demand. They had a huge cabinet of scrapbook material so that is what I did as I sat there while she slept. I think each page took me close to an hour!
    I love the sequin leggings by the way!

  5. you are soooo cute, i cannot even begin to describe it. you are such a chic mommmy, can't wait to see how your outfits progress as the belly grows. fabulous!

  6. Loving the sequins and the bump! My friends are having their first baby in two weeks and don't know the sex, I'm on call out duty to buy it the appropriate coloured clothes as soon as it gets delivered. xxx

  7. I thorougly approve of sequins when pregnant (and at every other time!). My friends with bumps are really struggling to find maternity wear that isn't black and totally frumpy.

  8. Awesome brooch. You'll have to share a photo of this clay sculpture with us once you come out of hibernation :)

    Take it easy :)

  9. Mmmm, sleeping and eating chips. Sounds like me!

  10. i love your blog!
    when I saw that you are pregnant I'm excited!
    I love women who make so many things!
    I really like your blog!
    What do you do in your life?
    This is my blog:
    What do you think about??

  11. Super cute outfit! You look lovely, as usual :)

  12. hello preggers one. Is making a mini kitchen for your son still on your list or now not going to happen? I love how you stay fab looking and not breaking out the maternity clothes! love it! xoxo

  13. What a great outfit! I love the sequin leggings - amazing!

    Hope you enjoyed the chips. :)

  14. I need to clean and organize too--but I don't have a good excuse (like being pregnant) not to do it. I just don't want to. Anyway, I love the sparkly legs, very fun!

  15. my list is that long.. probably longer and i'm not in preggie hibernation... haha! love the outfit and especially the eyeball head lady pin! too cool xoxo

  16. You look gorgeous! Also, that brooch with the dress and the eye is amazing!

  17. Loving your sequinned leggings.

    And that to do list (at least 6-8) looks very familiar.

  18. If I ever get a bump myself, the second thing I'm going to do (after telling the fam, obvs) is to go to this site and figure out all the many ways I can dress it up.

    You look absolutely stunning, you know :)


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